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Tempting Your Partner

Sometimes you want to mix up your lovemaking routine and try something different.  There are so many resources you can check out for ideas and stories from other couples about their sexual escapades. 475 more words

Buy Sex Toys For Women

Caught up?

Sexuality, whether we like it or not, is a part of us and of course, it can be totally misused and taken to the extremes. It’s a person’s sexual persona. 679 more words

Why Women Had Better Sex Under Socialism - Kristen R. Ghodsee. 

When Americans think of Communism in Eastern Europe, they imagine travel restrictions, bleak landscapes of gray concrete, miserable men and women languishing in long lines to shop in empty markets and security services snooping on the private lives of citizens. 224 more words


Sex Education: Yey or Ney? Which side are you okay? 

Sex Education. This two words actually looks contradicting. Sex but Education? When you take this literally, it would mean, teaching how to sex right? But sex education as it was proposed by the others, it aims to teach students to discuss information what they need to know: causes and effects, acts, and everything. 469 more words

Filipinos - Philippines

Savage Love Letter of the Day

Savage Love Letter of the Day: Reader Advice Round-up by Dan Savage • Aug 10, 2017 PWP doesn't want young guys feeling trapped in survival prostitution (cause it's dangerous, icky, coerced by their poverty, etc?). 323 more words

Sex Work V Sex Trafficking

How a shy girl became a sex educator

I don’t think that I’m the type of person who comes to mind when someone says “sex educator.” I certainly never thought I would be one, because although I’m sex-positive and believe in education, I’m pretty reserved and it used to be the kind of topic I didn’t even discuss with my friends. 1,327 more words


Let's talk about sex

As I look at the remains of crackers and cheese next to me and down at the Christmas jumper I’m wearing in the middle of August that doesn’t particularly go with my purple space cat pants or dinosaur socks; I wonder if I’m qualified to speak about sex, or if anyone will actually believe that I have ever had sex. 1,396 more words