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Words by Jade Wolf and Holly Royle. Picture from the YouTube video of ‘Real Sex Tips’

For the article this week, I decided to merge together two topics: poetry and feminism. 1,028 more words


Self-Fashioning and the Art of Sexy

I wrote in a previous post that the phrase “self-fashioning,” as it applies to the practice of creating, or styling, one’s inner (and, to a degree, outer) self, came into my mind rather innocently as I was reading a biography of Chanel (which proved to be a most beneficial read). 699 more words

Sex And Relationships

Me Too: An Online Sexual Violence Movement

Harvey Weinstein Scandal Inspires Women to Speak Up

By: Beren Sabuncu

There have been recent allegations against Harvey Weinstein, a then very powerful producer, by a large group of actresses and models, in which the main topic of discussion was sexual harassment. 785 more words

Sex And Relationships

Why Relationship Virgins Are On The Rise

They’re Young, Single and Maybe Ready to Mingle

By: Jennifer Weeks and Lucia Rossi

Over the course of the last few years, there has been an uprising of single adults, primarily in their 20’s, who have never been in a romantic relationship. 633 more words

Sex And Relationships

Remember, Remember, the 7th Of November..

Okay, I know that isn’t how it goes. But I do tend to remember the 7th of November, every year since 2015. It is the birthday of the last guy I dated, and the last guy who hurt me. 753 more words


On Wanting to Be Wanted

I am currently making my way through, among other pertinent reads, Otto Rank’s, Beyond Psychology. (Additionally, I have decided to include an up-to-date… 706 more words


Sex, Conflict, and the Self-Fashioned Woman

A reader recently requested that I write a post on unwanted, or unwelcome, male attention, including sexual advances, and to position that issue in relation to my understanding of femininity. 707 more words