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First Real Orgasm

I’d been seeing Richie for a few months, but I wasn’t quite sure why I was with him – we had nothing in common and our sex life was mediocre. 540 more words

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Renting a Room (Part Two)

Continued from part one, here.

The funny thing about Larry is that he never actually touched me – not really. He got off on humiliating me. 203 more words


Renting a Room (Part One)

I didn’t find out what he’d been doing until much later – when he eventually confessed everything to me – but it started the first night I moved in. 278 more words


First Time Anal

My ex-boyfriend spent months trying to talk me into anal sex. I found the whole idea disgusting – it seemed like the dirtiest thing in the world, and so I said no. 211 more words


Train Violation

It was a long train journey, late at night, and I was so tired I could hardly keep my eyes open. I had the whole carriage to myself, so I lay down on the seat and pulled my coat around my shoulders to keep warm. 249 more words

Adult Fiction

The Boss

He was my boss at the bar where I worked on Saturday nights. He always made me feel uncomfortable, never looking me in the face, always staring at my cleavage or my legs. 304 more words

Adult Fiction

Chapter 1.2 – Punishing The Bengali Teen

Actually, Tom and Jerry show was over. Joginder glanced towards the TV after making his statement and saw that some other show was airing. He didn’t know about it. 9 more words