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Commence Awkward Sexual History

I first had sex on my 18th birthday (I am loathe to say “lost my virginity.” The more apt description would be “wasted my virginity.”) 568 more words

Adult Entertainment

The Night Is Young

So this guy adds me on facebook.. I’m a little suspicious. I don’t know him. But I add him anyway, and message him to ask if we know each other. 586 more words


Queen Laqueefa.

This isn’t going to be a very long post, I merely wanted to do something short about the hilarity that is fanny farts. Nearly every single sexually active woman will inevitably queef at some point during her life. 139 more words



I call him Monsieur.
He’s 29 years old. Beautiful eyes.
A big charmer in texts–calling me “m’dam,” asking if I wanted to have a glass of wine the next day on the patio of some bar and enjoy the beautiful weather (it’s not often sunny where I live). 853 more words


A Brazilian thoughts about pubes.

Perhaps down to the vast amount of porn available in this day and age, hairless genitals are widely considered to be the social norm. It’s becoming much more common place for both men and women to remove their pubic hair – shaving, waxing, hair removal cream, and even the more permanent laser hair removal on ones genitals seems to have grown in popularity as the porn industry has expanded. 404 more words


A 'willy' intriguing study...

New research has been conducted by the British Journal of Urology International  regarding ‘normal’ penis size. For me I find the results rather shocking, the average erect penis now measuring in at 5.16 inches (13.12cm). 388 more words


A wanky way to save on your electricity bills?

PornHub have recently aired the concept for a product which I think is simply wanktastic…wait, sorry, fantastic! Introducing ‘The Wank Band‘, a wearable device which allows you to create electricity by the simple up down motion done when tending to your private regions. 287 more words