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Fundamental Lies: Abstinence

Abstinence was a term I heard in church long before I even knew what sex was.  I mean, I heard the term and I knew I wasn’t supposed to participate in such an event, but in my ignorance, I thought it was some sort of thing that people did at parties.  2,370 more words

30 for 30

So, I turned 30 this year, and I’m still a sexually ignorant buffoon.

Thanks, Jer.

Maybe thats a little harsh, but one really sobering part of this whole “learning to be a sex therapist process” thing is realizing that I don’t really know a whole lot about sex. 714 more words



Just a few decades ago, parents had at least a good chance to be the first to talk to their son or daughter about sex. 569 more words


Sex Education in Schools (WHY WE NEED CHANGE)

Today I’d like to highlight some of the major issues which have shown themselves to me in regards to the sex education I received, I believe there is a definite calling for an immediate change to the system and the way in which young people are being taught about sexual relationships. 1,135 more words


The Bees and the Bees

Most of us took sex education sometime between elementary and high school during the awkward years we call “the teen years”.  Most of us remember the class being uncomfortable, awkward, and even giggle worthy at times.   440 more words

Safe Sex; Prevention and Getting Tested

This post began when writing another one about being sex positive, it won’t go into detail about all the risks it’s just a friendly reminder about safe sex practices and the importance of them. 1,218 more words