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California veterinarian now offering sex change operations for transgender dogs and cats

Dr. Carlos Walter, a veterinarian from Contra Costa County in Northern California, is the first DVM in the country to perform sexual reassignment surgery for dogs and cats. 349 more words

Daily News

What to write when you've got nothing to write about....

So it’s been a while since my last post on here and the reason for that is that there isn’t really anything to write about. I’m still in that weird position of being inbetween genders and not able to afford the operation, living in a city that I’m not overly fond of and having precisely nothing exciting gone on in my life. 928 more words


Is National Geographic Complicit in a Form of Child Abuse?

Dr. Brown shares his concerns about National Geographic’s Gender Revolution cover story.


Blade Trade

There once was a warrior lord,
Turned into a beautiful broad.
Where he’d fought, now she charmed;
With but beauty was armed.
(For no woman can wield a broadsword.)


Four years later, reflection and a promotion or two

So it’s coming up to the four year anniversary of when I started on hormones and with the previous three, I have been reflecting a lot on life, especially as recently I had some great fortune come my way. 1,063 more words



La clinique des Drs Brassard et Bélanger vient d’émettre ces nouvelles directives : À partir de maintenant, une seul évaluation psychosociale sera requise (1 lettre) pour la chirurgie du torse plutôt que 2. 32 more words


Εκπομπή του BBC διαφημίζει σε παιδιά την ορμονοθεραπεία για την «αλλαγή φύλου»!

Η σειρά ‘Just a Girl’ του BBC που απευθύνεται σε παιδιά ηλικίας από έξι (!) ετών και πάνω, περιγράφει πώς ο Ben έγινε ‘Amy’, με τη λήψη ορμονών που σταματούν την εφηβεία. 40 more words