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Like Hell I'm Gonna Get Captured! Chapter 22 Part 1

Finally at last, the day arrived! It’s the sea! The Niigata! The Sea of Japan! I’m looking forward to it!
Well, the tension is high as it is. 672 more words

Like Hell I'm Gonna Get Captured! Table of Contents

I noticed that DistractedTranslations, the guy who originally translated this has discontinued. His website was deleted by the owner, and I am so intrigued by this story that this is unacceptable! 97 more words

Bruce Jenner Reveals He’s Had Gender Reassignment Surgery in New Memoir

“I was so tired of tucking the damn thing in all the time … “

You can cut off whatever body part you want and change your pronouns. 741 more words

Wild West

VLOG : The pressure of changing gender

Recently I’ve been thinking about the pressures of changing gender and I decided to put it all into a Youtube video. The video contains my opinions on people who ask questions they wouldn’t ask non-transgendered individuals, facial scarring from hair removal and becoming female when I’m not even remotely feminine.


Extreme sentence

I am greg. I owned my own business. I was hardly roling in The dough but i eaked out a good living. I got to a point where i could do mostly what i wanted to do. 1,495 more words


Nemo the Sex-Changing Clown Fish: The presence of sex alteration in the animal kingdom.

In the sheltered reefs of the Pacific Ocean, a strange but fascinating phenomenon is about to take place. The largest male clown fish in the school has spent the day asserting his dominance in an effort to remain on top. 1,036 more words

Human Behaviour