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Budget: Government sex robot giveaway angers opposition

Leaks ahead of next week’s budget have revealed that the government hopes to capitalise on recent youth participation in politics by giving away sex robots to the under 25s. 634 more words


Unhand That Robot – You Cad!

In our rapidly evolving society with its ever-expanding frontiers there are outposts where far-seeing people keep a lonely vigil trying to spot incoming threats from beyond. 1,194 more words

Sex Robots Are Going to be a Thing. Accept It.

You know who doesn’t like sex?  Social justice types.  Why?  Because they are basically terrified of their bodies and want the rest of the world to feed their sad little need to live in a hugbox that probably doesn’t have a mirror one in it.  1,184 more words




mike, nappier, drunk and travis discuss the following topics….

jaromir jagr don’t care and drunk is back…….

drunk update……

sex robots…….

the dresser room….. 25 more words


Nathan R – Two Perspectives on Sex Robots

Check out these two opinions on banning sex robots, furthering the discussion we had on the first day. This would also be a great topic for a Short  Writing. 29 more words

Sex Robots, Planned Obsolescence, and Harsh Truths

The usual suspects have spent the past week quite enamored with the idea of sex robots, and blogged about it most favorably. Tomassi has written about the “ 785 more words

AI - Agency = Sex Robot Apocalypse


This has always seemed like a dumb idea to me.

What’s wrong the Fleshlight, seriously? Things like that work fine, no need to overcomplicate matters. 434 more words