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I didn’t want to go on a date with this guy. It was my dog’s birthday and I felt rushed getting to the date. I was late. 803 more words

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I first spotted this 6’6 dark piece of meat during my first semester of college. He walked into Anthropology 101 and my jaw hit the floor. 844 more words

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Tantric Sex - Tantra!

Tantric sex is an old practice that has been going for many years, and means ‘ to be woven together.’

This form of sex is very slow and is used to increase intimacy between couples and can often lead to amazing orgasms. 278 more words

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I have thought about writing this post for a while. I’m starting it now after about an hour of swiping through dating apps on my phone. 1,608 more words

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Tease & Denial

*-Oh, you silly little horny boys! Tease and denial is simple, and yes, at least with me you often gamble with denial. Don’t ask for what you cannot handle.” 538 more words

50 Shades Of Grey

Little Shop of (W)Horrors

Shopping for sex toys is so much more frustrating than it should be. Like, I’m clearly already having difficulties getting off, I don’t need issues trying to buy something to get me off, too. 819 more words


{sex blog} Quality over quantity

How on earth do we change the mindset that it shouldn’t be the quantity of sex that matters, but rather the quality?  Four and a half years into our marriage, and we’ve both noticed we’re not having sex anywhere near as often as we used to.  708 more words

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