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Christianity Has Sex With Death

Life is pretty much a series of miserable mood swings. One from the other. When your young you’ll experience a death in the family or of someone close to you. 374 more words


3 Necessary Phrases to Help a Relationship be Successful

There are three necessary phrases to help a relationship be successful:
Phrase number 1 – I was wrong. It is very important to admit when you are wrong. 147 more words

A Life Without Love is Just a Long Series of Jokes

Central to Yoga is a belief that at the core of all human beings is love, there is bliss. There is proof in meditation – so many practitioners across the world have experienced blissful love through meditation. 1,007 more words


No. 956

The Gnome Song! By CpSingleton © 2014

Garden gnomes like holidays and

Pottering around the house.

They like to watch the football and

Drink jugs of Famous Grouse. 127 more words


If You Say It Is

“Well what do you want”

“I want to fuck ur pretty little mouth”

“Is what I want so badly”

Commonality is a dangerous thing. Too many people confessing their wrong doings, their bad behaviors, their immorality and downright faulty self. 1,291 more words


The Lessons you Never Learn

it starts off like this
A text and a kiss
No complications
Just innocent bliss

I visit you at work
Sit for hours at the bar… 178 more words

Kim K Who? We Want to See These People in a Thong ...

Kim K celebrated hitting 27 million IG followers by posting a thong selfie for her followers.

Who do you wish would post a thong/ g-string selfie? 93 more words

Bet On Black