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A thought about the female orgasm…

My limited knowledge aided solely by my unrestrained inquisitive nature (i.e., asking those who know first-hand) has the following thought about the female orgasm…

“The female orgasm is a hill being climbed –toward a precipice. 76 more words


Still Talking Ep. 23 w/ @SheFlirty

Last week’s guest, Lashundra Rucker of SheFlirty.com, sparked a lot of feedback when she suggested that women who are interested in anal sex but can’t get the satisfaction from their men, should practice with a gay man. 76 more words

T.R.I Radio

Unable To Give Up

It seems like he’s unable to give up… he’s gotten a bit too obsessed, and I don’t know how to make him understand that my dick is regularly and properly taken care of. 33 more words

Masturbation Warrior

Tomorrow is “Hand Job Day” in Japan because, JAPAN!!! No, it’s not a national holiday by any stretch. But yes, the day does have an official super hero. 78 more words

Well, How Much Do You Know About Sex?

There are a few things that are guaranteed in life, unless you are a monk or a some kind of hermit. And if you have kids, the list may be longer and a little bit weirder.  451 more words


Cock Sucking Technique Wrong

I’n not into sucking cock, but as someone who gets his worked, I know Amy Schumer is not doing right ’cause she’s all teeth! Honey let me show you how it’s done *pulls hair back* 171 more words

Last Minute Wedding

I have a wedding this Saturday, a last minute wedding, and I can’t be more annoyed about it. Don’t get me wrong, I love the soon-to-be married couple, but I hate last minute stuff and even more something so serious because I hate to dress up (especially on Summer, the time of the year I look barely human). 325 more words