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3 Ways to Gently Nudge Your Husband to Be Better in the Bedroom

Your best man may not have the heart to tell you what he wants differently in the bedroom, but he certainly will ask for you to try new things or simply to enter the bedroom with him. 218 more words


Why Having Sex Is More Important Than Dieting in 2016

Most people will resolve to eat better, exercise, and stay health conscious for 2016. It’s pretty much the same spiel each year. Most of us know that going to McDonald’s for a Big Mac is not a great choice for our bodies and that we would be better off eating veggies and lean proteins, so there’s no need to beat a dead horse. 172 more words


5 Signs a Mom Needs to Have Sex With Her Partner

Sex. Yep. If that word looked like a foreign phrase, perhaps you need to pull up a seat (or a bed, whatever your partner would prefer wink) and read this article. 111 more words


After Trick or Treat: How to Spice Up Mom and Dad's Sex Life

On Halloween, let’s drop the excuses, parents and mothers.

“I’m tired.”

“I was out all day.”

“The kids might hear.”

You’ll be tired until you leave this earth. 84 more words


I Was Not Prepared For How a Kid Changes Marriage

One day I was talking to a friend who was having marital problems, and she said, “Well, hopefully when the baby comes, things will be different.” She thought a second child would change things with her marriage for the better, but notions like these are false, in my opinion. 88 more words


public sex....


Holy Moly Donut Shop!!!

Now I don’t know how many of you have heard about this, but, I am absolutely appalled. I mean I am all for a little bit of lewd conduct in public like the next guy..(okay maybe a little more than the next guy) but there has to be a line or a limit to the madness. 340 more words

Are you doing it right?

Yes, I’m going there. And I’m sorry in advance, but I have to have a bit of a rant because the universe seems to be beating me over the head at the moment with a concept that just doesn’t sit right. 523 more words