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I Was Not Prepared For How a Kid Changes Marriage

One day I was talking to a friend who was having marital problems, and she said, “Well, hopefully when the baby comes, things will be different.” She thought a second child would change things with her marriage for the better, but notions like these are false, in my opinion. 88 more words


public sex....


Holy Moly Donut Shop!!!

Now I don’t know how many of you have heard about this, but, I am absolutely appalled. I mean I am all for a little bit of lewd conduct in public like the next guy..(okay maybe a little more than the next guy) but there has to be a line or a limit to the madness. 340 more words

Are you doing it right?

Yes, I’m going there. And I’m sorry in advance, but I have to have a bit of a rant because the universe seems to be beating me over the head at the moment with a concept that just doesn’t sit right. 523 more words


Did You Resolve to Have More Sex? Sex Tips and Facts from Carol Anne Austin, Sex Therapist.

Before the holidays, I had a chance to attend  What Mama Didn’t Tell Us, a panel presentation hosted by The Purple Fig It was a fabulously fun night of presentations and Q&A sessions about sex and pelvic health, 465 more words


Toronto: Indiegogo Pacts With Canadian Film Centre (EXCLUSIVE)

Indiegogo and the Canadian Film Centre — the country’s premiere accelerator of professional film, TV, acting, music, and digital media talent — have struck a new partnership that will see CFC residents and alumni (which number over 1,600) gain access to one-on-one support and discounted platform fees with Indiegogo. 175 more words


Talking Naked

The jokes about the death of sex after marriage are long running. I remember when we first got engaged a bunch of my husband’s older buddies made some quips about blow jobs being a thing of the past. 479 more words

Get You Some

I currently have two posts saved as drafts that I’ve been working on but I can’t focus on them because I am too pissed! If I read one more article about how I need to have sex with my husband every night I’m going to scream and throw things. 421 more words