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Every time I say I plan to post more, I don’t. I’ve never been the one to make false promises, so it crossed my mind from time to time that I was doing just that, as time passed from the last post I’d made. 234 more words

Sex Feelings

the desire for sex is something which can’t be controlled. there are two things which is not in human hand. one is stomach desire and two is sex desire. 171 more words


Jealousy- is this a "feeling"?

Unfortunately, there’s no Hoe-scapade this week. I haven’t fallen at the third hurdle… I’ve just had an unfortunate chest infection and went home to the Midlands for the weekend to see the family, so best behaviour! 406 more words

30/09/2016- The Rise & Fall

So, when I first started writing this, it was called Another Week, Another Bruise. Then it all turned a bit weird.
Last week I mentioned that I was seeing an Albanian guy (we’ll call him Al from now on) on the Friday. 396 more words


Why hello there! It’s nice to finally meet you all. I’m Laura and in the next few weeks this blog will be up and running, ready to inform and hopefully help & entertain. 15 more words

First Post


Our blog headline says “One couple’s journey of enforced chastity and a female-led relationship”, and that damn headline holds me back from writing, far too often. 562 more words