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Balls, Beads and Bullets

As sex toys go, there is a WIDE range but some are easier to categorize more than others. Some, by shape, some by size, most by function but right now, I’m more about them triple Bs; balls, beads and bullets. 397 more words

Sex Positions

How to Avoid an Affair and Save Your Relationship

If we’re being honest, doing things on one’s own always seems easier. But ultimately selfishness will only shrink one’s world, while sharing it will enlarge it. 707 more words

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A Surprising Behavior That Actually Rekindles Love

I’m what you might call a hyperresponsive texter. When I get a message, I send one back almost immediately—a habit drawn from work. I also hate to seem rude. 829 more words

Couples Guide

How To Give Your Partner a Rusty Trombone the Right Way

Every now and then Mz. Jewcee runs across an article that she finds very informative.  …not to mention, the article usually teaches this ‘ol dog’ a new trick or two.   972 more words


VDay: Love, Sex and then some...

I love Valentine’s Day, all the love in the air and what not and all that sex being had simultaneously across the globe. But does this translate to it being for couples and lovers only? 367 more words

Sex Positions

Doggy Style VS Missionary…

On two different occasions, I took a poll of sorts to determine which position most people liked/prefer and what styles ranged from best to least favorite and one thing is for sure, A LOT of ladies and the gents love it from the back! 766 more words

Sex Positions

Consider removing these 6 Most Dangerous Sex Positions from your playbook

Let’s get one thing straight: Injuries during sex are unusual.

When they do happen, they tend to happen because of where you’re having sex—not how you’re doing it, says Debby Herbenick, Ph.D., a research scientist at Indiana University and author of Great in Bed . 921 more words