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"Your daughter is having a lot of sex"

After the first monsoon rains are over, me and mom go foraging for mushrooms in our backyard which seem to blossom overnight, similarly when a girl or boy comes of age in India there are a lot of people who seem to appear in their lives like these monsoon mushrooms. 515 more words

It's All About the Sex -- Part 1

If you’re writing a novel for adults, and these days “adult” often means Young Adult, too, there’s a very good chance you’ll need to include some sort of sex scene. 1,047 more words


Sexual Lifestyle

You may want to know how many times you should have sex out of the day, week, month or even year. The truth is i can;t tell you. 53 more words

Masturbation for Women

I understand that for some girls masturbation is a no. I used to think that i should not because it would change how i feel during sexual activities. 81 more words

Storks Don’t Deliver

Reproductive Fact Versus Fiction
  • What: It’s Not the Stork book
  • When: Ages 4 – 7 years
  • Why: Explain the birds and bees in an age appropriate way…
  • 376 more words

Sex Talk: Quality or Quantity?

At some point in the history of human kind, in various cultures even, the harem was quite the thing to have. What better way to express your sexual desire or to have them met than to have a coterie of women (or men, I suppose) to choose from? 305 more words



Hello you kinky mother fuckers. What’s up? Welcome back to another installment of my “Sex Talks”. As you may know, my goal here is to normalize having sex and give you a place to take your questions, or just learn something about the subject. 788 more words