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Let’s talk about sex

The last time that I had sex with my husband I had an orgasm so intense that I cried. In the five years or so that we have been married that has never happened to me. 888 more words


The Senses: Taste

Pt 1: Whenever

The taste of your bare skin on my lips, flavoring my taste buds.

The taste of my own spit.

I lick it, spit it right back on your cock. 171 more words

Oh Lord I Am Pleading!

First, to follow up on my last post my friend apologized to me for her overbearing, religious ways.  I don’t know if her and I will be the same, especially not while I’m not being the perfect Christian she wants me to be, but the apology was accepted and appreciated. 460 more words

Khi nào phụ nữ ham muốn nhiều nhất ?

Trong bài viết này tôi sẽ ưu tiên một chút về trạng thái tâm lý giúp xác định khi nào phụ nữ ham muốn nhiều nhất… 1,561 more words


Gutsy (Alternate Version)

They’d barely had any time to share with each other – Future Industries was hellbent on pushing a new line of products in a menagerie of new departments – construction, technology and even consumer goods, pushing in territory the company had only dabbled or not even looked at before, and it was stressing the CEO out to no end. 2,806 more words


An Ode to Love and Lust

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D'oh, I Should've Had Sex with Cathy!

Cathy was a fiery redhead who lived in my apartment building. Most of the girls who lived there worked at local strip clubs, but Cathy had a boring office job. 794 more words