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Dates & Apologies

My mood is been acting up lately, ups & downs, it’s a rollercoaster of impulsiveness that only leads me to guilt because that’s what I do best.  534 more words

I Guess He Owes Me...

Don’t you just hate when a hookup from your past makes a comeback and you have no idea who that person is?  It’s not the first time that happens to me and I hate it, because I don’t want to make that person feel less by asking… 134 more words

Sex So Good You Cry ~ Truth Or Fiction...

Recently I’ve been wondering if it’s possible to have sex so good it makes you cry. Not like CRAZY boo-hoo-ing, but just, you know, you get teary. 563 more words


What I Have Learnt On Hookup Apps?

Well, as you know I’m having a lot of demand lately, in fact I have to put my phone away from times because I’m dizzy with the overwhelming amount of messages I get. 482 more words

My Penis Needs A Break! Part: 2

Why is good sex so freakin FUN? To me, even therapeutic. Seriously, you do the same things over and over, there’s not a lot to it, but when it’s working, it’s the most fantastic thing in the world. 424 more words

Rebounds: 2012 All Over Again

Yesterday I decided to stop seeing Siye. I do like him a lot, but he’s having a complicated time with an On/Off ex and I’d rather keep my distance ’cause I don’t want to share him or be part of that. 465 more words


HELLO October!! I love you! My real love and favourite month of the year is here. 

October not only brings back the beautiful red & yellow landscape, or keeps my laptop playing the cult… 274 more words