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Digital Love: Rise Of The Sex Machines, Ep. #1

Brief Word From The Editor

Aside from my fascination with AI ethics in general, I became particularly interested in the passionately-debated ethical quandaries and quagmires of… 1,113 more words


BannedCast: Tea with Tanner 31


Today’s topics: boring conversations, whiskey, and sex robots. As per usual, some of our topics were suggested by questions sent in by listeners to either Twitter handle… 39 more words


What Women and Men Want from Sex Robots

What Women and Men Want from Sex Robots

More than two-thirds of men recruited for a sexbot study say they would give sex robots try. About two-thirds of women in the same study say they would not try a sex robot. 25 more words


Sex, Robots, and the Future

Do you find robots sexy? That’s not a joke. That’s a serious question and one that we may need to answer sooner than you think. We’ve all heard people raise concerns about the robot apocalypse. 842 more words

Sex robots and virtual reality could stop paedophiles offending against real-life children say experts

In the fight to treat sexual offenders against kids, child sex doll technology could be the key to satisfying their dark desires. 601 more words


Rising to the occasion in politics, among other things *wink wink*

There has been a great deal of consternation in the world recently, such as the use of words such as “consternation” in sentences.  As many of you go about your daily business, such as attempting to not walk across the sets of weather anchors who playing Pokemon GO, there is an issue which must be addressed immediately and with all deliberate force – political openness and how it relates to the pending rise of the sex robots. 436 more words

Identify me...

Theodore: Hey. What are you up to?
Samantha: I don’t know. Just reading advice columns. I want to be as complicated as all of these people.

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