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Hermit crab

My dear, I have lived my whole life
In a shell incongruous with my soul.
My shell, though speckled with normality
Conforming to Fibonacci’s perfection… 130 more words

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I Was Born This Way!

I wasn’t born a poor black child in Mississippi; but had I been, I’d be one angry black man. While marchers chant “Black lives matter!” and young African Americans work toward assuming the mantle previously worn by the likes of Rosa Parks  and Martin Luther King, Jr., all seem oblivious to the fact that their cause has been hijacked and co-opted; stolen by thieves who choose to be oblivious to the obvious significance of their genitalia. 1,392 more words

LGBT Issues


Boston Herald: “A nearly two-decade legal fight by a convicted murderer in Massachusetts to get taxpayer-funded sex-reassignment surgery ended in failure Monday when the U.S. Supreme Court rejected her final appeal. 148 more words


Revisiting the research on sex changers and body dysmorphism

The studies do not support the claims of the advocates for sex change and gender confusion. 216 more words


Whatever it takes - a short story

My friend Professor Stuart Campbell asked me to comment on this short story he has written. I regret to say that I think the story is in dubious taste, but as I often say, … 1,179 more words


Steve Harvey On Bruce Jenner's Sex Change

Everybody says it’s the bravest thing they’ve ever seen, so that’s the politically correct thing to say. I can’t wrap my mind around it at all. 66 more words


From Woman To Man

On November 10, 2013, I had the opportunity to interview a woman named Melissa Rodriguez, and she provided me with critical insight into why she ultimately made the decision to transition from a woman to a man. 1,232 more words

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