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Let's talk about sex

As I look at the remains of crackers and cheese next to me and down at the Christmas jumper I’m wearing in the middle of August that doesn’t particularly go with my purple space cat pants or dinosaur socks; I wonder if I’m qualified to speak about sex, or if anyone will actually believe that I have ever had sex. 1,396 more words


The First Time

It struck from the heavens, through the cap of my scalp to the very core of me, causing my every extremity to tingle with electric ecstasy and nothing was ever the same again. 225 more words

Coming Of Age

Lessons in Sex and Love - Learning to be Gay

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

The first months and years of any gay person’s out-of-the-closet life are filled with rich opportunities and exciting new experiences. 907 more words


Why sex on 'Love Island' is important

I am a recent convert to ITV2’s reality TV show Love Island. Until a few weeks ago I judged and moaned about its prevalence on social media platforms and in friends’ conversations, blowing it off as a brainless foray into the lives of Instagram models. 671 more words


A Letter to... Grindr

I downloaded you first several years ago.

I was new to London, and was in a relationship that had recently become open. I was just looking, then. 810 more words


I said "Hi!" To 347 Guys on Bumble and Only 2 Messaged me Back

Dating apps are tough! I’ve tried them all. My friends told me I was too picky on Tinder when I said I didn’t like getting a dick pic before we’d even exchanged casual pleasantries! 206 more words


Every Man I’ve Dated Owns a Record Player. What Does That Say About Me?

After careful reflection, I’ve realized that every man I’ve dated has owned a record player and honestly, that is where the similarities end. What does this mean? 374 more words