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The answer has always been yes. Abortion? Yes. Pre-marital sex? Fuck yeah. Condoms? That’s a requirement! How in the world can Filipino masses still think that condoms are contraption devices made by the devil? 306 more words

Quite unexpected

At first, I wasn’t sure I should say anything but then you asked me if my pussy was wet. I couldn’t believe you would be so forward so soon. 542 more words

It's 2 am

We spent the day enjoying each other’s bodies.  It’s now 2 am and I’ve gotten up to go to the bathroom.  As I slink back into the bed and get comfortable next to you, you wrap your arm around me and pull me in closer as we spoon.  360 more words

This dirty, dirty girl

I want to be your dirty, dirty girl.  I want to be your slutty play thing.  I want you to fuck me raw and dirty like the slut that I am.  286 more words

Until we meet

So I woke up a few minutes ago and I’m just kind of lying there.  I look over to my right and I notice that I left my laptop on.  312 more words

Getting off

Getting you off gets me off.  I like getting you off.  When you moan and tell me that I’m sucking you cock SOOOOO good, that gets me off.  114 more words


I have never been one to discriminate.  I love your uncut cock.  You don’t need to be shy around me.  I know some of those other girls give you strange looks or flimsy excuses but not me.  256 more words