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Sex in the Rain!

Hey guys,

So I took a mini trip with fiends and co-workers this weekend.

Travelled up the falls and took awesome pictures. So persons even did zip lining. 172 more words

Sex Talk

Remember to embrace the FLUFF (an acronym when talking about sexual whishes)

General Sexuality


I am kinda afraid to talk to my lover about the kinky things I find hot. How do I start that conversation about my fetishes? 490 more words


Starbuck's WIFI to Sex Ed and Tarzan

Starbucks is now filtering their WIFI…

Pediatricians are asked to talk to kids about sex.

Marv Clemins Movie Reviewer


July 15, 2016

Well, hello everyone this is Marv Clemins, your movie reviewer guy for the Hoylarious Show…Gosh, it has been an exciting Summer, even though my grandpa wasn’t reelected to our town’s city council…. 524 more words

11 Things You Should Never Say After Sex - Elsie Godwin

This podcast is an opposite of the podcast where i talked about things you should say after sex. We’re talking about things you should never say after sex this time. 93 more words

EROTIC (Adults Only 18+)

Can't Handle the G

     My stroke led to me being “partially” paralyzed on the left side of my body– to keep it simple.  So, I have little feeling on that side; most touch is a dull thud or a weird, almost burning, sensation if I feel anything at all.   1,088 more words


My Body Is...PRIVATE! Teaching Kids To Say NO!

Summer, Summer, Summer time and millions of kids are going about their business trying to enjoy their freedom from reading, math, homework, and all things school! 641 more words

New Experiences

A real good spanking

Lee and I ended up texting, which then turned to sexting. And the following morning he sends me a text wanna come hang tonight and get tied up? 427 more words