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The 5 Best Drinks To Order On A First Date

(By Mike)

“Happiness is…finding two olives in your martini when you’re hungry.”
Johnny Carson

You’re on a first date and it’s going amazing. The car ride over went off without a hitch — small talk, laughter, the works. 

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Adulting Fundamentals

Terrible Date #321: The man with no plan

Olah Lovers!

I am having just the worst luck when it comes to all things sexy time! So much for my new years resolution of having a totally banging year! 2,422 more words

Why You're Still Single

Ever asked the question, why am I still single? I sure have. When I was single, I asked it nearly every day — especially as more and more of my friends were dropping like flies. 804 more words


CBT: Cock and Ball Torture!!

Goodness gracious, great balls of fire!

Well, to be more accurate, great balls on fire. That’s right Lovers, this weekend was my first illuminating (not to mention squirm inducing) CBT class! 3,086 more words


It. Tickled.

I have quite the story for you all today. Tonight. Whatever, my mind is still reeling.

Met this cool guy at the bar, right? He was cute enough and seemed interested, so I said yes when he asked if we could hang. 151 more words

Sex And Dating


When was the last time you had such incredible sex that your man was thinking about it for days?

One of the most common complaints about sex and marriage – besides the lack of sex, is that it is routine and boring. 223 more words


Should You Sleep With Him on The First Date?

If you are in your teens – no way! There are names for those girls, not to mention a bad reputation.

If you are a divorced, single, consenting adult – who cares? 794 more words