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No One Will Ever Know You Like I Knew You

I knew that skin before the ink.
I cupped it with my hands, whispered with my lips.
I know what you looked like before you updated yourself. 192 more words

14 Dudes Confess The Surprisingly Killer Traits That Make A Woman A Keeper


Self-assured, intelligent, self-reliant, funny, interesting, warm, attractive.

Basically, if you have all your shit together and know you have all your shit together, but are still generally nice and fun to be around to everyone, you’re golden.

1,055 more words

Darling, These Are All The Things I Want To Thank You For

I want to say thank you. Yes, thank you, to you, who has made me learn the value of love yet again.

Thank you, most of all, for seeing me. 424 more words

I Turned You Into The Person You Are Today

Take today into consideration — the sun, the warmth that embraces you.

Take the love I poured out for you into consideration when you smile and hold someone else’s hand. 319 more words

You Don't Deserve Someone Like Me

You don’t get the good stuff.
That stuff is held back for those
Who have a place at my table.

The best of me, is not for you; 123 more words

I Blame My Parents For My Failed Love Life

For the last decade, I’ve spent my life in a perpetual quest for love, searching for it in every corner that I could. Throughout the process, I’ve gotten myself into more uncomfortable situations than I care to admit, and into even worse relationships that were highly toxic. 547 more words

You Should Seriously Consider Stealing These Wedding Vows

Wedding vows — words that whisk two people into a wonderful life for better or worse. The soon-to-be newlyweds fix their gazes upon each other and prepare to speak promises that will last a lifetime. 790 more words