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This Is Why You Always Fall For Assholes That Don't Deserve You

You’re always falling for the wrong guys, because you’re used to being treated like crap. You’re used to gathering your friends around your phone, trying to determine what a certain text message meant. 524 more words

33 Shitty Types Of Sex Every Woman Suffers Through At Least Once

1. Sex where you’re so close to cumming, but he stops before it actually happens.

2. Sex where he doesn’t even try to make you cum. 422 more words

We Are The Generation That Doesn't Know How To Tell The Truth

It’s funny. If it was just so easy to be honest about our feelings, we’d all be standing right outside someone’s door, professing a long-time crush, a long-unaddressed feeling, and probably some stalkerish devotion we’ve been keeping inside. 868 more words

Finally, I'm Not In Love With You Anymore

I just thought to myself, “you don’t love him” and this is the first time it hasn’t felt like a lie. The first time it hasn’t rolled out of my consciousness like a dog anticipating a punishment, hanging its head so that you can’t look it in the eyes. 909 more words

I Hope She Loves You More Than I Did

I saw the picture of you with her today. It was a beautiful picture. Her head rested on your shoulder, but my eyes were drawn to your face. 531 more words

To Those Who Fear Too Deeply

Let yourself go.

All the times and dates ringing alarms incessantly in your head, all the missed opportunities where you feel you’ve left an undiscovered piece of your potential self, all the thin strings of friendships drastically severed loose or knotted much too soon, all the aching, excruciating pain that has long remained a paperweight to your brittle paper heart— Just let it go. 982 more words

17 Men On The Biggest Complaint They Have About Their Sex Life

1. “I hate using condoms. I don’t want to be an asshole and I definitely don’t want any STDs, but holy shit, they’re the worst. Takes away all the fun for me. 555 more words