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RelationShips: The SS Tiffany

So let me start out that I’m in my first real relationship still. It’s only 3 years (I’m a late bloomer, ok?) and I’m still figuring shit out. 286 more words

The Dreaded Post of Jer : Part 1

I’ve been anxious to write my next post but I haven’t had the time to write it. ¬†Funny coincidence, I received a call from Pandora’s Box saturday night after I was stumbling home from the bar. 2,116 more words


Mr. Persistent-Vacationer

Hi there blogosphere! I’m new, my name is Penny. I’m joining the other ladies on these dating escapades. For my first post I wanted to share a recent conversation I had on OkCupid… 465 more words

Dating General

Male to Female, Gay to Straight: Losing My Identity

Transitioning has made my life really complicated…

Especially lately.

I’ve finally hit the point in my transition where people are starting to question what my gender is. 563 more words


What is it like to be in love with someone who has autism?

Wonderful. Challenging. Beautiful. Frustrating. But so worth it. My boyfriend, Kyle, and I have been dating for around a year and a half now, and he has been diagnosed with autism, ADHD, and dyslexia. 1,288 more words

The Wreckage

This isn’t the person I was suppose to be. I don’t think my childhood self would have ever guessed this is where and how I would be as an adult. 295 more words

Harder than Stone

When you first dive into the world of dating after being in a relationship, all your insecurities are visibly intact. The way you eat, the funny way you say words, and your lack of confidence.  870 more words