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So a couple of days ago after the quite unexpected spurt of “Men! Which is yours”, I promised a continuation on ” keepers”. Now for those of you who don’t understand who a keeper is, you may want to take note that Thesaurus gives synonyms of a “keeper” as custodian, warden, goal keeper, and quite ridiculously hilarious, the zoo keeper. 737 more words

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They're Coming Over To Hook-Up, What Do I Do?

They’re coming over to “Watch Netflix” which is code for “maybe watch Netflix, most likely hookup). Here’s what do you do to make sure the night is memorable for both of you: 241 more words


Why You Shouldn’t Regret Having (Or Not Having) Sex On The First Date

Article BY: Allie Bukatman

Does falling into bed w/some1 too soon immediately disqualify you from being girlfriend material? According to the unofficial rules of dating, the answer is yes. 594 more words


Family Meeting 9: Let's Talk About Sex

Mom, stop reading.

Just don’t scroll down any further.

For the sake of our relationship.

Before I get into the nitty-gritty {in case my mother is still reading, because she doesn’t always do as she is told}, our gratitude this week: 942 more words

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