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The Shiny Estate Agent

A few years ago, when I was a humble estate agent, I had a slight ‘daliance’ with another estate agent. He was a complete moron. He couldn’t spell words, he could barely speak words, he had a big shiny moon face (that my friends still rip the shit out of to this day), but somehow I still wanted to bang him. 443 more words

Do men prefer love or sex?

It sounds rather stupid to ask a guy this question because 10/10 of guys will prefer sex. So why do guys who have girls who they can call anytime still complain about girls. 106 more words

Love Or Sex

Let Her Have It Part 3

From the kitchen floor, I heard Shayna cry out in laughter. In fact, they both were laughing. There was some slapping and kissing.

My head spun in a fog. 1,075 more words

Im Schwimmbad – Kapitel 2 – meine Fantasien

Wenn du vorher den ersten Teil noch nicht gelesen hast, hierkannst du ihn lesen.

Ich konnte mich gar nicht darauf konzentrieren was besser war, das Gefühl wie sie mit ihrem Mund meinen Schwanz verwöhnte oder das Gefühl, dass ich die totale Kontrolle über meine Sklavin habe. 643 more words