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Slim Thug messed up his credit by having sex with his real estate agent. ”Who would have known that sex would lead to losing money? Obviously, I didn’t,” said Slim Thug in an Op-ed for the New York Times.

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My marriage didn’t technically end that day but it should have.  Things did get a bit better for a while, until a few months later, he hit my arm when I blocked him from cuffing our oldest son.  123 more words

Opening Another Archive

“You give such good head I thought I was seeing stars”

Those aren’t her exact words. And it’s out of context. Russia and I were having an argument over who got the better end of a 48 hour stay at her place. 797 more words


Perversion Friday: Sploshers 2007

Splish Splosh

by Malfouka

I don’t know about you, but I always feel dirty when selecting cucumbers at the supermarket. Cucumbers are the most deadly serious sex objects of the vegetable kingdom. 846 more words


Drunks are such tedious boring people

Another evening listening to boring repetitive slury twaddle, maybe I should record it and play it back to her. For fucks sake repeating the same shit over and over again is mind numbing. 129 more words

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