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Playing a word game on line and getting hit on.

​The idea for Converging Lives came from some of the conversations, I have had with people when playing a word game on the net. I still play that game and it never ceases to amaze me the people who use it as a dating….chat up….stalking site, sex meet site. 790 more words


Celebrating Converging Lives first birthday.

Anniversary! a year has come and gone
Today I celebrate my blogs song
Word press says it’s been a year
Since I struggled to make my blog, with much good cheer… 138 more words


sex texting

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Excerpt from Converging Lives by Samantha Beardon

Excerpt from Chapter 3 Converging Lives.

Rick demonstrates some sex texting to Eve.

She sits again and picks up the phone.
E: ‘Hi Rick, I have been thinking, always a bad move!! 529 more words


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Why not download it? 509 more words


Excerpt from Converging Lives.

Chapter 10.

Marghita is feeling bitter at Rick’s sudden enthusiasm for Christine; she thinks he is suffering a lust reaction, thinking with his dick, as some of her friends would say. 10,404 more words