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Blog 2757 — Essentials of Successful Marriage — 08 Avoid Loss of Likeability

I remain indisposed for daily postings. However, I found some easy reading to consider while I get shipshape once again.

Love isn’t enough. The absence of little things enable marital glue to work. 69 more words

Dear Daughter

A memo to my co-workers

To: All staff

From: Jane Demure

Here at Words, Inc.—an acknowledged global leader in the verbal communication industry—we value diversity and strive to be inclusive. That goes without saying, which is why we say it so often. 1,317 more words

Sugar causes depression in men


It’s nice to see more research looking at sex differences and effects on men in particular.

It has a big impact.

Ever notice the butterballs are all about estrogenic dairy and tons of ‘free’ sugar? 12 more words


2755. Essentials of Successful Marriage — 06 Kill the Blame

Our Judeo-Christian culture degenerates as feminist-inspired lack of respect for the opposite sex spreads the use of blame to change manly behavior. Both sexes claim that relationship problems are the fault of the other side. 1,259 more words

Dear Daughter

2754. Life Made Simpler for Women — 15

  1. Sex bonds a woman but not a man. Their having first sex together does not produce the fallout that women expect, and it can devastate her after she becomes aware of it.
  2. 354 more words
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