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My period: A Memoir.

In the wake of my not so monthly visitor; “My Aunt Flo”, “The Red Sea”, “Shark week” and any other ridiculous euphemisms for my period that softens the blow for the… 1,297 more words


{sex blog} me, too.

If you have followed my blog for a while, or even taken a quick look through, you’ll know I have experienced sexual abuse, and rape.  Unless you don’t use social media, or pay attention to the news, this means  982 more words

Sex Blog

Sex Position Of The Week - Sex and Lifestyle Blog - Sex Outside

With the weather hotting up why stay in doors when outdoors can be so nice. Theres nothing wrong with sex in the bedroom but sex outdoors can be fun. 451 more words


What’s the benefits of Lube & Sex Tips

Lube – what images does it conjure for you? Does it make you embarssed just thinking of it? 1,760 more words


Sorry I have taken some time off from posting… I got my tits done and have been on a lot of meds and frankly, they’re quite distracting! 993 more words

Sex Blog

A Small Favour

I don’t ask for much (since I’m already rather lucky with two hot partners to have orgasms with) but occasionally I like to ask a favour from people. 289 more words


The First Time..

Okay, so for very long this has been a touchy subject in many households. If you are somebody that believes you should wait for marriage then this post probably isn’t for you. 371 more words

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