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... A Sex Survey for the Uniformed Military [#huh]...

.. with explicit questions ?? …

.. you have to be kidding ? …

.. ..
.. to the blog news …

.. what is the Pentagon thinking ? ….

Personal Opinion

Wednesday Infographic: Today's Sexual Market

Interesting findings are revealed in this sexual survey using data from the CDC and private surveys, for men and women aged 25-44.

Help us grow by making a purchase from our… 43 more words


India Today annual sex survey reveals marital rape of men

India’s leading magazine India Today in their Feb 8 edition of the magazine, published the insider stories of our bed rooms. Their annual sex survey shows that probably the society has opened up to a new reality of modern culture where discussing sexuality openly has become a trend. 1,120 more words


Shouting at surveys

Dot writes: the Irish Times is publishing a series of articles on its recent Sex Survey. This offers a snapshot of sexual attitudes and behaviour among those people who read the Irish Times and are happy to fill in surveys about sex. 447 more words

Lucky Dip

How Couples Spice Up Sex with a Sense of Adventure

In a non scientific sex survey of 891 adult men and women by PAIRS Foundation, most people couldn’t, or at least didn’t, answer the question: “ 182 more words


Want to Know What Your Lover Wants after Sex? Ask!

Is your lover waiting for you to break out in song after love making? Not likely, according to a study of 891 adult men and women conducted by… 106 more words


Top Ten Ways Couples Get in the Mood for Passion

Ever wonder how other couples get in the mood for sex?

A study of 891 adult men and women conducted by PAIRS Foundation has the answers. 64 more words