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Sex change and reverse inference

One of my favourite things to rant about to a captive audience of undergraduate students during my lectures is reverse inference, especially in the context of how the popular press covers neuroscience research. 1,003 more words

News Stories

Cebu bishop says sex change puts transgenders as gods

For many transgender men and women, sex change, or the surgical procedure that alters a person’s sexual organ to another, is considered the final salvation. 240 more words


So near and yet so far....and a bit of begging

So I wrote a post the other night about how nervous I was ahead of the appointment with my doctor on Wednesday. There was the possibility of getting approved to have the final surgery in the process of becoming female and whilst there was good news in that sense, it wasn’t quite as good as I had hoped. 361 more words


Closing in.......

In March 2012 I made a decision that changed the rest of my life. From that day forward I promised to do what I needed to do to be happy in my life and the biggest aspect of that was to change gender. 588 more words


The Empress's New Clothes




Political Cartoons

Pillsbury dough girlll

here is the pillsbury dough girl(he had a sex change just for my drawing) as requested by moonlight 😁 we don’t have pillsbury in NZ so I hope i did it justice! 8 more words


Call Me "Soccer Mom"

I just recently finished reading the article in Vanity Fair about Bruce Jenner’s journey to becoming Caitlyn.  It was a fascinating read for many reasons, and I am just so glad that he was able to become the person he felt he should have always been, because I think that every person should have that right.   1,372 more words