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I Destroy my Clit... So Why so Gentle with Oral? NSFW

Originally published on August 11, 2016 • Wicked Wanda’s Adult Emporium

By: Lilith

I suddenly yelled in exasperation: “do you even know how I destroy my clit?” This incredibly inappropriate yet hilarious outburst was during a conversation with a fellow female co-worker centered on unsatisfying oral by partners in the past. 701 more words

Sex Blog

Sunday Strumming - Sinful Sunday

In the Further Unsexy Admissions Of Barnum – I love a good strum on my ukulele. I’ve got five now and whether I pick them up for a quick pluck or a long fiddle, they always help to pick up my mood. 65 more words


Why Self-Love is Bullshit

Yea, I fucking said it.

As I continue on my journey through therapy, which seems more like a ‘gossip session’ outlet, more than actual helpful therapy. 1,754 more words

My sugar baby experience

This is a reflection on my brief stint as a sugar baby. It might get a bit long, but I don’t think I can tell the full story if I omit too many details. 1,575 more words

Random Body Boasts - Wicked Wednesday Prompt #220

I’m not sporty. I’ve never played sportsball or supported a sportsball team so I’m probably cheating a little by bending this week’s Wicked Wednesday to the gym, but they’re both kinda healthy so I hope it’s alright. 798 more words


Shower, Selfie, Shave - Sinful Sunday #279

I have no doubt these will seem very vanilla compared to some but, as someone not used to showing themselves off, it was kinda daunting enough taking these pictures, let alone exposing them to the world. 39 more words


Putting Two and Two Together with Non Ejaculatory Orgasms

Can I just start by saying I fucking LOVE Twitter at the moment. After having wrestled with stuff over the recent weeks, I wasn’t sure whether it was time for me to hang up the little bird and move on, yet surprisingly, just as I was feeling at my down and out-iest, I found myself discovering new things, meeting new people and having some brilliant conversations which just couldn’t happen anywhere else. 749 more words