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2673. Refresher Thoughts — 08

  1. Women expect men to be more romantic, but romance slows a man’s conquering nature. Except when forced by circumstances or desire to honor females with manly spell-binding charm, romance to males means foreplay or prelude to it.
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2671. Refresher Thoughts — 06

  1. Husbands expect to be confirmed as dependable and significant, that which they think they are. Wife, however, because it’s what she considers important and makes her feel good about herself, showers him with affection.
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Dear Daughter

2670. Refresher Thoughts — 05

  1. Home life includes relationship management. To men, relationships require no management.
  2. Husbands enshrined at home stay at home. Wives that enshrine themselves at home grow bored with husband.
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Dear Daughter

2667. Predicting and Making Marital Success

This post disagrees with popular opinion about the worthiness of men. So be it. In the vernacular, marriages fail because conventional wisdom sucks.

Husbands are born to rule their marriage, but wives are born to run it. 1,162 more words

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2666. Women’s Happiness Is a Daily Process

Here’s another view of how women succeed or don’t succeed in life. If you recall, post 806 describes the pathway to female happiness, and this is part of how it works. 440 more words

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2664. Refresher Thoughts — 03

  1. You can love a person a lot and not be comfortable living with them, or even feel the bonds are breaking. Examples: a) Sex does not bond a man and even great sex can become routine or even tiresome to a woman after romantic love fades a year or two after marriage.
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2663. Refresher Thoughts — 02

  1. Few things reverse a woman’s attitude more quickly than her man saying, Honey, I was wrong!
  2. Few thing reverse a man’s attitude more easily than his woman saying, Honey, you are right.
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