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I am absolutely addicted to my magazines, and as I flicked through Glamour this evening I came across a piece on a summer sex check list and what I have found out is mind blowing – or could be… Ladies, listen up! 207 more words

Top 10 sex posts week #1

Here’s KinkNotes list of top ten sex posts for this week


M on the mind....

Ok so as I said in my last post, M will always be just M from London.. But having exchanged lovely texts and somewhat slightly flirty texts today, I can’t help but want M in my life, day and especially night… 432 more words

Sex, Drugs And Money.

After much discussion between myself and the most important man in my life, Max, he came to the conclusion “Why not do something you’d do anyway, but for money?” 250 more words

Call Girl

Who gets me...

My beautiful Doctor friend, wow, it’s amazing how someone can go from Dr to lover to best friend in the space of six weeks. When I’m down he’s always there to lift he up, his arms have the warmest embrace, his smile makes your heart skip, and his words so wise… Sometimes!! 1,111 more words

#AnalSex Is It For You?

It is believed the average man discusses sex more than the average woman. However, I strongly disagree. Men may speak in generalizations, where women will reveal intimate detailed accounts to a select few, hence why some women find their female friends in bed with their man. 632 more words