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Give and Take - Getting the balance right 

After many ‘lovers’ I will say what even the inexperienced know:

There is nothing worse than sleeping with someone who only wants to receive pleasure.

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Best. Sex. Ever.

What was the greatest sex experience of your life? Can you remember a specific time? I can

In this past year I got out of a long-term relationship (3 years), which I can honestly say is where I learnt to be the person (sexually) that I am today. 311 more words

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Your First Orgasm

Ah everyone remembers their first orgasm. What a weird time that must have been.

I believe I was 18 (is it legal to write about it if I was younger than 18??). 173 more words


Does the carpet match the pubes?

See what I did there? ;)

Today I’ll be writing about…. pubic hair!

What is the current trend? Does anyone know? The only other vagina I’ve seen was in a porn, and we all know how deluded from the truth that is. 94 more words

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A Woman Scorned

Is it ever ok to retaliate against a former lover?

Recently, a former lover of mine pissed me off to no end. We will call him… 543 more words

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The Weird Doctor

We had been corresponding sporadically on Tinder for the past few weeks, I wasn’t really interested, but he was kind of cute, so I didn’t completely ignore him. 941 more words

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Glass Dildos LoveStyle Reviewed

My first encounter with glass dildos was strangely violent and fascinating at the same time. My inaugural Sexapalooza, I was walking towards theLoveStyle booth chatting with my friends about my fascination with glass dildos but how ultimately my fear of horrific glass shards lacerating my bits stopped me from ever full exploring the option. 1,045 more words