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Snip and Tuck? Uncle Sam Wants You.

The other day I was at work going through my emails, dreading what was to come on the day. Maintenance, dealing with an over bearing boss, micromanagement, dealing with non-rates complaining about their job (which is cake compared to the Marines), the list goes on and on. 1,038 more words



If this article, Pentagon issues sex change manual, allows extended time off for process, were just a joke it would be hysterically funny. As it is, this is an occasion for sadness and shame. 289 more words

Culture War

A Christian Perspective on Gender Identity Disorder

A Christian Perspective on Gender Identity Disorder

James R. Aist

“A woman must not wear man’s clothing, nor is a man to put on a woman’s clothing. 1,783 more words


Gender Classification

In the modern world, some people have made it a concern to go beyond the binary male/female designation of sex classification.

While Sancian culture by default suggests that the norm is to remain the gender one is born as, Sancian government still opens for approval the designation of others, both to accommodate for medical reasons, and a person’s free will to decide the path of their body modification. 125 more words


Did Richard Simmons Secretly Have A Sex Change?

Recently Richard Simmons went missing for a very long time, and people are claiming to know the reason. They are saying that Richard has been living as a woman for a long time now. 19 more words


Daily Insanity

Reading the following stories makes one wonder how much longer the Progressives can continue preaching their dissonant cognition. Seems that the Philippine President has the answer to drug dealing; that is causing a stroke among the Progs “Circus of Victims” ideas. 830 more words


3 Females who could play the Doctor

I’ve already made my views pretty clear, I don’t want a female Doctor. (https://talkingtardis.wordpress.com/2016/04/04/should-there-be-a-female-doctor/) However, it could happen one day. If a female actress does take on the role, she must maintain the Doctor’s key traits. 650 more words

Doctor Who