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Dispelling Some myths about gender reasignment.

Hey there. I’m writing something literally no-one asked for. Unless you did.

You know, when people are not well-informed about something, their imaginations tend to take over. 966 more words


ΙΡΛΑΝΔΙΑ: Τι αποκαλύπτει μια μητέρα της οποίας οι δύο γιοι έγιναν… κορίτσια με αλλαγή φύλου

Μία μητέρα της οποίας οι δύο γιοι έγιναν πλέον… κόρες της, μετά την αλλαγή φύλου, μιλάει για την απόφασή τους και την υποστήριξη που τους παρέχει. 


Nikki Sinclaire: Never Give Up a Review part 2

At the time her gender re-assignment surgery was not centrally funded by NHS England as it is now, but rather was commissioned by local Care Commissioning Groups (CCG), which delayed approval of her surgery long after she met the requirements of the psychiatrists. 890 more words


QFMR: What if...?

I just made a post about my infatuation with dresses. And by the way, I’ve got a few beers in me, so I’m rather lucid with my words, but what if I pulled a Caitlyn Jenner? 28 more words

Bi The Way

Men need to stop having opinions on womanhood

Lord, please tell me why everytime I dare to post a status on social media about transwomen and my utter contempt and disgust at the mainstream media push to normalize this mental illness, a MAN always has to be the first one to respond and ask the stupid “but why” questions? 362 more words

Transgender, DNA, and Chromosomes

I suspect there are some who will find this offensive. Oh well, it needs to be said so here goes.

There is something that has been puzzling me a bit about this whole transgender issue. 800 more words

Personal Reflection

Snip and Tuck? Uncle Sam Wants You.

The other day I was at work going through my emails, dreading what was to come on the day. Maintenance, dealing with an over bearing boss, micromanagement, dealing with non-rates complaining about their job (which is cake compared to the Marines), the list goes on and on. 1,038 more words