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2635. How to Love a Man, or Not

Her Highness Beloved triggers this post. We previously differed on this point. Men learn how to love a woman from mothers, girls, and other women in their lives. 1,059 more words

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2633. Universal Motivators: Compatible Love and Sex Drives

Many major motivators come out of our biological history; all provided to ensure that our species doesn’t die off. They shape our lives more dramatically than women realize or men care. 748 more words

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2632 — Universal Motivators: The Grand Design

Again, pardon the hubris for presuming to know what God intended. But this is the conclusion I draw from how humans have acted and reacted over the millennia. 149 more words

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New Paper: Incorporating Sex Influences into Today’s Brain Research

Historically, most medical research has used male subjects (human and animal) and tissues, but recently there has been a notable increase in the acceptance of the need to incorporate sex influences into brain research. 281 more words


2630. She Can’t Win with Mistakes

Women don’t know jack about Jack, and worsens all across society. Many break up relationships without understanding their mistakes. Many can’t keep a man, no matter how hard they try. 327 more words

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Men can't tell when a woman's being sarcastic


I think we found why those 50s housewives were so obedient and incompetent.

My whole life is flashing before my eyes.

I never knew. 564 more words


2629. Marital Superglue, Start to Finish

I keep reminding readers that love is never enough. However, I may have found the exception. It applies to marriage alone and neither dating nor courtship (except as she judges a man’s being worthy of it). 592 more words

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