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Sex Change: A Sin Toward God


With all the news on the Internet concerning the transgender, it was important to express the Biblical view of the topic. So, a few questions have been raised, and one can only hope answered. 865 more words


'Frankenstein's monster' - Chelsea Manning Sues Army for ‘Undermining’ Her

Let’s see: Frankenstein’s monster was the creation of a twisted mind who cobbled it together to look, feel and act like something that it was not, and never could be. 490 more words


Man quits high-profile job to have sex change

A former ITV newsreader has told how she quit her dream job to have a sex-change operation and ­become a woman. India Willoughby, (right) born male, completed her transformation last month at an NHS clinic, reports the Sunday People. 356 more words

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Another step closer to the point of no return....

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about life and the future. I’ve spent the last 35 months of my life on hormones to become female and at some point in the near future I will hopefully be given the option to get to what is generally referred to as “the ultimate point of no return”.  951 more words


A Caribbean Village Where Girls Grow a PENIS And Morph Into BOYS

There are three sexes in Salinas where being a pseudohermaphrodite is so common it’s accepted alongside male and female. On the face of it, the small village of Salinas in the Barahona Province of the southwestern part of the Dominican Republic, is like many other Caribbean hideaways. 462 more words

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The strangest thing about being transgender....A.K.A My passive aggressive post about being transgender

I’ve been thinking a lot about my transition to female recently and about life in general. Since I turned 31 I’ve had a lot of time to think as I haven’t really been at my part time job a lot so not really had the distraction, and after reading an article on the internet about things that “all transwomen hate hearing” I started thinking that there is a general feeling in the trans community that all of the lives of anyone who wants to be female are remarkably similar, and yet it’s not the case. 933 more words


Is it a man or a woman? Transitioning and the cis gaze

Verso commissioned me to write a piece about Juliet Jacques new memoir, Trans. It was shared by the trans artists Darkmatter and went viral. Originally published on the… 250 more words