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Mea Culpa

I was supposed to have a date every single day this week. By Tuesday I was already booked until Saturday, BUT… I’m moody. It’s actually pretty overwhelming dealing with so many guys while having so little sleep. 294 more words

Chance To Fulfill Your Freaky Fish Fantasies Just Sold Out

Just because bestiality is illegal doesn’t mean you should feel ashamed for wanting to be naughty with a fish.

In fact, the The Shape of Water… 153 more words

My Man is Back

… Obviously I said #YAAAS! And he fixed me like a champ!

He was looking more handsome and relaxed. Vacations did good to every inch on him… And how I missed those inches! 65 more words

Law of Attraction

Sorry for the lack of updates… too busy lately in all areas.

Life is so strange, for a while now many of my latest exes and assorted lovers were/are 19 year-old. 224 more words

Early Fuck Because, Napoléon

So… I did my best to keep my chastity this week by working out and stuff, but I was too horny  today… And seems like men can smell my vulnerability from far away… So, Ricardo and Maxime texted me asking me if by any chance I needed to get laid… Between Ricardo and Maxime I didn’t have much to think, so I chose Maxime. 136 more words

What to Share about Sex

“Mommy, where do babies come from?” It is the question we know full well that our child will ask us one day, yet we can never quite be prepared enough for it. 1,238 more words



Sorry for the lack of updates, I worked this weekend and I was too busy and exhausted.

Last Friday I did something unusual, I watched a TV series on streaming, the whole (first and only) season. 395 more words