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Section Fourteen: Scrotum

Disclaimer: My goal with parodying known local brands is to open the discussion of and to make sex talk less of a taboo. The design themes parodied in this series were selected for their familiarity and popularity, without intention of malice or infringement.


Sex education on the primary school bus

My nine year old daughter asked me today if I knew what missiles in my bra were. I confessed I didn’t (thinking that it was a reference to boobs in the style of Madonna). 196 more words

A Tory blend of burqa-bashing and sex-education protests: Cohn

Martin Regg Cohn on the odd alliances at play and how he perceives Canada has changed:

Welcome to Canada, a country of diversity that imagines itself a beacon of multiculturalism, a bulwark of secularism, and a bastion of pluralism (which means, by the way, freedom for and from religion).

697 more words

National Post View: The parents' sex-ed rebellion

For Catholic and evangelical Christians, as well as for orthodox Jews and Muslims and assorted other religions who take a doctrinal line on their respective faiths, the restraint of sexual conduct within codified moral bounds is the cornerstone of the good society. 472 more words

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Sex Ed To Become Mandatory For Most Middle, High School Students In California

(KCBS) — Sexual health education is about to become mandatory in California under a bill signed into law by Gov. Jerry Brown.

The law will become mandatory on Jan. 129 more words


Yes Means Yes - Baby Steps

California has enacted SB695, a law which will now required high schools in California to teach students about the concept of “affirmative consent.” According to the law, … 1,606 more words

Sex Education

the class we loved to hate: the horror that is Sex Ed...

I’m not sure how it happened, but I recently stumbled across the amazingness that is Last Week Tonight. John Oliver, a British comedian, hosts his own show on HBO covering news stories from the past seven days. 864 more words