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My High School Boyfriend...and First Ginger

I’d like to blame all of my dating weirdness on online dating sites, but to be completely fair it began long ago.

My family moved to a new town halfway through my Junior year in high school. 702 more words


A Chimp With a Boner

Ever seen a chimp get a boner? Sounds inappropriate, huh! But I have been reading lately. I have been reading books on Psychoanalysis, a theory began by Sigmund Freud and I must say that this theory is very interesting. 223 more words


Stop Shaming, Start Talking

By Marisa Losciale

I arrived in Binghamton, New York the evening before March 5. Eager to see an old friend, a psychology student at the university and excited for the weekend ahead of us. 2,704 more words


How to Waste $1.4 Billion

Scientific American highlights a new study on the effectiveness of a $1.4 billion U.S. program to promote abstinence until marriage in order to prevent the spread of HIV in Sub-Saharan Africa. 241 more words


More on Predation..

Discuss sexual predators often.  Every month or so, casually ask, “Remember when we talked about how no one is supposed to touch you on parts that are covered up by your swimsuit? 334 more words

Sex Education

Heboh Sales Toko Elektronik Berseragam Bikini

Ide toko eletronik di Vietnam untuk meningkatkan iklim usaha. Memakai model bikini untuk menarik keramaian

Salah satu toko elektronik terbesar di Vietnam mencoba suatu metode baru untuk menarik lebih banyak pelanggan. 61 more words


Section Fourteen: Fallopian Tube

My goal with parodying known local brands is to open the discussion of and to make sex talk less of a taboo. The design themes parodied in this series were selected for their familiarity and popularity, without intention of malice or infringement.