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Eggs and Baskets 

They say don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

That’s a difficult thing to do when you spend half your day in his bed and you’ve orgasmed three times already.


2. James [2009]

Name: James
His Age: 22-25
My Age: 17
Where: tacky hotel room, town next to shitty hometown, Florida

The next time I saw James, I was waiting to be picked up for… 1,367 more words

High School

You're cute, may I sit on your face?

So, I am sitting at a bar, alone, not working tonight. Not sure why I am not working, I am more than ready to ruin some poor bastard, but it’s just not my moment. 496 more words


Snapchat Sex

Have you ever had Snapchat sex?

No? Then don’t.

Seems like a good idea at the time but it will unsettle you afterwards.



This post is about someone that I love very much. His soul is one that was destined for mine, yet is trapped in a body that makes it impossible for us to be together. 1,186 more words

Sex Blog

Third Wheeling It

On Saturday night I fucked a couple. 

I was at a bar with a friend and she was off talking to some dude. I’m not a cock block, I’m an adult who is capable of grabbing a drink and socializing on my own. 1,067 more words

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Maybe Greg

I met Maybe Greg out at a bar one night when I was very intoxicated. He was a tall Jamaican guy with a thick accent and a face that looks way too old for his body. 679 more words

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