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Remembrances Of Him

Last night, Antoine slept over for the first time

Usually I don’t allow my assorted flings such privilege, but he’s kind of more serious than the rest. 160 more words

How Mental Are You During Sex?

Is it cheating if you picture someone else during sex? I’d really like to know what other people think. My experience with long-term sexual relationships is short: my husband. 212 more words

Midnight Snack

Antoine is coming tonight… so last minute.

He knows Randy is been fucking me these days and he needs my dick more active, so he’s coming to use it.  31 more words

Between Him & Him

I don’t know what type of posts people enjoy more, the ones where I’m a slut who doesn’t give a fuck about anything but carnal pleasure, or the ones where I’m an emo who misses his boyfriends and affection. 254 more words

What's the perfect penis?

My best friend is a man. (Surprise!) He, of course, is gorgeous! You know, tall, dark and strikingly handsome. If I didn’t know him and passed him on the street, I’d have my auto-response thought and picture the size of his cock. 121 more words

Petey, the horny Chicken-loving Peacock

In life, you’re either Petey, a peacock who gets a full-body boner for a hot chick(en). Or you’re the hot chicken who barely knows that Petey is a thing that exists on this planet and would rather take a nap than fuck that peacock. 137 more words


Sorry for the lack of updates, I’ve been busy doing personal stuff that has nothing to do with sex. In other words nothing interesting to talk about.  165 more words