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Kiss me you fool!

Hey Lovers!

Let’s get straight into it! No foreplay, just jam it in boy!

So, as you all know, after thoughtful deliberation, I’d decided I had to see Callum again. 2,460 more words

The Magic Blue Sex Couch!

Hey Hey Lovers!

Welcome back! Now after the last anecdote I gifted you with I think it’s best we get straight to what happened next with Callum, shall we? 2,429 more words


Hello there lovelies,

As you know, I have been seeing Mr. Sweet-Guitar-Player for about 2 months now. For a while I thought “Sure, I could date this guy seriously.” I think I might have been wrong. 495 more words

Dating General

My Wish for You, My Single Friend...

I have a friend who is newly single. I watched as she navigated her break-up with her significant other. I supported her as she went through the initial stages of grief .. 1,711 more words

Art Of Being Single

Stay who you are

Hello my loves,

I’m sorry I didn’t keep up with my posts last week I had some stuff going on I hope I can make my five posts per week again but please don’t be dissapointed if I can’t manage all the time. 588 more words


Catfish Style

In the past two weeks, I’ve had at least two of my friends mention online dating. Either they were encouraged to do it by someone else or they knew people who were already 40 profiles deep into a Catfish episode. 447 more words

Generation Y

Monster (Almost) In-Law

For all of you single people out there, if you’re down in the dumps wishing you had someone to cuddle up with as the cooler weather approaches, I have found your silver-lining (you can thank me later.) I’ve been dating David for almost four years now and in that time I have seen all sides of him: the good, the bad, and the hungover-morning-breath-ugly. 424 more words