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Confesiunea unei fantezii

Cat de sexy e un barbat atunci cand marturiseste sotiei, iubitei sau pur si simplu femeii de care este atras, fanteziile pe care le are cu ea ?!?! 589 more words


The Silent Yes.

I should preface this post by saying *warning this posts contains explicit content that some readers may find offensive* because it actually does. But more than that, I know there might be family friends, friends or potentially ex-boyfriends reading, and that my honesty will make them feel uncomfortable and for that I can only warn them, but I can’t apologise. 1,900 more words

Go Younger or Go Older?

One thing I’ve noticed as I’ve entered into the tender age of 40-something is that I have the decision to date older, date younger or date someone close to my age. 341 more words


Part 1 : Me Too: Don't be a Victim

I have written about my rape and other sexual assaults before, but it’s always been very brief and/or in a very personal setting. Like, for example, way back in the day I wrote out my entire story in chapters that I kept in my private LiveJournal account many years ago and in a file on my computer. 1,308 more words



“Why you keep looking at me like that? I said giving him the side eye. “Looking at you like what?” he smirked. “Like you plotting” I said. 528 more words

Men with a good sense of humour give women the best orgasms — Study

If you’ve always thought that rough and muscular guys are the ones that give women more pleasure in bed, you might be wrong, since a new study dictates that nice and funny men are the ones who manage to make women have unforgettable orgasms. 267 more words


Physical Bodies

I was going to talk about this last night, however I think I needed sometime to think about it. I was talking to one of my friends- let’s use the word friend very casually here- and explaining to him that if we were to be talking in the same room right at that moment instead of texting there would be no cuddling. 377 more words