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5 Things All Critics Should Know About Literotica

The path of the critic, as we all know, is the hardest road of all. To critic (this ought to be a verb, for nothing else can adequately express the notion) is to rise above the chaff and ascend the corn stalk of glory, eventually taking residence among the celestial ears. 945 more words

HAMMER {Episode 2} +18

He knelt down by the bedside, use his hands to put under my butt and then lifted my hip to his mouth and then began to latch on my clitoris like it was cheese, using the tip of his clitoris to tickle my clit so well that my hands were stretched to the bedsheet, grabbing it so as not to let out a moaning that might scare him. 725 more words


Online dating is shit.

After being a social recluse for the last few months in the wake of my breakup in which I had my heart ripped from my chest; I got into online dating. 152 more words

HAMMER {+18}

There is nothing good as meeting a guy who knows his onion in bed, knows all the right spot to milk the cow. My name is Tracy, I am 25, am resident in Ikoyi. 1,438 more words


How I ended up with a cock in my ass and another in my mouth

I’m a really short bisexual brunette, but a softball player too so I’m pretty toned throughout. I’m also a bit of a freak sexually, and that was common knowledge for Evan and Josh even before this. 3,246 more words



They kissed. He could swear he saw the smear of shyness that swooned her, rustling through her cheek as her eyes blinked beyond her control. It was her first time she had stood in her ‘eve clothing’ right in front of any man, her hands clutched her breast. 639 more words