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Let's Talk About Bisexuality (probably a Part 1)

Considering I didn’t watch Black-ish I didn’t think I would get into the spin-off Grown-ish. I assumed it would be like a modern A Different World where serious “college life” scenarios would occur but they would never directly involve Zoë especailly when the matter is sexual or drug related (don’t get me wrong A Different World is my shit and Lisa Bonet is the high priestess of carefree black girls). 652 more words

Sex And Dating

A tale as old as time

The kiss-and-tell used to be the preserve of young women prepared to accept money and notoriety in exchange for a shot at fame and fortune. An illicit affair with a married celebrity, confessed to a tabloid, would bring disgrace to the celebrity and, if she played it right, could even launch a media career for the girl (I’m looking at you, Rebecca Loos). 1,183 more words


A Grease-y New Year

Some years – well, let’s be honest, most years – I just can’t be bothered with all the fuss of New Year’s Eve.

I can count on one hand the number of truly memorable and enjoyable New Year’s Eve celebrations I have experienced over the years – every one of which has been made special by being in the company of good friends, rather than by being in a cool club or at some fantastic overpriced party. 876 more words


Benefits to Having a Fuck Buddy

As someone who has had plenty of fuck buddy (friends with benefits) relationships in her life, I feel that I am more than qualified to give some sound advice. 521 more words


Threesomes Part 1

The funny thing about my first threesome is that hours before I, along with one of the other participants had just talked about how we’d never been in one before. 585 more words

Sex And The Signs

Aries: Sleeping with this sign made me aware of what the term “fucking on her” actually meant. It’s not a new euphemism for having sex with someone but actually it’s treating the woman you’re having sex with like a sentient blow-up doll that you toss around and slam your dick into, which is how I felt. 1,104 more words

Sex And Dating

Is there really any point to #MeToo?

I’m not usually one to jump on the bandwagon as far as social media awareness campaigns are concerned.  All those posts on Facebook or Twitter asking me to update my profile picture to show solidarity with a cause, or share or retweet something to raise awareness – usually I just roll my eyes and keep on scrolling. 1,541 more words