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Woman journalist threatened for describing sexual abuse in a Kerala madrassa - Haritha John

“Ever since Rajeena put up the Facebook post, she was at the receiving end of a barrage of abuses and threats, forcing her to write another post in which she declared that despite everything, she would remain fearless.” –¬†Haritha John… 1,122 more words


Hundreds of boys raped by Benedictine monks in famous US abbey - David Ferguson

“The documents show that the abbey moved priests from parish to parish when abuse allegations were levied against them, covering up the problem and keeping secrets within their own ranks. 602 more words

Roman Catholic Church

Movie Review: Spotlight

There’s a moment in Tom McCarthy’s “Spotlight” where¬†several reporters cluster around a speakerphone interviewing a source. They believe that as many as 13 Boston-area priests have been molesting young children, offenses that they believe are being covered up by the Catholic Church. 1,067 more words

Electrical Sparks, Icy Draughts and Pendulous Parts - Dr James Graham and the Celestial Bed

Catherine MacauleyPopular science has always attracted the gullible and those who prey on them and a combination of sex and science is an almost infallible recipe for making money. 1,077 more words

Georgian London

Wag the Dog (1997)


Conrad Brean (Robert De Niro), a political consultant, is called in by White House aide Winifred Ames (Anne Heche) to cover up a presidential sex scandal and he turns to Stanley Motss (Dustin Hoffman), a Hollywood producer, to fabricate a war. 196 more words

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Ex-Academic Coach Attempts To Coax Prosecuting Attorneys Into Having Sex With Daughter To Suppress Charges Against Self

Last week, an unnamed ex-academic coach for the University of Notre Dame was accused of perpetrating a sexual relationship between her daughter and one of the players she coached, among many other alleged things. 333 more words

Notre Dame


Spotlight is a movie that the more artsy visually oriented type of critic might look down on, and the more screenplay/acting oriented critic will love. Even though I often strive to be part of the former group, I will admit to really appreciating this movie. 1,223 more words