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Japan's Prostitute Hierarchy

Sex in Japan is big business and for many women, it’s the only way they have found to get truly ahead in the rat race. ¬†Although the types of services available in a city like Tokyo are endless, this is a hierarchy, going from the least desirable positions to the elite fringes of the sex trade. 1,973 more words

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5 Japanese Valentine's Day Super Gifts, to Ruin your Relationship

Valentine’s Day is the special a day for a shy girl to win love with the secret man.

That’s how it was explained to me years ago, Valentine’s Day in Japan.

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Sex In Japan

Immigration Facials

Japan, whether you like it or not, you’ve got some skeletons in your Tatami room closet.

Comfort Women.



The Bataan Death March. 1,032 more words

Sex In Japan