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My Heart is On 2%

Back home after work, I found a holiday arrangement at my door. At first I thought it was a mistake, but then I read the note… 192 more words

Repeated Offender

Sorry for the lack of updates, I’ma good for nothing tramp!

I worked the weekend, Monday I was busy, and yesterday I used to the little energies I had left to play with horny men fragile brains ’cause besides self-deprecation, cock teasing is my jam! 486 more words

Christmas Sex Elf

For those of you who want some fap inspiration for Christmas this year, here’s Domenico Vaccaro pole dancing to Mimi while dressed as an elf.  139 more words

You must not know 'bout me...

I got upset at Alex last night… we were supposed to sex but he got busy at work and couldn’t come. Obviously, that’s his version! 180 more words

Excuses, excuses, excuses. Man up and tell the truth asshats!

It seems in the online dating world and hell, also the real world, people come up with the best excuses for what they do or don’t do when dating and/or sleeping with you. 385 more words

Online Dating

Wild Thing You Make My Heart Sing

I saw Maxime last night… And I don’t know what to say other than, Victor who?

Naah Victor is amazing, but Max is wild!

Not asking any permission he assaulted my lips and gave me the most ardent kiss. 105 more words

Hectic Week

I slept two and half hours yesterday, after work I passed out. Don’t worry, I’m alive!

But it seems the Sex Gods are putting my stamina to the test, ’cause on Monday a dream bottom offered me himself. 213 more words