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5 Things I Wish Someone Told Me Before I Started College

1. It’s okay to abandon everything.

Leaving your home for the first time to attend college can become very stressful and incredibly emotional. Realizing you have made mistakes in your past and wanting to fix them is okay (even if that means abandoning everything you’ve come to know). 243 more words

Maybe Not All Soulmates Are Forever — And That's Okay

While I hear a lot of people on slightly more conservative media burbling about “hook-up culture” (as if this has not been a thing since ALWAYS) and while I do have the privilege of occasionally chatting with folks about their flings and their brief loves, I think something more pervasive is going on. 510 more words

9 Things No One Tells You About Pregnancy And Birth

YAY! You got a positive pee stick- CONGRATS! Now it’s time to consume all the baby books, blogs, and forums, and you’ll be an expert, right? 645 more words

Let Yourself Be In Lust

What makes asceticism so enticing? We spend precious lifetimes vehemently vilifying parts of our own nature, and then more lifetimes subjugating ourselves to the tortures of abstinence and self-condemnation. 321 more words

This Is Why We Shouldn't Protect Our Hearts From Being Broken

Strolling down the streets of NYC this past weekend with a cronut in hand (true love does exist), I stumbled on some lovely street art urging passersby to: “protect your heart.” I thought it a nice sentiment until I realized that it’s the main thing wrong with dating today. 474 more words

The 3 Secrets Of Attraction

Relationships can seem complicated, but they often follow patterns that make them easy to understand and predict. The following three secrets constitute the major elements of attraction in relationships. 739 more words

8 Ways I Broke The Rules Of Modern Dating (Because They're Unrealistic And Don't Apply To Everyone)

I tried to play that game. I really did. But, I guess living honestly is the wrong way to go. Here are 8 ways I broke the unrealistic dating rules of today’s singles: 901 more words