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Una de las tiendas de reposterías mas famosas de la gran ciudad. Es bien conocida por su aparición en la serie de Sex in the City, donde la protagonista Carrie Bradshaw y sus amigas consumen estos productos tan deliciosos. 336 more words


Letting Mary Jane be Mary Jane

Most Tuesday nights I slip into the bedroom with a glass of wine or grape juice and watch “Being Mary Jane.” I don’t update my Facebook status and I rarely tweet about it. 766 more words

The Denim Swap: Casual Denim Without The Casualties!

In the midst of one of our fashion driven, department store champagne infused fitting room conversations, my girlfriends and I embarked on a heated denim debate. 435 more words

My favorite Carrie Bradshaw Fashion statements

I don´t care how many years its been since Sex and the City dominated the TV. It never gets old. Carrie Bradshaw has inspired a lot of women and little girls, and I am sure she is part of why we are so focused on fashion today. 37 more words


Fifty Shades of Disappointment?

First, there was The Twilight Saga. Four books that weren’t particularly well-written, but were sort of appealing… Apart from the ridiculous fact that there was no action. 479 more words

Sex In The City

Comedy show heading to Maui this weekend

He’s no stranger to Hollywood! You might recognize him from King of Queens, or Sex in the City, or maybe his familiar voice as heard on Family Guy.  77 more words


What Cynthia Nixon From "Sex In The City" Taught Me!

My oldest daughter Lexy was a theater major in New York City.

Lexy was a stage manager with aspirations to work on Broadway.

On the ladder up, she became involved with what is labeled “Off Off Broadway” and “Off Broadway” plays. 384 more words