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Mohammed Sex Simulator 2015

The Prophet Mohammed having sex with animals and men in a video game. Share in the spirit of peace and love with your favorite Muslim. I’m sure they’ll appreciate the satire. 136 more words


This story was  sent in to me by Anonymous, and when I read it I saw more than what anonymous wrote about or thought had happened.   2,271 more words


BEFORE NKO? Denmark To Ban Sex With Animals

Denmark is finally going to work on enacting a law that will ban bestiality or sex with animals in the country.

The morbid truth about Denmark’s rising bestiality tourism stemmed from the fact that animal sex tourism has been banned almost everywhere else in Europe, including Germany and Norway. 289 more words

Have 'U' Heard?

Teen At Florida Walmart Caught Having Sex with Stuffed Animal

A Florida Walmart got more than it bargained for when walking down the stuffed animals aisle. Security cameras revealed that a 19 year old boy, Sean Johnson, took an unpaid for stuffed animal and did unspeakable sexual acts to it and then returned it back to the shelf…. 179 more words


Good day one and all, last night was certainly enjoyable and enlightening. I love our book club discussions, although as you all know it can be books, poetry, quotes or proverbs, art, spirituality, religion, tradition, morals, fetishes, videos, social commentary, politics, history you name it, that can be put up for our discussions, nothing is off limits. 756 more words

Book Club

Eye Contact Avoided With All Employees of Speedway

After making the conscious decision to go into speedway to purchase a cup of coffee, area man Bert Harding made an earnest effort to avoid any acknowledgement, contact, or prolonged conversation with the many failed human beings that worked inside. 174 more words