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Sex and Gender in Society

In both the natural and social sciences, precision in the definition of key variables is everything, yet one massively important variable is often ill-defined, with an almost cavalier tendency to use the terms “sex” and “gender” interchangeably when, in fact, they are fundamentally different constructs.   37 more words


2352. Tribute to the Female Nature — 07: How Women Lead

It’s the inborn nature of both genders to respect the other for its uniqueness, the potential that enables compatibility. Females do it instinctively but they have to forever remind males with their continuing and important presence—by effectively leading from behind. 706 more words

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2351. Tribute to the Female Nature — 06: Procreation Sacred

Her Highness MLaRowe at 2350 triggered this article with the claim: “[W]hat I have come to believe is that sex really is sacred. It is the act of creating a life whether a birth comes as a result or not.” 793 more words

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2346. Tribute to the Female Nature — 02: Tame Men

Men are not as impervious to female influence as they act and women react. Over time each man reflects what he’s learned from the women in his life, just as long as those women don’t remind him of it. 494 more words

Sex Differences

2343. RANDOM THOUGHTS—Group 99

Our forefathers sought to marry a virtuous woman, which is most easily translated as masculine admiration of feminine qualities. Modern men seek to marry a fascinating woman, which is most easily translated as sex appeal with her as seller and him as buyer. 305 more words

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Estrogen boosts brainpower, actually

That’s the TLDR short version.

Good summary of research, studies the impact of lower amounts in menopause on executive abilities. Long article, highly technical. E-levels are generally good for EFunction (brainpower). 967 more words


2342. Old Age Switcheroo

Ladies, here’s what you face many years down the road. Men and women exchange places. Regarding sexual relations, that is. Other hormones are involved but I simplify for ease of explanation. 202 more words

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