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2449. Male Dominance and Who Handles It: Part V

I continue to explain men to women. All goes pretty well except for getting women to understand the two male sex drives without them taking offense. 671 more words

Sex Differences

2448. Male Dominance and Who Handles It: Part IV

Female self-development  is continuous for life. Girls and women have a primal need for a brighter future, and so they focus on shaping tomorrow to match their wishes, intentions, and ambitions. 754 more words

Dear Daughter

2446. Male Dominance and Who Handles It: Part II

Men instinctively live the dominant role, and women are left to live with it. In spirit, men strut, pound their chest, and expect to fight to prove their dominance or protect what they own as proof of their stature. 278 more words

Sex Differences

2445. Male Dominance and Who Handles It: Part I

Depending on one’s belief, either God designs or evolution produces two specific genders. It matters not which belief is right; the end result is the same. 353 more words

Sex Differences

When Sexy Matters

Humans find averaged and symmetrical faces and bodies beautiful. Well-proportioned, statistically averaged faces receive higher attraction ratings from both men and women. People even regard the more symmetrical twin of identical twins as more attractive. 587 more words

Psychology & Neuroscience

The sexes are more alike than the races

This is true, I cannot find anything to refute it. I looked really hard. The latest evidence shows greater similarity.
“But a new study finds that human brains do not fit neatly into “male” and “female” categories.” 1,704 more words


Blog 40: Anger & Anxiety- Part 1

In today’s blog we will discuss Anger and Anxiety. Anger is an important emotion experienced by humans of every world culture. However, this strong feeling/emotion is often a tricky feeling to experience and to navigate healthily. 793 more words