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Are cops turning their backs on feds' new hooker law?

Four months after Canada’s new anti-prostitution law came into effect, a strange thing happened on the way to the crackdown the HarperCons seemed to be hoping for. 248 more words

NOW Magazine

Here's What Former Sex Workers Think of Pretty Woman

It’s been 25 years since Pretty Woman was released, and even though it’s still one of the most beloved romantic comedies ever, it presents a ridiculously sunny idea of what it’s like to sell sex. 795 more words

If it's the oldest profession in the world… why aren't the workers better protected?

The mainstream parties rely on the populace politely ignoring all those elements of society that don’t have a place within ‘polite society’. That polite society is the one that’s allowed the paedophiles in our midst to proliferate because of an elite silence that translates into approval. 95 more words

Fill The Vacuum

Kicking the wrong backside

I am sick and tired of seeing male and female police personnel milling around handcuffing semi-dressed women on TV news showing arrests of so-called “illegal immigrants”. 352 more words


Crown could label Giovanni D'Amico dangerous offender

MONTREAL — Forty-eight-year-old Giovanni D’Amico is a businessman from Montreal’s NDG district.

Last October, he earned another title: convicted rapist.

He was found guilty of sexually assaulting four women, all sex workers. 248 more words


1996: School approves 'lesbian gig' in Chingford

Whislt researching some British newspaper articles online, I came across this funny little article in The Sun entitled “School’s lesbian gig ‘OK.'” In 1996, The Sun reported Selwyn school invited ‘ex-strippers and prostitutes’ to play for the pupils – trying to shame the headmaster for bringing in a band made up of queer ex-sex workers. 152 more words

What's in the Box?, by Carole Howard

About 15 of us were gathered in a hot and dusty room in Accra, Ghana. Two young Ghanaian women wearing identical purple polo shirts walked in. 740 more words