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31 Times When Listening To 'Ok Computer' By Radiohead Is An Emotionally Bad Idea

1. When it’s raining or the air smells of rain.

2. When it’s overcast and the air is still, especially if you’ve not spoken to anyone all day. 330 more words

10 Things That Are Just As Sexy As Sending Nudes

1. Sext him. Use your words to tell him how badly you want to taste him. How you can’t wait to take him inside of your mouth. 495 more words

This Is When I Realized He Was My Forever Person

I knew he was my forever person when we first spoke and the conversation flowed without any awkward pauses, when I realized I was completely comfortable with him by my side. 475 more words

Don't Hold Onto Your Dreams So Tightly That You Choke Yourself

When you know exactly what you want, you build your entire identity around it, in little ways at first. Choices about school, choices about guys, choices about friends. 652 more words

The Evolution Of The Other Woman

Infatuation and the logic of knowing
you were way out of my league.
Only this time I was a grown woman
and you were slightly younger. 173 more words

41 Men And Women Share The Most F**cking Insane Dates They've Ever Had To Suffer Through

1. Not A Real Fiance

Probably one from about 5 years or so back…

I had just moved to London, and met this guy on a dating website, he was generally not my type. 10,746 more words

25 Risky Texts To Send That Guy You Want Naked And On Top Of You

1. Should I even bother to get dressed before you come over or just stay naked?

2. would send you nudes, but I’d rather have you see my pussy in person. 385 more words