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Bye! See you no more

In the end, I’m just afraid that she’ll end up lonely or undeserved, or both. No one will ever be good enough company for her, not as good as me, not as understanding as I am, not as in love as I will always be. 851 more words


Deity of Douchebags...

I was chatting with a fella who was a little too anxious to be in a relationship. This is what I’m learning about Tinder. They are either too eager to start a relationship and say things that shouldn’t be said to a complete stranger, or they just want sexy time. 460 more words

Dating General

Learning things and shit...

I went on a date two nights ago. I learned a lot of things and shit.I guess that’s the point of this whole experience right? 246 more words

Dating General

Does He Like Me?

He loves me, he loves me not…

Unfortunately, flowers don’t actually have the answers. But this is a real struggle in the dating world. How can you tell if a guy actually likes you?? 373 more words

Pictures I didn't look at

I shut the memories out of my life. I hid the pictures in sub-sub folder of my inbox. I refused to talk about you. Stopped thinking about you. 290 more words


Just Write

That’s what she said, Clare at http://liveclarelesleyblog.com/.  Just write.  And, that really struck me, so thank you Clare…I will.

Hmmmm….talking about dating is always fun…….Let’s see….you know, I never fully stopped Tinder, so a couple weeks before my vacation I had started to speak to two guys that have both turned out pretty nice.   1,155 more words


Gays and their journey to self-destruction

The “homosexual agenda” is a concept thought up by Christian. It first appeared in 1992 in the US. For the most part it is fabricated garbage to promote Christianity. 2,489 more words