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Slut Shaming/Good Girls

When I was young and stupid I often slut shamed. The thought of a woman fucking on the first date made me only want to discard her once the date ended because no self-respecting woman would do such a thing. 332 more words

Excalibur's Blurbs

No Sense Makes Sense

Past and present futures. The figure that waits at the foot of the bed. Grinning and insincere, all those mouthed nothings. Those half remembered deaths, exploding in childish minds. 398 more words


Write In The Middle Of It: Next Segment

The corner store was unusually cold that evening. In between blowing her hands warm, Prudence mechanically put away cigarette cartons behind the counter. Apparently she had made a promise to the owner’s daughter that she would accept the cigarette delivery so she could watch her son’s Christmas Pageant, but she didn’t remember the actual conversation. 2,485 more words


You're Invited: The Friendzone

For as long as I can remember, I have always felt most comfortable having a consistent, platonic male friend in my life. Though I typically present as a woman to most people. 464 more words

When You're As Single as F**K...

… And it’s the best feeling in the world.

Since the age of 16 I have jumped from boy to boy. Man to man. Each new gent having a unique set of attributes from his predecessor. 444 more words


She has seen too many summers to be completely innocent.

And yet he has made her so.

She is new, pristine, spotless.

She is pure, virtuous, chaste and naive. 156 more words


Doubling Down

Remember what it was like to be in school? Not college or the place where self-esteems go to die known as high school, but elementary school. 1,333 more words