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Bus Ride

WARNING: The following story is erotica and contains interracial, forced submission and adultery. If this isn’t to your liking, please pass on by.

Street lights, buildings and trees flashed by in a blur. 1,808 more words

Cheating Wife

Loving the Older Men

Yes he may have a girl’s name and not be the typical form of hot that I like, but sometimes it is nice to get your rocks of with another person. 617 more words

Oui Chef

Sometimes continually given into my primal desires can blow up in my face. I am very used to not giving a fuck about men. Well with obvious expections. 391 more words

Always Good to Come Back

“So how have you been?”, he whispered into my ear after pulling me closer and planting a kiss on my forhead. I closed my eyes feeling his lips softly touching my face and slowly moving towards my lips. 612 more words

Sex Stories

Good Girl Gone Bad

This sex blog hasn’t had a lot of sex talk lately…probably because I haven’t been having a lot of sex lately. So why don’t I take a moment to stay true to… 938 more words

කාම රාගිනිය 11 - by CK

හංදිය බලා යාමට ගියද මා නැවත නිවසට පැමිනියේ දුරකතනය අමතකව දමා ගොස් තිබූ
නිසායි. කෙසේ හෝ මා එන විට තමවමත් මිතුරන් නිවසේ සිටි නිසා මා තාප්පෙන්