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2853. Good Reading for Women

The author of the main site below describes what modern women should do to improve their lives with self and men. I read all three and they are both poignant and clear. 87 more words

Sex Differences

2852. Blame Men if You Want to Sink the Female Ship

Assessing the results in both society and culture, I conclude this. For over five decades women have listened only to women about how to deal with unmarried men and husbands. 557 more words

Dear Daughter

2551. Dominant vs. Governing Sex

My hubris continues. Having created a dominant sex in man, God (or Nature if it pleases you) needs a counterbalance. Without it women would be subject to the will and physicality of men at all times with no way out. 488 more words

Dear Daughter

2849. Man-think: “Do You Like Me?”

I’m fascinated about this subject, because I consider it so accurate. But I need feedback from readers to confirm or deny.

Ask a man who loves you if he likes you. 468 more words

Dear Daughter

2848. Man-think about Her “Do You Love Me?”

The male nature—man-think—works like the following when confronted with a woman’s angst about her worthiness to her man.

Every day I figure out more clearly that when a woman asks a man if he loves her, she calls up little but confusion in his mind. 505 more words

Dear Daughter

2844. Love is Never Enough — 12: Men Love Differently

I apologize for prematurely defining and describing male love as if it exists in some form close to female love. It doesn’t, and the more we try to match male and female love as alike, the less we understand the male nature. 1,414 more words

Dear Daughter

2843. God’s Design—03: Female Goodness Civilizes the World

A man is born with one primary function to fulfill, and it rules his life on earth. He finds and keeps himself satisfied with who he is, what he does, and who he does it with. 654 more words

Dear Daughter