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Women’s Health

Not everyone’s cup of tea, but it certainly made news headlines!

Everything You Need To Know About Golden Showers… 172 more words

Things I Want To Share



A man and his wife were traveling to Italy by air, as they were at the peak of the journey, the pilot announced that: … 337 more words


The Hotel with Mr Massive and Miss Pink

I was in the bath in my hotel room waiting for my girl to turn up so I thought I would send her a naughty text… 3,020 more words


Here’s What Happened When Nick Viall Took Me To His ‘Fantasy Suite’

I met Nick in the most embarrassing way it’s possible to meet someone you have sex with: at a celebrity meet and greet. His celebrity meet and greet. 1,807 more words

It Feels Like Love But It’s Different

​Show me how much you’ve missed me, he said.

I kissed his lips and moaned

on the edge of his finger

at the tip of my tongue. 342 more words


16 Tragically Hilarious Times Sex Went So Wrong That People Just Bounced Out Halfway Through

1. Open wound

We spotted blood, it turned out to be a small split in my frenulum (the string of skin that anchors the foreskin to the head.) My dick was bleeding, it was “owie”.

994 more words