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"The Virgin Mary"

“This isn’t normal, is it?”

This is it. It’s really happening. Stay calm. Don’t panic. It can’t be possible? Can it? I’ll check Google. Google knows everything. 312 more words


Define Slut

Before you overly sensitive feminists jump the gun and bombard me with your rants lets rewind and go in slow motion.

I Googled it and – 483 more words


Give "The (Sex) Talk"

I was thinking today about how lost I was as a newbie parent about having “The Talk” with my kids. I think this topic is a tough one for most parents. 523 more words

The Virgin Swipes Right

“Do I swipe right or left? Ah, screw it.”

I joined Tinder. Yes, I gave in. It might not have been the smartest decision for a virgin like me, especially since most guys on there are searching for “casual sex.” Whatever, I tried it anyway. 270 more words


Podcasts and Vibrators

So, something different and interesting happened to me the other day: I got interviewed for a podcast. I was a little nervous when he showed up at my house with very official looking equipment (soundboard, microphones, headphones and lots and lots of wires), but I managed to relax and enjoy the experience.  641 more words

Women's Liberation

French. Feel. Finger. Fu*k

Like marijuana, for most people, kissing is a slippery slope. At least for me it is. If I kiss you, the chances I will fuck you increase by about 80%. 434 more words


Daddy, how are babies born?

Indian parents consider “Discussion about sex with kids” a taboo. Something that may ruin the harmony and balance. They find it awkward to discuss things relating to reproduction and related issues with their kids. 436 more words