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On Sexuality ~ "It Done Something to Him!"

Gentle Readers,

We are all little lambs who have gone astray, to a degree, and some of us stray more than others.  We at at the blog have strayed from our planned topic for today due to some information received from a familiar source, on the topic of the nature of human sexuality and homosexuality. 481 more words

Transgender Questions

Yesterday I read an eye-popping story of a young man who was born as a she but didn’t feel too comfortable in the ‘she’ skin so he changed to a ‘he’ Well, well, well…This guy got my vote on being the hottest pre-transgender and post-transgender human I’ve ever seen!  203 more words


Tranny Factories

Transgender suicide rates are ten times the overall population. Does sexual reassignment surgery cure mental disorder or has medical science made life worse through medical mutilation? 2,642 more words

Why You Crying?

Dog Day Afternoon (1975) Review

It’s been a Dog Day Afternoon, at least it has been for Al Pacino and his chums as I watched Dog Day Afternoon starring the badly scarred man himself. 708 more words


3 Females who could play the Doctor

If a female actress does take on the role, she must maintain the Doctor’s key traits. The character has always changed with each incarnation, however there’s always been a steeliness, a supreme urge for adventure and a selflessness that has made him impossible not to love. 610 more words

Doctor Who

Donald Trump Should Get A Sex Change

I don’t know crap about politics. I have very strong feelings about the roles of morality and religion in society, and I think I would be capable of applying those feelings to theories on nation building, but I don’t know crap about politics. 579 more words

Dusty's Posts

Trans-Sexed by the Buddha!

New in June: Barely employed pizza shop guy Brian wants a change “down there.” Bigger, right? Much to his surprise, meditation does the trick, sort of. 109 more words

K.C. Cave