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Answering Your Questions (part 3)

Round 3 of questions from my readers. Keep them coming. . .

“In the almost 20 years you’ve been in the hobby, have you ever caught an STD? 492 more words

Sex Workers

Fighting Back (part 1): June 2 Protest

One of the greatest aspects of America is the ability of it’s people to attempt to affect change in society, government, and law. We can fight back against that which oppresses us. 267 more words

Sex Workers

Blog Report: The First 6 Weeks

Hello my friends. It has been 6 weeks since this blog became active. In that time I have written 22 posts. Those posts have been read 1,200 times so far! 502 more words

Sex Workers

Valentine’s Day Parties in Mali Help Assess HIV Status of Female Sex Workers and Their Boyfriends

Written by Natasha Mack, Editor, FHI 360

Valentine’s Day is for lovers. On February 14, 2018, Soutoura, a nongovernmental organization providing HIV services in Mali, hosted parties for female sex workers (FSWs) and their boyfriends to mark the day. 470 more words

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Answering Your Questions (part 2)

Okay, it is time for another round of questions from my readers. . .

“Why did you get into this hobby? How your interactions changed your perceptions of the hobby? 559 more words

Sex Workers

Surprises in CTS (part 3): We Worry

Here is another aspect of the Consensual Transactional Sex (CTS) community that may come as a surprise to outsiders: we worry about each other. This came as a surprise to me when I went from being a “loner” to being part of the online community. 534 more words

Sex Workers


Ah, the Unicorn. That mythical horned horse of fantasy. Always shown in art as being a “perfect” creature, utterly pure and powerful and wonderful. So what does that have to do with CTS? 779 more words

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