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[17/m} my girlfriend [16/f] is having trouble with herself and it is affecting us.

So basically I have been with this girl for only 5 weeks. I seriously care about her.

Then all of a sudden the other day I told her I loved her (something we have said to each other before) and she started questioning "why?" She then begins to tell me that she is "seriously messed up" and that all she is going to do is hurt me and that she is wasting my time. 229 more words


In 2014, Women in Naivasha Town, Kenya Protested Against Sex Starvation as their Men spent Nights Chasing Wild Animals

This is an old stuff, but we do it in retrospect.


In 2014, women in Eburu Village in Naivasha cried out when they were denied sex for too long a time. 288 more words

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MILF pt. 1

She watched me out of the corner of her eye, playing with her little boy on the playground. Long legs exposed by almost-too-short sundress. I try not to stare, walking by her to my car, but I fail and she catches me. 315 more words


[25/m]My girlfriend[22/f] said we aren't compatible.

Everything has been fine for the past year and all of a sudden this week she drops this on me. Saying I don't have the same ambition as her and all this. 179 more words


Pay attention to your partner and EVERY tip/warning it gives to you.

About a year ago my long-term gf was giving me a few tips on things I wasn't being good enough on the relationship. Mostly being not interesting enough, or being a little boring. 215 more words



She takes me in her hands

Heated breath upon my chest

Strokes along my shaft

Legs rigid in pleasure intense

She rubs and caresses,

My hand joins hers, 35 more words