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I had my first threesome when I was 19.

It was with my roommate at the time and the Vice President of some frat ( I know exactly which frat it is… I frequented it every weekend for two years and dated two dudes in it. 1,503 more words

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Exploring Myself With Him 8/10/17 4:31 PM

I am finally back on track with everything that I needed to do today. I started off my day running behind schedule because of my hormones. 353 more words


Just Getting Up 8/10/17 7:23 AM

It is Thursday, August 10, 2017 and I am just really waking up. I had a really weird dream last night but can’t remember the details. 207 more words


Nata's Diary Entry #1 - 4:43pm

My hormones are always out of hand. I get turned on so easily. It can be a smell, taste, the swag in someone’s walk, what a person is wearing and the rain. 329 more words



I technically lost my virginity twice. Same person, but the first time just wasn’t the way I thought it would go down so I just don’t count it. 761 more words

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How to: Temperature play

Temperature play is a subset of BDSM sensual play, which can sound intimidating but is really nothing overly adventurous. Basically, you lie your partner down and then rub/trace a variety of hot and cool substances along their skin. 858 more words



Have you ever puked up something and that experience ruined that food/beverage for you forever?

Well, I thought that my relationship with hot cheetos would be forever tainted. 534 more words

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