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The Sex Diaries: Let’s Talk About Virginity

Growing up in a stereotypical Roman Catholic family has had a strong influence on my perception and view of sex. 478 more words

My Authentic Nature

"I want you to hit me as hard as you can."

As you may or may not already be aware the title for this post is from Fight Club. As I am one for playing rough, this particular story has to do with an odd request. 523 more words


Accidental threesome

Now I know what you’re thinking, “how can you have an accidental threesome, you’re such a slut.” Well my darling readers, the average human can’t have an accidental threesome, but yours truly can, and did. 489 more words


I thought we were in love

This particular guy will be the hardest for me to post about because, although I wouldn’t let him call me his girlfriend, we did date for a year and a half. 518 more words


Sometimes I drink to forget...

just kidding that would make me an alcoholic 😉  Sometimes I just drink and then forget. Oops. So this story is a typical end of the school year get it out of my system drunken night blur. 541 more words


Making friends Eskimo brothers

Today’s post happened just recently, roughly two weeks ago to be exact. But it goes hand in hand with my first post because, Dimples is/was (I’m not sure) besties with Freakin’ Puerto Rican. 456 more words


Let's start at the beginning.

This is the most cliché first time story ever, with a little twist because what is my life without a twist. So there we were, two 16 year olds leaving their first prom. 516 more words