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#13: Friends with Benefits: is it possible for women?!?!

It’s been a while since I wrote about what is going on in my “love life”. Quotations because there isn’t a lot of love happening. There is a lot of sex though. 1,291 more words


#7: Carlito: Part II

On the same day I sent Bicycle Bob that message asking him to make an honest woman out of me (Tuesday), I also texted Carlito to see if he was free the night I was flying into his airport (Saturday). 1,127 more words


Bridal Boudoir- Session 1


I’ve always Love the idea of this. Almost a fantasy of mine you could say. My fantasy playground. From the way that I was bought up? 1,955 more words


Eviction & erections

Got a lovely letter through the door this morning saying that the local council are planning to take me to court to get me evicted unless we pay off our debt of about £900 or come to some arrangement with the council. 468 more words

Why Is It Already Christmas Before It's Halloween?

So, girlies, I am shopping—of course I’m shopping. It’s October, and I went to the local grocery/clothing/everything store to stock up on cold-weather essentials such as hot chocolate with those tiny little marshmallows. 668 more words