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India's 'obsession with sons' means millions of lonely men

India’s ‘obsession with sons’ means millions of lonely men

The persistence of India’s outlawed dowry system and the availability of illegal gender-testing has resulted in millions more boys than girls. 184 more words

Female Feticide

'Ensure proper working of law banning sex tests of foetus'

‘Ensure proper working of law banning sex tests of foetus’

The Pre-Conception and Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques (PCPNDT) Act, which aimed at stopping female foeticide and arresting declining sex ratio in India by banning and penalising sex determination of unborn babies, is not being implemented effectively and there is a huge need to sensitise society on it, say experts. 149 more words

Female Feticide

Abortion and Sex-selective Abortion

Abortion is a hotly debated issue in the United States. Does a woman have a right to abort a fetus? Do fetuses have rights? When does a fetus become a rightful person? 1,141 more words

Why the anti-abortion movement is embracing gender equality

Martin Patriquin nails it:

No pro-choice type himself, former Prime Minister Stephen Harper was at least pragmatic enough to stamp out any anti-abortion rumblings emanating from the socially conservative recesses of his party.

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Attitudes, inequalities at root of ‘missing’ girls: Balkissoon

Denise Balkissoon on the study showing a prevalence of Indo-Canadian sex selection abortions:

But it’s short-sighted to brand this an immigrant problem or to react by restricting women’s rights.

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Indo-Canadian women give birth to far more boys than women born in Canada

Interesting and disturbing study:

The research, presented in the Canadian Medical Association Journal and the online CMAJ Open, looks at more than 6 million births in Canada and reveals that a greater presence of boys among Indian-born mothers may in part be linked to abortions in the second trimester, when parents can learn the baby’s sex.

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