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9 Definitive Times When It’s Perfectly Okay To Be In A 'Just For Now' Relationship

1. You have completely opposing values and know it would be a mess if you tried to get serious. Yes, Republicans can marry Democrats, as can people of many different backgrounds, ethnicities and religious values. 573 more words

Fact: Mulder And Scully Are The Ultimate #RelationshipGoals

This is Fox Mulder:

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And this is Dana Scully:

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The Social Scene: YouTube Videos – Dating Experts

When I see these YouTube videos from these SELF-PROCLAIMED Dating Experts, it makes me want to just stop and think on so much wrong information they are spewing out. 710 more words


Sex Dating! Spicing up Your Dating Life

Yes, sex dating is actually a thing. The whole concept of love and sex has changed over the years. Sites like Tinder (the hook-up place) has proven that. 217 more words