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14 Foreplay Tips

Guys often write off foreplay as wasted time, but that is likely to lead to frustration for you AND her. In fact, foreplay is a crucial prerequisite for her to enjoy a mind-blowing orgasm. Read More!

5 Craziest Sex Toys

Today, sex toys cover a wider range of products. And they’re growing increasingly adventurous, doing things that your genitals couldn’t even begin to duplicate. And sometimes, they open up new worlds of sexual possibilities.

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27 Sexual Facts

Even if you consider yourself a total sexpert, there is always something new to learn about sex. From all the crazy ways it can improve your health to the downright weird things that happen during the act, read on for everything you could possibly want to know about getting busy. 17 more words

Abating Premarital Sex and Promiscuity Among Pinoy Teens

I’ve had a sinking feeling when news about the rising teenage pregnancy, increasing HIV positive cases and sexual exploitation of minors in the Philippines was broadcasted this February. 1,944 more words


Is Quebec's new sex ed curriculum too much for young kids?

For the last few days, Donatella Garofalo has been reviewing Quebec’s sex education curriculum, marking off the parts she feels are inappropriate for her nine-year-old son. 404 more words


Don'tcha Hate It When You're Right?

Sometimes. Very rarely, in fact, as I’m sure many of you do. Those times; whether they be following the road less traveled or buying an extra lottery ticket than you usually do. 373 more words


Why Public Health Scholars Should Study Pornography

On April 19, Utah Governor Gary R. Herbert signed a resolution declaring pornography a public health crisis. The resolution has sparked debate, but for most public health experts, the idea that pornography has some relevance to our health as a society isnt too controversial. 7 more words