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Sleep Like a Husband

This meme came across my Facebook the other day and it made me laugh because it is SO true! First of all, I don’t know why people use the phrase “sleep like a baby” to imply good sleep. 220 more words


2651. Strategy for Courtship — 04: Expectations 1-10

Women love to share their love of someone. Many intuitively find it difficult not to do so. OTOH, men don’t appreciate unearned gifts. Without his having earned whatever she gives—e.g., love or other signs of her appreciation of him—it will at least be under appreciated and may be meaningless to him. 635 more words

Dear Daughter

2650. Strategy for Courtship — 03: The Process II

Primarily men are producers; they make things happen. Women are processors; they make relationships work. Courtship is a process, which means a structure exists for it, and women are far more responsible for success than men. 493 more words

Sex Differences

2649. — Strategy for Courtship — 03: The Process I

Her Highness Msarianne inspired this article. She asks at post 2270 how a lady can get a man to feel sort of love toward her. 558 more words

Sex Differences

2648. Strategy for Courtship — 02: Beliefs (cont’d)

Undeveloped and mistaken beliefs hold women back and let good men get away. To masculine eyes, poor attitudes flow out of women who stick to pop culture and feminist values, standards, and expectations. 668 more words

Sex Differences

2647. Strategy for Courtship — 02: Beliefs

I know most of you gals look for WAYS and WHAT to do to improve your relationship record; e.g., rules. I think the WHY and HOW you do something is more essential for success; e.g., mindset. 690 more words

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2645. Strategy for Courtship — 01: Introduction

Dating and courtship can be defined and described many ways. The battle of the sexes revolves around both sexes being born to get their way with the other. 631 more words

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