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Developing cyber relationship.

My life seemed incomplete, I was talking to empty air,
And nobody listened, or seemed to care
The depth of my relationships, seemed
shallow, unheard… 121 more words



Man with magnetic ways
Eyes that mesmerise , my feelings betray
Your personality and charm I love to see
Please have your way with me… 57 more words


Making fantasies together

We are the makers of our fantasies
Steering us away from reality
Made of images we create in our minds
Leading us towards the wildness we can find… 76 more words


Text Snippets from Crozzle. A new flirtation.

Steve : Hello are you playing?
Christine : Yes I am Just had answer the telephone
Christine : Do you like to play your games quickly? 372 more words


Two Share

Two lives touch, Two lives Converge
Two hearts beat, Two  minds merge
Two worlds together,Two stand alone 
Two agendas, Two swoon
Two phones, same mind… 25 more words


Solo......Sharing by Eve


Dipping into my world of pleasure
Seeing pictures, making stories to treasure
Sharing moments with your stimuli
Makes me feel good,makes me fly
Sweet swirling melody of life… 57 more words


Chapter 2. Eve.Taster for Converging Lives.

Chapter 2 Eve. London England


Eve rocks back in her chair, eyes wide, and lips slightly opened she looks at the text in disbelief. How has she got embroiled in such a tangled web? 4,405 more words