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How to Avoid the Awkward Sex Talk: From one Exhausted Parent to the Next

I’m on a rant. I’ll admit it. Here in Ontario, Canada, our provincial government has just brought in new sex education curriculum. Ontario sex curriculum hasn’t been changed since 1999. 344 more words


His name is B

Wow. And not the good kind of wow. But sort of. But no.

B seemed nice in texts. A little overbearing though. He is 24. Unemployed. 1,075 more words


Hump Day

Sorry for the lack of updates, as usual, my days off are the most busy days of my week. And yesterday I had too much going on… 194 more words

Professor Puppet Sex Talk – How To Satisfy A Sexy Man in Bed [Girls Tip]

Professor Puppet Sex Talk!

Marriage can get boring. And when it’s boring – it’s usually because of bad s*x. Your sexy man maybe just not that into you anymore. 518 more words


Prince Albert

While lying on bed after our last sexy session, telling Joseph how much I hated his new hideous piercing, I also told him that I’ve always consider to get a Prince Albert (male genital piercing) because I’m kinky as hell and unlike visible piercings, this has the surprise effect.  144 more words

One Or The Other

It wasn’t supposed to happen but happened. Last night I had Joseph in my bed…

He texted me yesterday and blah blah … but, he was not the only one texting me, an ex fuckfriend was trying his luck too and to be honest, I wasn’t even horny to see any of them.  175 more words