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What To Actually Expect From Going Out With Your Bootcamp Instructor

“Thank you!” he yelled to me. I was on the floor, the sweat and mascara still partially blinding my right eyeball as I laid on my side, rolling the outside of my leg on a foam contraption like a imminently dead fish. 1,079 more words

Tinder Turmoil!

Wassup my Lovely Lovertons?

Ok Lovers, you’ll have to forgive me. Three days into the experiment I cheated.

I never knew it would be so hard! 651 more words

Why I Don’t Regret That Time I Dated A Total Player

When I divorced, I believed I’d never have sex again. In the last three years of my first marriage, I could count on one hand the number of times my ex-husband had any desire for sex. 1,451 more words

Tickle Me Tinder

Ahoy Lovers!

And a thousand apologies for the lateness of this fresh new blog! Sadly I’ve been balls deep in uni work for the last two weeks. 727 more words

The Dick Whisperer

First off, sorry I haven’t been posting. I took a night job as a bartender and life has been busy!

Second, are any of you on Whisper? 188 more words

Felicity Monroe

Dating and Travel: The In and Out of it

With my experience with dating and traveling it just has to be said that it is a great addition to anyone’s travel. That 2 week vacation that I take every year around New Years is a great stress reliever from my job, my life, and just everything around me. 725 more words


The Dating Scene: Choices

When I was 30, I decided to get out of the dating scene. I dated like crazy in my 20’s, and the intense frustration, both emotional and financial, made the dating scene not worth it. 729 more words