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The Best Sex Positions for Every Penis Size #unigoss

When it comes to sex, bigger is NOT always better. At least, not for every position or maneuver. The good news is that you can experience maximum pleasure with the right person, regardless of what he’s working with. 287 more words


Sex "trichs"

So I have been asked how I kept my hair pulling disorder a secret from my boyfriend(s) for so long….especially in the bedroom.
for those of you who find trich to be shamefully embarrassing (like i do) you will need to be crafty with your lies and excuses ☺️ 498 more words


Video: Rediscover orgasms with these 15 sex positions

If you are stuck with the missionary sex position, like many people, then you need something new, something different, 14 more words



Have you ever wondered what doggystyle was called in Chinese? Have you made the mistake of asking a Thai person to “clean your fridge” and been surprised when they begin to remove your pants?

10 o'clock list: 5 Sex Positions For A Twin XL

Sexy-time in the snoozer is tough: walls are thin, roommates don’t leave, and the XL in twin XL has all the disappointment of a double-stuffed Oreo. 439 more words


Sex positions

Sex positions

It’s a new book teaching men how to pleasure women

Gay Sex Positions Guide

There are four main ways to make love: standing, kneeling, sitting or lying. According to the Gay Kama Sutra the most comfortable sex position depends mostly on the height and weight of both partners. 795 more words