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2258. Compatibility Axioms #821-830

821. He’s never eager to admit fault about his sexual prowess. Nor should he be excused, but she ventures onto rocky terrain when she brings it up. 245 more words

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2255. Interface of Natural Love, Husband and Wife

Her Highness Prettybeans asked me to clarify #818 in article 2253. It says, “You can focus on the big things that hold a couple together—love, friendship, commitment. 1,693 more words

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2254. Masculine Love in Six Stages

It’s another paradox of human nature. Primarily men are producers and women are processors. Yet, women can produce a loving relationship almost instantaneously while masculine love develops through a six-stage process. 676 more words

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Blog 2252 — Her Wrinkles are Good

Her Highness Beloved at 2251 probably doesn’t realize she paid me the kindest compliment. She enabled me to think through a troublesome problem, that of wives blaming loss of husbands on female aging. 1,412 more words

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2248. RANDOM THOUGHTS—Group 98

  1. With women, it’s who they are, their importance to self and others. With men, it’s what they do, their satisfaction at getting things done.
  2. A man listens better to a woman who talks softly or even with a near-whisper.
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2247. CAUSES and EFFECTS — Group 03

  1. Overweight starts here. Table talk in childhood is unpleasant and poorly exemplified by parents. Their children soon discover that eating itself makes them feel good about themselves and a poor lifetime habit forms for girls.
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Sex Differences

2245. Favored Quotes—Collection 43

These quotes reflect the wisdom of ladies and gentlemen who comment on WWNH articles and comments. I have fallen behind paying homage to the best of the best, so the list is longer than usual. 664 more words

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