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#10 TIPS to make you a MASTER at BLOWJOBS

Oral sex is a very important ingredient in ensuring a great sex life. One major role you can play as a woman during oral sex is blowjobs. 638 more words

Sex Diaries

Hello world!

As lame as this made for you blog post title is, I’m keeping it.

Hello world,

Inspired by New York Magazines The Sex Diaries, which tell hilarious, sizzling details of city dwellers sex lives for a week. 44 more words


The Coded Sex Diaries of John Maynard Keynes

(Parts of this post are probably not safe for work. Or children. Or goldfish. Actually, no. It’s totally okay for goldfish.)

As an after-effect of having spent several years in academia and several years with each other, Boyfriend and I sometimes find ourselves using jargon that has been shamelessly borrowed from one another’s professional repertoire. 1,385 more words


Morning Media Mix

┬áThe Washington Post is now selling space in their op-ed section in the form of “Sponsored Views,” which allow organizations and corporations to pay to post comments (capped at 600 characters) in response to op-eds and editorials. 201 more words

Around The Town

The Woman Whose Ex Liked Her Better When She Was 300 Pounds Heavier

The anonymous(boo!) Sex Diary I did for NYMag.com http://nymag.com/daily/intelligencer/2013/03/weight-loss-sex-diary.html

1. Stuff got messed up in the editing process…story of my life!

2. I was NOT calling my shrink fat ! 19 more words


My First Time

Ok, so this is going way back.

Like way back before guys were even close to as interested as they are now.

Way back before I even started liking sex. 725 more words


popping my blogging cherry

So this is a blog basically about all the sex I have, how I have it, what I do, and some of what I feel about it, and how I get into it. 62 more words