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Sex Position of the Month - January

It’s most likely missionary since that’s usually the first thing that comes to mind when having sex, but, of course, it’s not your only option. Here’s a new position you definitely need to add to your sexual life for some much needed variety: 543 more words

Sex Tips

Thrust me into rapture.

The heat of your breath kisses my flesh,
searing it with its intensity.
I love the wild fury of your desire for me,
your need to claim me. 60 more words


Porn for girls

Oh, just really, really excellent.

Ran across an article from one of the owners (Heather) of ScarletLetters (one in a growing number of female-positive, female-friendly erotic sites) about what women want from their porn and erotica – the thrust of the article is mainly online but mentions offline wants and needs a little as well. 143 more words


Sexual Positions: The Good, The Bad And The Kinky

Everybody knows the missionary position, but there’s a multitude of other ways of getting intimate between the sheets. Here’s an outline of the most well known positions to spice up your lovemaking. 987 more words

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Phases in women's sex lives

There are days when I think I hop over to Salon just for my daily dose of oddity. They’ve got some really good articles – and after all, it’s pretty hard to put out an online-magazine-worthy article on sex every single day. 446 more words


6 Strategies to help a woman conceive a boy

Many girls are dreaming of conceiving a boy. So we’ve researched the subject and here are some tips that are supposed to help towards this goal. 325 more words

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