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Serve without Expectations

I would like to take a moment to just say that this post might offend some people, due to strong personal opinions. I still welcome you to share your opinions on the topic, rather you agree or disagree with me. 926 more words


The full moon had more in store for me than I’d intentionally had planned. I was 17, I climbed out of my barred ghetto windows that my mother had locked me in, walked silently across the roof and slithered down my red brick chimney, and slowly crawled through the shadows of my front lawn to avoid the motion light sensors and made it to safety in my friends tinted suv. 493 more words

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Review: Aria Hue G by Blush Novelties

As a student, I always appreciate when a company can produce a well-made, budget-friendly product, especially when that product is a vibrator. It’s well known throughout the sex-toy industry that if you want quality and colour options, your cheaper options are usually limited. 622 more words

Sex Positive

Rated Over; Shower Sex

Shower sex has been romanticized in various forms of entertainment, be that of erotica novels or chick flicks. Even the movies with genres of drama, thriller, and comedy allude to shower scenes for sexual tension. 601 more words


Review: The Bandit by Vixen Creations

Late last year I decided I would treat myself to a Christmas present. I looked at my collection and realized that I was missing one crucial item: A DILDO. 543 more words

Sex Positive

Kicking Out a Couch Crasher

It’s been a year since my cousin has been crashing on my couch and I am reaching my breaking point with this living arrangement.  She’s a great person, and she’s taught me a lot.   1,141 more words


Posting Selfies is OK [#57 of 100 of Days of Sex]

I don’t get why posting selfies online is deemed as such a bad thing? If there is a moment in your life where you take a photo, look at it and think ‘Hey that’s alright, I’ll post that on Instagram’ then fucking go for it. 1,093 more words