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Women of The Night.

If I am sexualised by being,
I may as well charge money for it.
Earn every pretty penny,
Undressing for a man I’ve just met. 144 more words

The Primrose Path

Age is sometimes mysterious, isn’t it? Despite the experience and occasional brush with wisdom I have encountered, I am still a child in many ways. Naïve -not so much about things I have encountered in my drive through life, but more about those on streets I have not visited. 1,312 more words

SEX WORKERS: A Marginalised Group in Nigerian Literature.

There is hardly any other group that has been – and continues to be – underrepresented in Nigerian literature than sex workers. The marginalization of this class is so obvious that one would think that every new Nigerian writer passes through some confirmation rites during which he or she swears to perpetuate the age-old policy. 328 more words


Stripperoke Flashback

I once posted about Stripperoke, however all that goodness was lost when I refreshed my website, BUT magic has been restored to the internet for all to see. 121 more words

Art And Design

The Co-Founder of Awaken Resistance

A local female sex worker and drug activist, Lisa Ja’afar 37 years of age, and a single mother of two beautiful teenage girls. and based on her own personal journey experiences to tackle the life challenges obstacles she faces during the earlier period of her transition to attained her own self-determination.   927 more words

Drug Reform

Ghanateya Dudimegaagi Naavu Manushyaru with RJ Radha - Charting the Resilience of Sandhya

In this edition of Ghanateya Dudimegaagi Naavu Manushyaru, RJ Radha speaks to Sandhya. 

Sandhya hails from a poor family based in the town of Chikmaglur in Karnataka. 358 more words

The Quint: When I Say ‘Whore’, What’s The First Thing You Think Of?

On International Whores’ Day, we ask a group of people to tell us what’s the first thing they think of when they hear the word ‘whore’. 93 more words

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