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Shelly 2.0

My husband and I have had this long running diatribe about Shelly. But before I go any further, let me explain who Shelly is. 418 more words


California Funds The Nation's First Inmate Sex Reassignment Surgery

SACRAMENTO (CBS SF/AP) — Shiloh Heavenly Quine, a 57-year-old convicted killer serving a life sentence in California, has become the first U.S. inmate to receive state-funded sex-reassignment surgery. 595 more words


Sex reassignment date set

In forty-three days, I will have sex reassignment surgery (SRS).

Last Friday, I met with my SRS surgeon, Dr. Sidhbh (rhymes with “five”) Gallagher, hoping to determine that I am ready for surgery. 1,364 more words

Christine Jorgensen: The First Transsexual Celebrity

On the 1st of December 1952, the headlines on the front page of the New York Daily read: “Ex-GI Becomes Blonde Beauty: Operations Transform Bronx Youth”. 720 more words


Q & A #11

Three questions addressed in this post: The daughter of folks who were my church members expressed confusion over my transitioning, a man wants to know why I need the public to see me as a woman, and a trans friend was kind to ask how my transitioning is coming along. 1,366 more words

"God Doesn't Make Mistakes" -- The Stupidest Transphobic Argument Around

Let’s talk about this phrase, “God doesn’t make mistakes.” Much like “Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve,” it’s gained some notoriety. I frequently see it on YouTube comments and in opinion pieces written by cis know-it-alls. 905 more words

Why T is not the answer

I’ll level with you, I have started this blog post about a hundred times.  My feelings about  Jeremy are so mixed each time I try and write it I get confused and my attempts to rationalise and unpick it gets sidetracked. 446 more words