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Sex Robots in the Near Future

Some 82 years ago in Dinner at Eight, when blonde bombshell Jean Harlow told Marie Dressler about a book she’d been reading, “He said technology will take over every occupation,” Dressler responded, “Well, my dear, THAT’s something you’ll never have to worry about!” Well, if Jean Harlow’s character were young and alive now, she might have something to worry about. 266 more words

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A person may have disposable incomes or millions being an entrepreneur, but when he is encircled with psychological aloneness, he might get indulged in addiction for escort services or even drugs. 161 more words


Sex robots

There’s a persistent myth floating around that men want nothing more than sex. Constant, insistent, never-ending sex. The idea is that a man is so sex obsessed that he thinks about sex multiple times a minute, views every woman as potential sex partner, and can sometimes barely function for his desperate desire to mate. 376 more words

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Why I Need A Sex Robot

I’m wiping down the bar just before close, ready for this twelve hour shift to end already. There are still a few stragglers left: a couple of lottery players, a smoker on the back porch, and a shaggy guy my age at the bar watching me in that way that makes me roll my eyes and gag a little. 1,074 more words



February 4, 2010

mike and napes return to action. Topics include…..

Furries….. Jesse knows math….. Nappier says something personal…. Mike’s “Nappier love song” mike pees on people….. 16 more words