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The People We Used To Be

I remember we used to lay on the hardwood floors of our apartment with The Libertines playing on the speakers. We’d lay there and talk and drink cheap beer while looking at the glistening Christmas lights, revealing truths about our childhoods we had long tried to forget in the hometown we both abandoned years ago. 733 more words

Every Myers-Briggs Type's Favorite Sexual Position

The Myers-Briggs.

No, it’s not a new type of hot dog flavored ice cream, although that would be nice. It’s a test; the most important one you’ll ever take. 1,177 more words

Does Anyone Have Phone Sex Anymore?

Is phone sex a dying art, much like landlines themselves, or answering machines, or fax machines?

I mean, I know that phone sex operators still exist, that you can call 1-800-HOT-SLUT or something and some girl like me, probably in her slobby pajamas making nachos, will answer the phone in a Russian accent or pretend to be a horny teenager for the low, low price of $2.99 per minute. 617 more words


Navigating love & dating is (fill in the blank). Paster Perry has some words from the wise that will keep you laughing and thinking inward.  9 more words

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When I met you in the winter

“Be nice or I’ll write about you on my blog”, my instagram bio says. Well, a few nice guys didn’t like this and asked if that meant I only write about the bad ones. 371 more words

Dayna Vasilik

Call me Crazy...

So, I went on date numero dos with the UCJ (uncut/uncircumcised Jew). He asked me to dinner a week in advance, picked a nice restaurant, called me every night for a week. 500 more words

Life In NYC

Only I would find an uncircumcised Jew

So, I went on a date recently with a guy I met on a Jewish dating site. He’s 35, lives in Jersey (I can’t find a man who lives in this city to save my life!), and does something with numbers. 149 more words

Life In NYC