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A Short Comeback

Apparently the gods are not satisfy with my sex life, so they sent back an old flame… Jeremy messaged me out of the blue. The last time I saw him was few months ago… He’s leaving to Africa for the summer so he wants to fuck me farewell, pretty much. 35 more words


Neither of my kids are in a committed relationship. One has extensive short term (hint- wham, bam, thank ya, ma’am) stints and the other has had relatively NO experience. 830 more words

Maybe I Should Not

I spent part of the evening with Max & JG yesterday and something made me reconsider this whole “3some”.

I realised that JG and I have a strong attraction, and while I managed to keep it discreet, JG couldn’t hide it. 287 more words

Speaking Of Mysterious...

Apparently my other new potential ardent-partners find me mysterious, which is paradoxical considering they will have access to my sex… A very intimate privilege. However, it’s not illogical they think that way. 41 more words

Quiz Du Jour

In my role of bottom, this is very TRUE! Click

Party Of 3? Joyeuse FĂȘte Nationale

Today is a holiday here in the Province of Quebec, we are celebrating St Jean Baptiste Day/ La FĂȘte Nationale or simply Quebec’s Day. No matter how you call it, it’s a mandatory day off so it works for me! 205 more words


Jack knocked at my door and it was instant “love”.

He was a lot hotter in person. Handsome, muscular, masculine, a hockey player and pretty hairy… Just looking at him was another form of orgasm. 169 more words