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Couple Finds Treasure Chest With 2 Bible Verses And A Heartwarming Surprise

Ryan Parsons took his girlfriend Lisa on her first metal-detecting adventure and they found a small treasure chest buried in the woods.

On the outside of the chest, someone had written Matthew 13:44 and Proverbs 18:22. 24 more words


I Am Tired Of Temporary Love

I am tired of texting back and forth for weeks and never meeting up in person.

I am tired of first dates that never lead to seconds. 492 more words

This Is How An Affair Happens

Because I am sometimes a walking cliché who struggles with controlling negative emotion, I found myself sitting at a bar on a Sunday afternoon with a shot and a beer in front of me. 1,712 more words

You're Right, Guys—You Can't Make Women Happy (But You CAN Stop Hurting Them)

A common complaint among married men is feeling like their wives are always complaining about something—that they’re never happy for long and that nothing he does ever seems to be good enough for her. 2,172 more words

Girls Who Come From Divorced Homes Actually End Up The Happiest

Girls who come from divorced homes are skeptics. They have seen firsthand how love can destroy a family. They have doubts about whether they are going to get married themselves — whether they even… 485 more words

My first post is with a skip in the x-file serial..

Start my first post with a skip of the X-Files series.
Surely we have no problem with this
There is no ghost in this x file system… 20 more words

Toni Braxton Confirms Engagement To Birdman

Toni Braxton may not be married to Birdman yet, but he did put a ring on it.

We’re finally one step closer to getting a straight answer about Toni’s relationship status and that rock on her finger. 134 more words