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Her persona speaks violently
a digital version of herself
part truth, part lie, part delusion, part memory

A creation of personifications
and escapism
and fantasy… 71 more words


31 Flavors of Love Affairs

There are as many reasons to have an affair as there are people that have them; an array of colors and flavors so-to-speak. It’s not my place to judge, and honestly I cant’ be bothered. 709 more words



Day 3-5:

There’s a few things I’ve learned over these few days.

  1. When using any birth control it’s important to continue to use condoms for at least 25 days (2-3 weeks minimum).
  2. 268 more words
Birth Control

What's love got to do with it?

‘I love you’ has changed so much through the ages. I love you in medieval times meant risking death if you loved someone other than your betrothed. 664 more words



the description is a bit harsh but…

My tragicly, hopeless romantic self

By the title of the Blog you can tell that I identify with the Disney princesses as far as my relationship style goes.  Every man I have chemistry with is Prince Charming or maybe even a frog that will turn into a prince once I break the evil spell.   648 more words


Give me your best line.

Back to chat up lines. You’ve got to be a certain type of crazy to think that some of these chat up lines will get a girls attention, let alone get her to drop her knickers. 350 more words