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2393. PROVERBS — Sex 03

  1. Women have a primary motivation for sex, the expectation of significant intimacy. Meanwhile, men enter it seeking to confirm dominion of a female.
  2. A guy may take a woman to orgasm, but it’s not the same thing as great lovemaking.
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Sex Differences

2392. PROVERBS — Sex Differences 04

  1. He competes as a matter of his nature. She senses that competing with him before marriage and cooperating afterward protect her interests that change.
  2. Women do not need a man, but they want help to be ready in difficult times.
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Dear Daughter

2390. PROVERBS — Marriage 03

  1. Ardent femininity by older women encourages youngsters to duplicate what they see and hear. Masculinized women confuse young girls.
  2. Boyhood freedom from womanly influence promotes greater male disregard for females.
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2388. PROVERBS — Sex Differences 03

  1. Men don’t easily take orders from women; it weakens a man’s sense of significance. But highly feminine women as bosses are easier to win loyalty.
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Dear Daughter

Is Imposter Syndrome Holding You Back? (PART 1)

Do you sometimes doubt your abilities and worry that you are not good enough?  Do you feel inadequate even though what you have achieved suggests otherwise? 622 more words

Female Leadership

2386. PROVERBS — Sex 02

  1. Persistent refusal to prevent conquest brings out the character, strength, and weakness of men and enables a woman to examine, screen, and choose the best.
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Part 1: Creationist or Evolutionist, You Need Traditional Gender Roles

We both know the reason you’re reading this. You’re reading this because you want to know why you need traditional gender roles, possibly wondering what they can do for you in the modern age.  1,094 more words