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Which are you?


I like switching it up…variety is the spice of life thing. But I have to admit an especial fondness for doggy…that makes spanking and hair pulling easy. 38 more words


Tempest's Newsletter - Issue 5

I can’t believe it’s July already! We’re knee deep in bikini season and where are you? On your computer when you could be out at a pool watching hot people in very little clothing. 2,230 more words


My New Favorite Sex Technique

I have to say, I’m pretty proud of this one.  I didn’t read about it anywhere and it just sort of happened spur of the moment, but I feel like I need to spread the word for others who might want to try this. 307 more words


3 Sex Positions Guaranteed That You Have Never Tried, But You Should

Mixing up your sex positions can be a lot of fun. Same boring missionary positions constantly being implemented can make your bedroom experience go stale. Using new and energetic sex positions can bring new sensations and temptations into your relationship. 377 more words

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Your Fav Position?

I so love my kinky writer FaceBook and all the memes on there.

Yesterday, I saw this one…

At one time or the other, I have tried most of them. 94 more words


READ|31 Most Wild And Exciting Sex Positions You Probably Never Tried And Need To

When it comes to sex positions, we are all aware of the basic ones such as Doggy style, missionary, woman on top etc. But there are more advanced sex positions that are intriguing and gives more sexual satisfaction but many have not tried it before or probably never seen it before. 1,948 more words