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Sexless in the Peace Corps

This past summer I topped myself. I slept with more men in one season than I have since I started having sex. Everything was in place for me to do so – I was recently single, aggressively confident, and weeks away from moving to a developing country (where I knew my skills in bed were not why I was hired). 405 more words


Morning quickie no. 2

Quickies for Adults

Sipping on her coffee, She waited anxiously for her lover to arrive. There he was looking at….continue reading

Erotic Art

Face Fucking is Hot

Face fucking, most people might ask how the hell having a cock rammed down your throat until you can’t breathe is appealing.. well, I sure love it. 608 more words


Commercializing Sex Positivity

By: Lilith

The term sex positivity is thrown around a lot both online and among peer circles whether feminist or not because is seems rather self explanatory. 1,172 more words

My Feminism

Why men 'slut shame' women

I would never lie about my many experiences in the sack.  In fact, I’m proud of them all.  Just one generation ago, it was extremely taboo for women to be sexually experienced.   545 more words


Alien Eggs

As you may have noticed, Narcissus and I have more interests than just chastity and denial. One of the things we’ve been wanting to try is the “alien egg fetish”. 1,008 more words