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– you pounding away  –

– washing me closer to the shore –

– where I come crashing –

haiku copyright Ronnie F Strong

by Yellowj


Unremembered memories

Music vibrates my eardrums and I see my reflection on this screen as I type. My face that I can read so well, my necklaces with their stories and piercings and earrings, the eyelashes I inherited from my father and the shape of my mother’s face, my freckles and hair that so many suns have shone on, my lips that have kissed and been kissed. 295 more words

Anger Management: Finale

(To finish this..)

As we pulled into the driveway the silence broke with a sarcastic but stern, ” Can I trust you to come inside without issue, or do I have to carry you in?” 1,931 more words



– rising to join me –

– meeting at the half way point –

– earns a warm welcome –

haiku copyright Ronnie F Strong

by dukibuyayimages.com>



– would have to eat you –

– were we out in the jungle  –

– me lion, or me, me–

haiku copyright Ronnie F Strong

by hlehnereryayimages.com>


Pinch a Mixture of Spice in Your Sedimentary Life with Professional Escorts

You may have lots of experience with varieties of escort girls. But, it is not necessary that all of them are able to satisfy you in your past experiences. 380 more words