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Dilation: My Experience at 4 Months Post GCS, 3 Weeks Post Labiaplasty

Dilation #1…

9:30AM Monday March 2nd, 2015: “Keep the end up, make sure you can see the blue dots. Now apply slow pressure until you reach the last dot. 3,885 more words


#Transrights in Quebec and Canada @egalecanada: Recent Developments

Like about half the provinces in Canada, Quebec used to oblige transgendered people (“trans people”) to undergo sexual reassignment surgery before permitting a change to their civil status (i.e. 1,235 more words


The other side of sex-change surgeries

It was a media celebration as former US Olympian Bruce Jenner, 65, announced his transformation from a man to a woman. Now going by the name of Caitlyn, you may have seen Jenner’s photo featured on the front page of… 588 more words



Last week, Vanity Fair posted on their cover, former male Bruce Jenner dressed in a beige swimming suit with long hair and lipstick introducing himself to the world as Caitlyn. 597 more words


10 Brutally Honest Tips for SRS

This month it will have been one year since I flew to Thailand to receive a vaginoplasty (aka SRS) from Dr. Chettawut. (Which I am affectionately referring to as my vagina-versary.) It is one of the most difficult, rewarding, and life-altering experiences I have ever had. 3,765 more words

Sissy Tomboy

I Was Born This Way!

I wasn’t born a poor black child in Mississippi; but had I been, I’d be one angry black man. While marchers chant “Black lives matter!” and young African Americans work toward assuming the mantle previously worn by the likes of Rosa Parks  and Martin Luther King, Jr., all seem oblivious to the fact that their cause has been hijacked and co-opted; stolen by thieves who choose to be oblivious to the obvious significance of their genitalia. 1,392 more words

LGBT Issues

California Seeks To Block Inmate's Sex Reassignment Surgery

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) – California officials want a federal appeals court to block a judge’s order that the state immediately provide a transgender prisoner with sex reassignment surgery. 295 more words