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Let's Put The Alleged Gender Pay Gap Out Of It's Misery.

I received an email, and it may have been “hate mail”, but I cannot tell:



Why don’t you get your facts straight. INDEPENDENT POLLS HAVE VERIFIED OVER 50% OF AMERICANS IDENTIFY WITH FEMINIST ISSUES-1. 150 more words

Men's Rights

Gender is More Than A Social Construct

Feminists are fond of saying that there are no psychological differences between men and women.

Who are you going to believe? Feminists or what your common sense tells you. 386 more words

Gender Personality Differences: Planets or P.O. Boxes, Evidence or Ideology?

by Kenneth W. Krause.

Kenneth W. Krause is a contributing editor and “Science Watch” columnist for the Skeptical Inquirer.  Formerly a contributing editor and books columnist for the… 1,860 more words

Politics/Culture Wars

The Battle Between The Sexes.

The first question I need to ask is this: Is there, indeed, a war on men? Now, the only source I have is really in my own mind. 857 more words

Men's Rights

Let's talk Neurosexism

Those of you reading popular science books or media articles about gender will have most probably formed an opinion that male and female brains are wired differently in utero and that these different brains create different minds. 582 more words


What If There Are Sex Differences But Biology Is Not Destiny? by Carol P. Christ

Theories about sex differences have been used to keep women in the home and to justify male domination. Because of this, many feminists run as fast as they can from any discussion of them. 845 more words


The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit?

So that no thought of mine, however mediocre would never go unpublished again… I thought this ask reflected enough thought and labor to be worth bringing up to Da Blog: … 422 more words

Sex Differences