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The Anniversary Text That Every Girl Wishes She Would Get

All girls really want is for you to put in effort. To remember the little things. To send the sweetest texts.

Don’t let an anniversary go by without making her heart melt.

The Festival of Really Good Sex! - Part Five

What’s crackalacking Lovers?

Oh how I’ve missed our time together! Unfortunately (or as my parents and society keeps telling me) university comes first!

Pfft, lame ass society, who needs it? 2,087 more words

Date Night...

If you follow me on Facebook, you’ll know I joined Tinder a few weeks ago. You all know I love a good fuck, but for some reason Tinder really turned me off. 279 more words


Acupuncture: Does it really work?

About two months ago my boss came into work and told me I should start doing acupuncture for my Crohn’s Disease, anxiety and allergies. I looked at her like she was fucking crazy. 437 more words


The Festival of Really Good Sex! - Part Four

Hidey ho Lovers!

I hope you’re all doing well on this, my most favouritist of days, Hump Day! (Yes I know favouritist is not a word and yes, secretly Friday is my… 1,563 more words

What To Do When You've Had Bad Sex

As a sexually active betch of the 21st century, it is likely that you’re going to have a couple of hookups that don’t quite meet your standards which, in all fairness, are high AF. 25 more words


The Festival of Really Good Sex! Part Three

Olah Lovers!

And how are we all this fine afternoon? I’ll tell you how I am, damn smelly that’s what! Nothing like having the gas shut off for three days to really put a dampener on your showering routine. 2,867 more words