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Briefing Note: Sex Work Is Not Sexual Exploitation, NSWP – 2019

Year: 2019

This Briefing Note outlines the problems with the conflation of the term ‘sexual exploitation’ with sex work, and how this exacerbates harms to sex workers. 126 more words

Sex Work V Sex Trafficking

"We, Made of Bone" by Mahtem Shiferraw

“We, Made of Bone” by Mahtem Shiferraw These days, I refuse to let you see me the way I see myself. I wake up in the morning not knowing whether I will make it through the day; reminding myself of the small, small things I’ve forgotten to marvel in; these trees, blood-free and bone-dry have come to rescue me more than once, but my saving often requires hiding yet they stand so tall, so slim and gluttonous refusing to contain me; even baobab trees will split open at my command, and carve out fleshless wombs to welcome me. 48 more words

Sex Work V Sex Trafficking

We Applaud SF (D) Scott Weiner: CA SB 233

CA Senate Bill 233 prohibits the arrest of people involved in sex work when they come forward as a witness or victim of specified violent and serious crimes, as well as prohibiting use of condoms as evidence of sex work. 852 more words

Sex Work V Sex Trafficking

SWOP Behind Bars Legislative Update

The Good News – California Senate Passes Bill to Advance Sex Worker’s Rights and Safety! Sacramento, CA – The California Senate passed SB 233 (Wiener), taking a historic step towards improving the health and safety of individuals involved in the sex trade. 686 more words

Sex Work V Sex Trafficking

The ESPLER Project Legislative Update

May Update 2019 

SB 233 passed the California Senate Floor Today! Because of your help, SB233 made the 2/3rds votes needed to pass out of the senate today.
359 more words

Sex Work V Sex Trafficking