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"Argh! That's my ass!"

Guten Tag Lovers!

Why am I greeting you in this most formal of German salutations? Because last night I got down to my German roots. Or rather, my German root went down on me. 1,972 more words

Pornography Is a Social Justice Issue

Millennial Catholic Megan McCabe, who has written on hookup culture and rape culture at Millennial, has a new article at America. She writes:

This process of desensitization and subsequent search for a new thrill is one way that male viewers find themselves aroused by acts of violence and degradation that they previously would have found horrifying. 220 more words


Single in the City

I’m not one to comment on the Manhattan dating scene since I’ve only been on a few dates in my seven months here.  I am, however, definitely one to comment on the… 536 more words


Why can't this whore score?

Happy Hump Day my Lovely Lovers!

Lets get straight into the mayhem shall we? I’ll continue where we left off, with myself and Callum’s pathetic excuse for a sex life. 1,070 more words

Things I Ask Myself While Online Dating

  1. Is it weird that they asked me out on a date before they even got my number?
  2. Why does it put me off so much when the first thing they ask is where I live?
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I'm Sorry For Our One Night Stand

I’m sorry I took you home and had sex with you. It’d been a long time since I’d been with a woman and I thought your hair looked amazing. 690 more words

Ben Affleck is a twat blocker!

Good god it’s hot Lovers!

Seriously, my butt is so sweaty my crack has practically misted over! I am truly envious of all my Lovers in the northern hemisphere right now! 1,377 more words