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Want To Take Your Pleasuring To The Next Level?

This is a sensitive subject for most.  But for the ones that are into it or want to try something new to get EXPLOSIVE ORGASMS, check out some of these tips… 17 more words

Only Yes Means Yes, Part II: On Rape Culture

Content warning: Contains discussions of rape, sexual abuse, and trauma. Some discussions and/or images may be triggering.

Rev Dr.Tom Bohache:  As a rape survivor, I am always troubled when people say, “Rape isn’t about sex; it’s about violence,” for I think it both trivializes it and misses the point.

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Malachi Grennell

The Mystery behind Squirting

The Big Mystery that eludes most women in their lifetime. The Bigger “O” or Squirting.

This has been a two-day topic with a few acquaintances and believe me it was a discussion I wished I had recorded. 279 more words

Sex Talk

Are you willing to sell yourself? 

Hola kids!

Coming to you with a legitimate question: Do you sell yourself for likes?

I’m talking about exchanging pictures of our faces / bodies / experiences for money, attention, an ego boost, in the hopes of fame…or to get someone to read your blog.  1,162 more words

Everyday Life

Is Sex a want or need?

From time to time, there will be days when your hormones will be raging. to the point of losing all rational. it l feel as your little V is burning with need. 168 more words


On Friendship, Slut Shaming, and God

I am a Christian, and I lost my virginity at 20. No wedding ring required.

Damn it, Game of Thrones meme! Can’t I just talk about this for one second?! 1,691 more words