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One of my superhero shorts

“I want you” I said. “I want you too,” he said, “wait til we get home.” But I couldn’t. It burned inside me. I need it bad. 461 more words


I'm here to tell you about my sex.

This blog is so I can be open and honest about my sex life and my thoughts on sex. I’m 19 years old female, and that’s all I’m going to do. 30 more words


More Than He Thinks....

I spent the night with Joseph, 5 days without seeing him was driving me crazy. Despite our abysmal differences, and all and those in between, he’s highly important to me.  140 more words

Masturbation Karaoke

You know how sometimes you’d go on a first date and you and the dude couldn’t find anywhere to bone, so you’d rent a private room at a karaoke place and give him a sloppy hand job while he sang out… 87 more words

Watch Sarah Jessica Parker Explain How She Gave The "Sex Talk" To Her Son

Not being a mom YET makes me so relieved that I still have time to prep for the “sex talk”. Granted, growing up my mom never had the talk with me; I learned about the birds and the bees in fourth grade. 59 more words


On display

It’s a nerve wracking experience, even for those of us who have a reasonably positive body image, letting someone see you naked for the first time. 663 more words

Sex Talk

Getting off in public

There is, in my opinion, nothing hotter than having a very public, if secret orgasm. The fact that people are all around you, yet (assuming you are discreet) blissfully unaware of what is going on right under their noses, heightens the enjoyment of the experience. 543 more words

Sex Talk