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Sapiosexual...That's Me

The Urban Dictionary defines sapiosexual as “one who finds intelligence the most sexually attractive feature”. An intellectual, thought provoking conversation can excite me much quicker than a tall, thick, chocolate man with nice abs, good hair, a baritone voice, or a seductive stare…though I’ve never had all of those characteristics in one man…at one time…to know just how quick I can just get excited, moist, and tingly all over.😂😂 327 more words


Let's talk about sex: The birds and the bees

In a survey of 87 students, about 70 percent said that they didn’t get the sex talk from their parents. Here, two students and a biology teacher discuss why they think that is. 20 more words

Special Report

Watching Lucius touch himself is so hot to me. I love seeing his hand move up and down his hard cock. It gets me wet instantly.

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Dear Qmunicate...

“Dear Qmunicate… This might be a bit weird, but here goes. I’ve been dating a guy for over two months now and he’s absolutely lovely – the chat flows, the dates are great – but the sex isn’t! 767 more words

University Of Glasgow

Tindering: Sex and the Stirrups

As discussed in my previous blog post, “Tindering: The Hail of Virginity,” I really, really considered hooking up with my tinder match David, which was exciting, but shocking as I’m not – or at least I didn’t think that I was – the “let’s just hook up” type of girl. 385 more words


Talk dirty to me....

Talking to shit loads of different guys last year and a fair few this year (I’m a whatsapp whore!) I’ve found out there’s nothing quite as sexy as a bit of good old fashioned dirty talk! 236 more words