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He Couldn't Resist Me

Hi, so I know that the Lea series isn’t finished but I will return to it of course. While you wait, here is a short story. 2,396 more words


My Cousin Rebekka's Big Ass is Beloved By Everyone

In the tagline of this blog, there’s a mention of bizarre thoughts. Here they cum, er, come. This is why my blog is totally anonymous. 292 more words


Why is Julianne Moore so hot?

I wonder how many times Julianne Moore has had her asshole eaten out.

Seriously, “what a way to kick off a blog” or not. Julianne Moore is smoking hot. 173 more words


Sex Story: Clean Me

“Clean me,” she said.

Her tone was expectant. There was no need to negotiate or ask nicely. The time for sultry voices was over. They fucked and they came. 923 more words

Social Issues

Dirty Little Secret

Hello. My name is Kevin. And I’m a porn addict. Oh, wait. I’m not in pornaholics anonymous, am I? But I might as well be with all the time I’ve wasted in watching the stuff, that is. 1,964 more words

Cheating Wife