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"God Doesn't Make Mistakes" -- The Stupidest Transphobic Argument Around

Let’s talk about this phrase, “God doesn’t make mistakes.” Much like “Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve,” it’s gained some notoriety. I frequently see it on YouTube comments and in opinion pieces written by cis know-it-alls. 905 more words

No Gender Reassignment Surgery

I am planning on having Sex Reassignment Surgery (SRS). I hope to have it this autumn.

Despite that you rarely hear it called SRS anymore, and despite that it is most commonly called Gender Reassignment Surgery (GRS), there is no such thing as GRS. 996 more words

Why T is not the answer

I’ll level with you, I have started this blog post about a hundred times.  My feelings about  Jeremy are so mixed each time I try and write it I get confused and my attempts to rationalise and unpick it gets sidetracked. 446 more words


Step By Step Procedure of Turning a Man into a Woman

A lot of Hollywood celebrities has come out and are still coming out with pomp and pageantry to identify as transgender but the question on most lips or mind is how did they do it? 374 more words


Judge: Transgender California Inmates Must Get Female-Oriented Items

SACRAMENTO (AP) — California prison officials must let transgender inmates have more female-oriented commissary items including nightgowns, robes, sandals, scarves and necklaces as part of a settlement that will make California the first state to pay for an inmate’s sex reassignment surgery, a federal judge ruled Thursday. 416 more words


Montreal SRS clinic under the radar no more

(Originally published in LGBT Perspectives)

Jillian Page
LGBT Perspectives

MONTREAL — It was one of Montreal’s unheralded facts: the city has the only clinic in Canada that performs sex reassignment surgery (SRS), or gender confirming surgery as it has come to be known, and one of the world’s top surgeons in the field, Dr. 697 more words

LGBT Issues

New Podcast Episode: Sex, Gender, Surgery, and Freedom

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I believe that people should be free to express their tastes, preferences, and personalities without legal limits if little or no harm is done to others by doing so. 129 more words

The One & The Many