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Thrust (dispatches from the ether #1)

 Sweetest Kill – Broken Social Scene

Here’s one scenario:

There’s this idea of dominance through withholding…teasing out the thing that you want, making you work a little to get at it, making you unsure if you will get it, or when you will get it, or if you will get it the way that you want it…building your anticipation. 1,249 more words


Sugar Sugar Sugar

I am totally in shock that it’s been THREE YEARS since my last post and feel TERRIBLY flakey.  In honor of this fact I’ve decided to: 790 more words

Sex And Dating

Kinky Deja Vu - Part Two

Aloha Lovers!

I totally forgot to explain about the oysters last time didn’t I? Well let’s wrap Stan up nice and quick because I have… 1,835 more words


Kinky Deja Vu

Good morrow Lovers!

And my sincere apologies for leaving you for such a long period of time!

You see, my Internet connection has been playing silly buggers and every time I typed something up for your viewing pleasure, I either couldn’t upload the bloody thing or it would straight out get deleted! 2,056 more words


The Sculptor

“I’m wearing green silk and knee high black boots…just look for tall”

Oof. Met at a divey hipster Mexican bar downtown for reggae night. She was indeed tall…spotted her immediately, and thought. 1,677 more words


Divorce, Tinder and Friendship Don't Mix

Tinder was the icebreaker I needed to shamelessly proposition Michael. He was, in fact, not a stranger at all but a friend I found myself thinking about more, now that I was single. 1,413 more words


I Did Him Wrong. 

I once had the good fortune of dating a guy who was working on a start up for quite a while. Good guy. Great sense of humor, great grammar, great personality. 285 more words