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2736. Back to Basics for Back to Basics — Part B

Your Highness Back to Basics,

I continue my response to your comment at 2728. Your intriguing statements include this bolded sentence.

“I believe most women would rather be thought attractive and not hold a man, than being able to hold a man but not noticed for attractiveness.” … 361 more words

Sex Differences

2735. Back to Basics for Back to Basics — Part A

Attention, ladies. This begins a two or three part response to the comment of Her Highness Back to Basics. I am grateful she inquired in ways seldom seen on the blog. 571 more words

Dear Daughter

2734. Life Made Simpler for Women — 11

  1. The more attractive a man’s wife befitting her age, the more admirable he is among men, his competitors. But if she’s a young trophy, she’s more admired as sex target, which invites cuckolding.
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Dear Daughter

2731 —Life Made Simpler for Women — 09

  1. Beauty and sex go together, each man perceives and values the combination. As attractions they are great, but both play minor roles in holding a mate.
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Sex Differences

2730. Life Made Simpler for Women — 08

  1. Women imagine that by looking younger than their age, they can become more maritally attractive and sexually meaningful. Not so, except in the eyes of immature men who linger mentally in adolescence, adultolescents.
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Dear Daughter

2729. —Life Made Simpler for Women — 07

  1. The new picture hanging for a week in your home fades from interest and you now pass it unseen. Beauty works the same way within the hunter-conqueror.
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Dear Daughter

2728. More About Aging — Hide Her Flaws?

Seemingly disconnected, certain female habits improve both self-respect and respect for men in a woman’s heart. This post is about one feminine decision that can do much more than social media to produce success and satisfaction in the lives of women. 525 more words

Dear Daughter