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A Voluntary Redistribution of Sex

“Incels” have received plenty of bad publicity since the horrifying van attack in Toronto two weeks ago. It was preceded in 2014 by a killing rampage in California perpetrated by an individual with a similar profile. 1,187 more words

Incel anger stems from social isolation

More sex won’t solve the problem.

A second mass murder by an incel—an involuntary celibate—has many of us wondering what the hell is going on. Not being able to get laid can be stressful. 702 more words

I’m Not Worried about Sex Robots Making Men Obsolete; Here’s Why

Guest blogger: Mike “Caesar” Salatino

A Harvard professor recently suggested that the advancement of sex robots could potentially lead to men becoming obsolete. But I’m not buying it. 223 more words

Are These Fake Sex Toads Unfair To Real Toads?

I have routinely stated on this website that I am firmly anti-sex robots. People act like they’re bad for society because men will never leave their homes if they could fuck a robot, I take the other view. 318 more words


Inside Germany's first sex-doll brothel

An early sneak peek at “Westworld” season 2? Not quite. But these lifelike dolls are part of a fantasy-fulfilling experience in Germany called “Bordoll,” the country’s first sex-doll brothel. 65 more words