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The Joys of Muffin Buffin'


Just wow Lovers.

Huge. This is huge.

I just had my first orgasm in a YEAR!

That’s right Lovers, until about thirty seconds ago I had been completely buzz free. 594 more words

Who is better in bed: older or younger men?

It’s an age old question, but I want to know your answer…is a younger man or an older man better in bed?

On one hand, the younger men are like fucking sex energizer bunnies. 175 more words

Sex And Dating

Flouting the Flange

Hello Lovers,

Yes today it’s just a hello. No olah’s, no hidey ho’s, no aloha’s, just a plain old vanilla hello.

Why? Well that’s just been my week Lovers. 4,714 more words

And this is why I delete Bumble once a week

Bumble is a serious love hate relationship. I wouldn’t say I’m Bumble’s number one user, but I definitely enjoy laying in bed swiping left and right. 406 more words


The Very Vacant Vagina

Hidey ho Lovers!

Well this has got to be the strangest environment I have ever blogged from! I’m currently sitting on the floor of my completely empty apartment at 7am in the morning, an unopened box of Krispy Kremes next to me, waiting for the end of lease cleaners to arrive and clean up my… mess. 1,372 more words

Does Using Hinge Make Me A Loser? Ask a Pro

Email your questions about life, love and movie choices to headpro@betcheslovethis.com Dear Head Pro, I’m going to keep this short and simple. I’m a college senior who just started hooking up with this guy I met on Tinder (original, I know) and we both are cool with being fuck buddies. It

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The Art of Shagging #1

Anonymous reviews of sexual experiences from LGBT+ people across the community

I had been talking online for several weeks with a man I thought at the time was perfect for me. 380 more words

Zine Issue 1