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“I can’t fix this…”: A male caregiver's lament

Writing at Aleteia’s For Her, Catherine Kauder offers nine suggestions for things caregivers can do to give themselves a break from a tremendously demanding job that tests their physical, emotional, and spiritual strength to its limits. 790 more words


2514 — Her Boulevard of Hopes and Dreams

This is a story of a boy and girl called Mike and Anne. They someday will be adults of interest to each other. Will they be compatible enough to marry and stay together? 1,066 more words

Dear Daughter

2513. Journey to Feminine — Group 19

Men and women possess these dynamic motivational forces that trace back to when they were born. You are likely to get confused, so let me familiarize you with the major terms: be good, do good, do better, be better. 373 more words

Dear Daughter

2510. Mr. Right Ain’t What Young Gals Think

A young woman dreams of and wrongly seeks Mr. Right. I say wrongly because she bypasses a deep screening of his worth to her. She just guesses about his intentions, he likely has to earn little to conquer her, and she will find he is someone else after that momentous event—perhaps that she’s not the keeper she dreamed of becoming. 822 more words

Dear Daughter

2505. Two Kinds of His Respect for Her

These are the two damnedest phenomena in all of human relations—and least understood by females.  1) A man has two sex drives. One that drives him to conquer unconquered women. 365 more words

Dear Daughter

2503. Both Born to Love

Not surprising, the sexes differ many ways at birth but amazingly different about love. It’s a wonder they ever find enduring compatibility when they mate up. 524 more words

Sex Differences