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How the mind changes...

This post is definitely a ramble, but hey the title of my blog already warned you!!! ;)

Things that are important now differ from what was important before. 503 more words

The Phoenix

Nor shall this peace sleep with her; but as when
The bird of wonder dies, the maiden phoenix,
Her ashes new create another heir
As great in admiration as herself; 82 more words

Life with Chemo, a helpful list!

So there are many kinds of chemo and how chemo acts in each body is personal to everyone, this is what I have learned so far! 679 more words

The other side of the breast - A husband's perspective

As you all know, for the last little while, my lovely wife, Krista has been blogging about her experiences with stage 4 breast cancer. I can see first hand that her blogs have been very therapeutic for her, and informative, and entertaining for her readers. 1,142 more words

Who wants to go down with the ship

When someone is diagnosed with a disease, you quickly find out who your true friends are.  I have to admit, it would be difficult to put up with some of the awful things a person has to go through.   636 more words

Baldies of the world..UNITE!

The day we found out I had to do chemo was devastating. We all cried, Pat, Tina, Cindy and I.  We were stunned. “It’s too soon”, I thought. 547 more words

TICKTOCK that awful clock!!!!

It’s a dark day, we are all aloud to have them!

The countdown began Feb 15 2014. The giant clock appeared over my head and has never disappeared. 134 more words