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Sexual Politics and childhood awakenings

Original and written by me Andrew

:) My promised London terrorism Posts will have to wait, you see I read an internet News story, as you do, became distracted and started writing about something completely different instead……..anyways I enjoyed myself which is all that counts. 1,998 more words


Cuts to sex education classes in England results in a reduction in teenage pregnancies

A recent study has stunned the liberal world of sex education. When England announced it would cut funding to its sex education classes in 2010, activists and Liberals alike warned there would be a dramatic rise in unwanted pregnancies as a result. 457 more words


Asex Ed? - Carnival of Aces Submission June 2017

For this topic, I am focusing on one of the specific suggested prompts: “How should asexuality be taught to children? Where and when should asexuality be taught to children?” 904 more words

New Feminism?

Okay, let’s just put it out there. I’m 52 years old. The Same as Michelle Obama and Rob Lowe and interestingly enough, Sarah Palin and oh yes, Anthony Weiner. 980 more words

Sex Education

Child Mothers

In doing some other research, I ran across this statistic:

  • In 2014 and 2015, there were more than 2500 children born to a mother age 14 or under in the US.
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I hate the words "true"  and "fake"

So in the bdsm community there are a couple terms I don’t like. Those words are true and fake to describe someone and the way they do their kink or d/s relationships. 96 more words


Sex education- આજની અળવિતરી સમસ્યા

આજે આ બાબત એ સમગ્ર દુનિયા માટે મુખ્ય ચર્ચાનો વિષય છે. પણ આની માત્ર ચર્ચાઓ જ થાય છે. અને એ કયા ગયા’તા તો કયે કયાય નહી એવી વાત થઈ.