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Stay Single Until You Are Completely Unafraid Of Love

You are terrified of rollercoasters, but you might choose to ride them because your friends want you to.

Despite the fact that you’ll close your eyes the whole time and find it the opposite of enjoyable, you will wait in line, allowing your anxiety to build up while you begin to brainstorm possible ways to get out of having to ride without making it obvious that you’re afraid. 662 more words

I Am Willing To Risk Everything For You

Among all the things I tried to explain, you were the one I couldn’t. You came into my life like a meteor, a big one at that. 765 more words

I Wish You Would Have Said Goodbye Instead Of Just Ghosting Me

There we were laying in bed. My head was pressed against your neck. I could hear your heart beat in the silence.

The silence was calm, yet somehow so powerful. 517 more words

27 Simple Moments That Make Men Happiest In Relationships

1. The way her skin always feel so soft when she touches you.

2. Anytime you’re close enough to smell her hair and it smells like coconuts or oranges or any other shampoo smell you’d never find in a guy’s product. 541 more words

I’m Going To Give The World To A Guy Who Acts Like This

I’m going to give the world to a man who is kind. It’s so rare to meet someone who values kindness. Most people think kindness makes them weak, or that if they give to others they won’t have enough for themselves. 356 more words

A Thank You To The Guy Who Made Me Feel Like I Was Hard To Love

I could feel stupid for loving you. I could feel like I was too hopeful and made the mistake so many of us make: I expected you to change. 321 more words

16 Delightfully Dirty Things You Should Be Doing To Your Body

1. Masturbate

2. Exercise for enjoyment, not for the results.

3. Have a fuck buddy in between relationships. It makes you less desperate and more delightful to be around. 441 more words