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Relationships are hard right?!!!  No matter how much you love your partner and how happy you are with them, everyone experiences hard times at some point in their relationship. 432 more words

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Double Standards

Yesterday we talked about sex on the first day. I read all of the comments and I really enjoyed reading different points of views! Thanks again for all of the comments and likes. 425 more words


Let’s talk about SEX… on the first day.

Let’s be clear sex on the first day of meeting someone doesn’t mean ANYTHING, in my opinion. I do not believe that men lose respect for you and I doubt if it’s even that big of a deal for them. 277 more words


Should a woman approach a man if she's interested?? 

This question has been the topic of my conversations for the past few weeks. At this point everyone knows my story. I met my kids dad at 18 we broke up 9 months ago…..blah blah blah…so now I’m ready to date 🙄 434 more words


Why does she stay?

“She’s so much better than me

I’m so unworthy of her

Oh, why does she stay?

Why does she stay, why”   -Neyo

I have met so many women that stay in toxic relationships for YEARS! 764 more words


Do men still court women? 

So I am recently single and I am ready to try out this dating thing..I guess
I met my children’s father at 19 and stayed with him until I was 27. 596 more words

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breakup town: how to date someone avoidant

tl;dr You can’t.

They won’t let you.

You’ll try to get close & it’ll feel like banging your head against a wall.

This reinforces your beliefs of inadequacy. 826 more words