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On Making Love...

This is from Paulo Coelho’s blog, and recently came into my inbox. How fitting that this should appear during my meditations and reflections on Love. 145 more words


Sex Education

Topic this week is Sex.

I decided to write about the first things that came to my mind when I heard about this topic. Mostly memories. 359 more words


Let's Talk About Sex

The topic of sex almost always incurs some sort of stigma. Whether it is being discussed among friends or strangers, sex is “bad”. But is it really? 316 more words


Daddy Issues

“Some girls say calling a guy ‘daddy’ is weird but they think getting called ‘baby girl’ is cute. Make up your mind, am I your father or not?” 417 more words


Rural Deviant

It all started as a joke. He said “strap on a tool belt”, and I flippantly responded “you lost me at strap on”. Because I’m hilarious. 997 more words


THIS ONE IS FOR THE GUYS. Actually this is a gender neutral post, but if you’re a guy you’ll love hearing this! Size doesn’t matter!!! Yes, it’s genuinely true! 374 more words


Of Social Mistakes

Here’s the thing, no one really likes you

I mean that’s the sentiment I grew up with, because I had no fucking self confidence in anything I said. 896 more words