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2244. FEMININE: New Definition

This posting has multiple purposes behind it.

First, I’ve taken the liberty of giving the term ‘feminine’ an operational definition, which means to always presume this context: Men decide what is feminine and what is not. 1,180 more words

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Different Processing Systems of Pain Across the Sexes

Recent research conducted at McGill University has investigated the fundamental processing differences of pain between male
and female mice. Based on earlier findings that men and women have differing mechanical pain hypersensitivity, the present researchers sought to question whether the basic wiring systems of pain varied between male and female mice. 180 more words


Gender works

I am all for equality. Men and women should be treated equally, paid equally, respected equally. But I don’t get how some feminists get all winded up about ”female/male roles”. 105 more words



Surfercajun at 2239 inquired about feminine. Here’s my response.

We’re talking about men, so surprise, surprise. Feminine is not who or what she is, it’s who and what men perceive her to be. 1,142 more words

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2242. Feminine Mystery in Marriage

EDITOR’S NOTE: I repost article 1349 and add this postscript four years after the original. I left something out. Throughout the following I say to “admire” him. 692 more words

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Calling female the superior sex doesn’t make women the boss. They still have to counterbalance male dominance to fulfill female hopes and dreams. That’s what female superiority is all about. 1,277 more words

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Marriage Equality: should the elderly and otherwise infertile couples be allowed to marry?

I think it is time that anyone who uses the argument that “Children have a right to a father and a mother so same-sex marriage should not be allowed”  should no longer be heard in the discussion unless they answer “Yes” to the  following four questions. 165 more words