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13 Men Share The Little Things They Do When They're Really Serious About You (That You Probably Don't Notice)

1. “I’ll hold her hand on the third or fourth date if I think she’s a keeper. Even if we’ve already slept together at that point, hand holding is serious, it’s intimate, it’s like, ‘Hey I want this to be the only hand you hold, no one else’s, just mine.'” … 507 more words

Vagina Dryness? Low Libido? Here's How Hormones Affect Our Sex Drive

Are you a woman that suffers from a low libido? You’re not alone.

Hormonal fluctuations caused by birth control, childbirth and menopause can make your sex drive eb and flow. 161 more words

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15 Things The Girl With An Eggshell Heart Needs, But Will Never Ask For

1. Reassurance. She wants to know that you haven’t grown bored of her. Haven’t lost interest in her. That you’re still as in love with her now as you were when you first met her. 456 more words

Stay Away From Anyone That Makes You Feel Like You're Hard To Love

Stay away from people that make you work for their attention. People that only answer texts when you say something interesting enough — or sexual enough. 509 more words

Naughty Bits: Will They Be Good In Bed?

This question has crossed the mind of every sexually active person…”I wonder if they are good in bed”…”I wonder if he/she can do   insert naughty sexual favor  well.” Of course you can’t judge how a person is in bed at first glance, and hopefully you’re not reading this in attempt to figure out your new Tinder boo after 30 minutes of texting. 831 more words


10 Ways To Win At Modern Dating

Humans really are creatures of emotion.

Advances in technology make our lives faster, smoother, more convenient and ultimately – more enjoyable. We as a modern day society want our cake and we want it now. 2,337 more words

If You Want A Love That Lasts, Date Someone You Can Do Nothing With

Date someone that enjoys spending time with you, even if that time doesn’t involve speaking. Someone that’s happy just to be in your presence. Just to feel your skin graze up against theirs. 395 more words