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가스불에 주전자가 물이 끓어…뜨거운 열기와 함께…하얀 김을 토해내면서..

sex.com 남편과 시어머님은 제가 임신한 사실을 알고부터 저에게 부담을 주지않을려

군가가 고의적으로 이러고 있다는 것을 알아 차렸다. 아래입술을 깨물며 숙 sex.com… 7 more words

Sex.com - Domain Sold For $14 million

Sex.com – Here comes the first deal from porn industry. The deal was made for $ 14 million and happened in October of 2010. This domain is doing very well, as it is linked with one of the most searched keyword on search engines.

Highest Domain Sales

Blow Off Your Day Job and Become the Face of Sex.com

Hey laaaaaadies, do you ooze sex? Then put your best O-face forward and submit your application to be the new brand ambassador for Sex.com. 171 more words


The Girl's Porn Parody

By now you’ve heard that there’s a Girl porn parody in the works.

You’re either excited for it because you think Alison Williams is going to be in it or you’re upset by it like Lena Dunham or you’re indifferent because porn parodies is just what happens to things that have entered our cultural consciousness. 304 more words

Pinterest, Sex.com, and Gender Views on Porn


“Because our site is based off a system that mostly appeals to women and the content traditionally appeals to men, I’ve been wondering after a year of  79 more words

My gaping ass… Part I

I woke up this morning after dreaming about myself lying on the floor in my huge shower with my asshole gaping and warm water running in and out. 587 more words

Financiel Dominans

Porno P.I.'s - Nicole Ray

This is a safe-for-work version of “Where Is Pornstar Nicole Ray?” which originally appeared on the Sex.com Blog. To visit the NSFW version… 815 more words