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Mom, Dad and I have the same breast size now!

Year Released : 2003
Director : Jane Anderson
Cast : Tom Wilkinson, Jessica Lange, Hayden Panettiere and Clancy Brown… 1,274 more words


Episode 4: Do or do not, there is no try!


Featured Song: The Ballad of Mr. Steak by Kishi Bashi

Guy gives an emotional speech. Bruce Jenner becomes a woman. Lucid dreaming, and RadioShack’s demise.

Bruce Jenner plans on dating women once he completes gender change.

Bruce Jenner reportedly plans on being a lesbian once he completes his gender reassignment and becomes ‘Belinda.’
The recently divorced 65-year old spoke out that he ‘can’t imagine himself being attracted to men’ 49 more words

Steroids and Sex Changes

I’m going to go off the chronological path I started and talk about something that’s been gaining more momentum in the media; transgender individuals and sex change surgeries. 528 more words

Is Bruce Jenner Being Ostracized By Kardashians Over Sex Change?

They may be now ex’s but they always seemed to be a family on camera, but now Bruce Jenner’s former wife and stepdaughters are distancing themselves from him… 57 more words


A Memoir of a Boy - In Search of a Normal Life

A Slideluck Potshow London/DEVELOP Tube creative collaboration – A Memoir of a Boy; In Search of a Normal Life by Paul S. Amundsen: “I was born a boy, but I want to die as a woman”, she says, sitting in a taxi, nervous about the upcoming appointment at a sex change clinic in Bangkok. 98 more words

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