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2505. Two Kinds of His Respect for Her

These are the two damnedest phenomena in all of human relations—and least understood by females.  1) A man has two sex drives. One that drives him to conquer unconquered women. 365 more words

Dear Daughter

2503. Both Born to Love

Not surprising, the sexes differ many ways at birth but amazingly different about love. It’s a wonder they ever find enduring compatibility when they mate up. 524 more words

Sex Differences

2499. Love and Sex That Never Die

Of all the motivational forces working inside males and females, two stand out as both strongest and unchangeable. An inborn and primal love for females and an inborn and primal sex drive for males. 585 more words

Dear Daughter

HeANDShe Conference Round Up

On Tuesday 28th June, we hosted our first ever conference – HeANDShe – with a diverse panel of speakers from the worlds of neuroscience, mental health campaigning, media and advertising. 578 more words

Female Leadership

2498. — Courtship Success

Every successful couple needs two foundations. If one never forms or forms weakly, staying power is lost. The foundations are respect and love, respect is the most important, and both depend upon actions more than words. 526 more words

Dear Daughter

2497. Friendly Reminders — 14

  • Women are great cooperators and thereby excel at marriage. Men are great competitors and thereby excel in single life. Women should learn to compete better in their bachelorette days.
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Sex Differences

2495. Friendly Reminders — 12

  •  The self-fulfilling prophecy provides success for women, children, and families. At the macro level females respect the opposite sex more than their own. Having their gender respected leads men to presume they’re respected for being masculine.
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Sex Differences