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Article #6: Yes, Children, People Have Sex For Pleasure

My children are quite young yet, but always on my mind is the reality of preparing them for one of the major roles in their life.  740 more words


Liberals condemn Tory MP who criticized 'outrageous' Ontario sex ed curriculum

WATCH ABOVE: Gallant made the remarks during Members Statements – just before Question Period – on Thursday.

TORONTO – A Tory MP’s suggestions that Ontario’s updated sex-education curriculum was drafted by a man charged with child pornography and puts children at risk are “disgusting,” the province’s education minister said Monday. 494 more words


Today's letters: The birds and the bees

National Post readers answer the question: “Do schools have a role to play in educating kids about sexuality?”

A part to play

  • Schools must act as a counterpoint to the pornography-saturated Internet, which teaches kids that sex need not be consensual, need not involve courting, foreplay or fair play, and that no matter how attractive a person is, they can become more so by obtaining surgical implants, waxing off their body hair and decorating themselves with¬†tattoos.
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An Open Letter to Isaac Latterell

Last month one of South Dakota’s law makers made a statement on his website that I was incredibly upset with.

On February 17th Isaac Latterell’s website created a post that compares Planned Parenthood to ISIS, stating: 320 more words


Still wondering where babies come from?

This cartoon explains everything, visually, unless you speak or understand Swedish.

This may be the cutest sex ed explanation of what’s happening when the sperm make their celebratory way to fight for a chance to enter the egg. 28 more words