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2017: The culmination (1)

The microwave take

I had set my goal to be fully transitioned by the time I turned sixty. Over the course of four years, I had done everything to set up 2017 to complete the task in time, having the surgeries I desired.  922 more words

Trans Ed 101: sex and gender

In the news: Kim Kardashian accidently revealed the gender of her baby on Ellen. My reaction: Um, nope; she didn’t.

Speaking of a Kardashian, I am reminded of Caitlyn Jenner, of whom it’s often been questioned whether she’s had gender reassignment surgery. 1,043 more words

Pics of my surgery

Each time I visit Dr. Gallagher, the doctor who performed my sex reassignment/gender affirmation surgery, the appointment begins with her asking, “May I take a picture?” 279 more words

Trans Surgeries Are Not Cosmetic

I wish I didn’t have to be writing this in 2017, but there’s still disagreement, even among those who vocally support trans people, around whether trans surgeries are really medically necessary. 374 more words


SRS: six months post-op

October 11 marks six months since I underwent sex reassignment/gender affirmation surgery. After posting a few times soon after surgery, I waited for the six month mark to write again in the hopes that I would be fully healed, or nearly completely so. 594 more words

Trump signs U.S. ban on transgender people serving in the military

BBC news

Protesters rallied outside a US army career centre in New York in June. AFP photo

US President Donald Trump has signed a memo reinstating a ban on transgender people serving in the military, which was lifted under Barack Obama. 349 more words

#Yarivaru with RJ Priyanka - #Transgender Artist and #RJ Shanthi Talks About Her #SexReassignment Surgery

In this episode of Yarivaru, RJ Priyanka speaks to Shanthi, and both of them engage in an informative discussion about the process of sex reassignment surgery. 203 more words