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Catching up

Haven’t written properly in a long time …

Ash and I haven’t had sex in weeks. We went camping last weekend and it was amazing to chill in the bush with him for a few days. 575 more words


Not Today

Sex is crucial, and I don’t feel what I don’t see…

Having said that, temptation is the hardest part in my new relationship.

Yesterday and today I received few messages from my fuckfriends… Gladly, May is International Masturbation Month (I got this!) and I’m seeing my guy in June. 328 more words

Officially Dating

Jhaime asked me to date him last night, and despite the little obstacles we’ll have to deal with for few months (his job is sending him to L.A. 72 more words

Relaxed Week

I’vent been able to make a proper update and for that I apologise. I know I shouldn’t because who cares about my stupid blog anyway, but I like to believe some lost soul relates with my incapacity to understand this basis society and do as everyone else. 241 more words

Sex Won't Keep Him

Sleeping with him won’t make him stay. At least not the way you want him to anyway. Even when it’s 3 am and all you want is to feel his skin against yours like an addict aches for his drugs, don’t do it. 340 more words

Live And Learn

Sex Talk - The Art Of Sexy Language

The Words We Are Using In The Depths Of Our Bedroom Creates Passion In Our Relationships

The Secert Life We Live

Sex Talk - Living Your Passionate Love Life On The Beach And In The Bedroom...

Create The Sexual Magic In Your Life!!

There is a ton of struggling and suffering in relationships today that is impacting people’s financial situations and families. 65 more words

The Secert Life We Live