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IQ results between the sexes - the problem

I never got around to explaining this scientifically.

TLDR this picture. Understand this picture and you’ve pretty much got the gist.

Aside from sampling bias that it’s mostly men taking the tests. 2,105 more words


Evidence for biological sex differences in toy preference.

There are many people in society which consider toy preference differences between the sexes as completely socialized. There is a very substantial amount of evidence which suggests that toy preference is, at least in part, due to biology, that evidence is summed up here: 826 more words


2703. Minimize Risk of Husband Cheating — The Root Cause

Any mature man worthy of being depended on as a mate has certain traits that make up his worthiness. It’s not what a woman sees on the outside. 620 more words

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2701. Minimize Risk of Husband Cheating — The How

Q. What should wives avoid to keep husband at home?

A. The strongest magnets in the marital world are these. Her likeability to him and his likeability to her as he sees it reflected from what she does — more than what she says — to keep him satisfied with himself. 724 more words

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Why attractive people earn more money

A little discussed aspect of pay discrimination concerns physical attractiveness.

Physically attractive individuals are more likely to be interviewed and secure job offers, they are more likely to advance rapidly in their careers, and they earn higher wages than less attractive individuals. 1,228 more words


2697. Refresher Thoughts — 13

  1. Men are grateful for what they do; accomplishment makes men satisfied with themselves. Women are grateful for what they have; the more grateful, the happier they are.
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The Evolution of Racial Pelvis Variation

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It’s well-known that blacks have narrower hips than whites (Rushton, 1997; Handa et al, 2008). These pelvic differences then account for part of the variation in elite sporting events such as sprinting and jumping (Entine, 2000). 1,884 more words

Race Realism