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Phases & Flashback Chapter III: CARELESS

Here’s the next chapter of my previous post…

Between Jaden & Joseph another 5 years went by, and I started to feel my age. Although, looking fine on the outside I no longer had the stamina of my prime years, when I was capable to fuck and cum 6 times in one night.  624 more words


“There were girls who would tear you apart with their lips.” F.Scott Fitzgerald

I am hard on myself for always liking a person rather fast. People say it’s a big heart.

165 more words

Phases & Flashback Chapter II: PRUDENT

To continue my previous post…

10 years later, after Hubby and Bunny I was not longer the same.

Now older and experienced I never thought to fall in love again. 399 more words


My schedule is been a total mess. I’ve been hitting the gym at night and going to sleep around 5 AM. I blame this to the lack of sex this week. 237 more words

Quiz Du Jour

Not what I fully expected, but I’m hedonistic and I’m not ashamed! Click


Walking on a mall today, I went to a men’s store to take a look at the stuff they had.

Checking whatever was on the way, this man looked at me and before he said something (I saw the intention coming) I pretended he didn’t exist and avoid eye contact. 220 more words

I Am NOT Turning Into A Gay Whore

FYI gay whores are all those under 35. After 35 it’s called You’re not getting any younger… Go for it!  And at my age it’s called… 153 more words