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Types, characteristics, examples and sex differences


There are two types of mood/depression disorders:

Unipolar depression – affects a person’s overall performance for a prolonged time and the symptoms must be present for two weeks in order to be diagnosed: 475 more words

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Raving about J. Peterson

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There you go, I found another article for the series “oh noes I’m a monster”* and this time I decided to repost it. 920 more words

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Abnormal Effect

  1. Types, characteristics, examples and sex differences – 
    Types: depression (unipolar) and mania (bipolar); causes and treatments for manic depression; sex differences in depression.
  2. Explanations of depression…
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Sex Differences in Cognitive Abilities

Halpern, Diane F.: Sex Differences in Cognitive Abilities. – 4. ed. – S.l. : Psychology Press, 2011. – 456 pages ISBN 9781848729414 USD 66

The fourth edition of Sex Differences in Cognitive Abilities critically examines the breadth of research on this complex and controversial topic, with the principal aim of helping the reader to understand where sex differences are found – and where they are not.


2870. Typical Male Behavior — 04

  1. Pre-conquest a gal tells a guy I love you or even acts like she’s hot for him. It has two effects foreign to woman-think. She will be easier to conquer, and it’s an unearned gift, which men don’t appreciate.
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2869. Typical Male Behavior — 03

A lot of repetition exists in this summarizing series. I do it on purpose to reinforce the importance to those women who hope to understand better the male nature. 422 more words

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2868. Typical Male Behavior — 02

  1. A man’s love of a woman begins with his pleasing her while she remains relatively quiet about who she is and what she does. She focuses on listening and encourages him to talk about himself, which begins to earn his respect.
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