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Suicide Rates In Men Are Caused By Society.

Well, perhaps they aren’t skyrocketing, but if there were women that were killing themselves at approximately the same rate as men ARE killing themselves, there would be a public outcry, form committees to investigate the suicides, and awareness campaigns would warn women that this crisis need to be addressed. 603 more words

Men's Rights

If the Feminists Are Wrong, Do the Chauvinists Win?

Here’s a parlor game: count up the number of scientific discoveries hated by each side of the political spectrum. Currently the score is even. The Right rejects climate change while the Left despises GMO foods. 866 more words


The War Between Feminism And Masculinity.

There has been a war within our modern culture. It is a war between feminists and masculinity. Only recently have the forces of masculinity even took notice of what men have lost. 616 more words

Men's Rights

2178. Dating in Mid-life — Part D2: You All Differ

In the realm of describing men to you, we start with how you differ. Let it shape your thinking as we later move into describing how to interact with men. 779 more words

Dear Daughter

Men, Women, And Nurses.

Now, while this was influenced by a Canadian article. However, since Canada is, essentially– and I am sorry about saying this– the northern suburb of the United States. 488 more words

Sex Differences