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By Harriet Fisher|
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Adulterous MDC Renewal Team treasurer Elton Mangoma was injured on Tuesday after he was beaten up by the ‘husband’ of his alleged lover, Yemurai Maravanyika. 254 more words

By Harry Fisher|
Now Daily|

Believe Tevera, the man who accuses MDC Renewal Team treasurer Elton Mangoma of having sex with his wife, has set up a WhatsApp group to ‘expose’ the former minister. 262 more words

50 Cent Files Civil Suit Against Rick Ross For Doing What To His Baby Mama???

50 Cents Files Civil Suit Against Rick Ross Over Ex’s Sextape

It looks like 50 Cent still has it out for Rick Ross & company after over… 345 more words


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Real Christians are Standing Up for Josh Duggar!

Listen people, this Josh Duggar dude is a stand-up Christian guy. He may have done a few things when he was 12… or 13, or 14, or 15, hell no one actually knows his age because it’s not possible for this many people to not know basic math. 371 more words

19 Kids And Counting

David Letterman’s former mistress has been shut out of Late Show history

On Wednesday night, David Letterman said goodbye to viewers around the globe, ending his storied 33-year run as the host of the Late Show. In the lead up to Letterman’s retirement, a slew of notable guests appeared on the show to pay tribute to the comedian. 122 more words

Human And Civil Rights

Preying on Children - Sexual Scandals

There is little more heinous in this world than the forced sexual assault on children. For decades children have been victimized not just by their perpetrator but by a justice system that again victimizes the child by doing nothing. 697 more words


Rape Is Common Among Female College Freshmen, Study Shows

A new study of first-year women at a large private university in the Northeastern U.S. reveals that many freshman women have suffered some form of rape. 495 more words

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