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I Came To Say Sorry Part 2 (18+)

Excerpt From Part 1:

He swooped her off her feet and dropped her on the table, pushing her dress up her thighs to confirm what his hand had just communicated to his brain. 1,147 more words


Almond Girl

All twelve stood at the bank trying to gauge the drop over the ledge to the river in quarter moonlight. Lashed together wrist-by-wrist, they’d only drag each other down and no one would make it out alive. 4,651 more words

5 Completely Embarrassing Sexual Encounters I Wish I Could 'Eternal Sunshine' Away

1. “Are you close yet?”

Do you remember being sixteen? I thought it was an awesome age. Sneaking out of home right under your parent’s noses, drinking and doing things you THINK you are ready for. 1,161 more words

A Moment in Vietnam (MF, anal, asian, surprise)

I'm not sure how this started but the incident sticks 
in my mind because of the gecko--you know, that little 
lizard in Asian countries... Well, there I was, knees 
on either side of her buttocks, hands spreading her ass 
to get a better look at my cock, which was completely 
embedded balls-deep and unmoving in Jui's anus. 688 more words

50 People Reveal The Filthy Fantasies And Hookups That Make Them Cringe But Still Turn Them On

1. Just Casually Dropping By, Then I Blow Him

One of my female friends has a fuck buddy whom she introduced to us on one occasion, and he became a sort of fixture in our group, hanging out with us every once in a while.

6,557 more words

Bbw bitch rides her nerd - porn tale

“Dang it!” I remark as once again I can’t seem to get my Java code to compile. I am feeling frustrated. For the same two hours I have been looking at the same piece of code. 936 more words


Virgin sex, Best erotic short stories

Mary Beth and I had been firm friends since I stuffed a button up my nose in pre-school and had to be rushed to hospital because I sounded like a punctured pirate’s concertina every time I took a breath. 3,733 more words