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Debauchery on the fatal shore: the sex lives of Australia's convicts

A chain gang of convicts in Hobart.
State Library of NSW

Graham Willett, University of Melbourne

Welcome to our series on sexual histories, in which our authors explore changing sexual mores from antiquity to today. 1,177 more words


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The Roommate

The club had been too loud for them to talk so they’d come back to Megan’s house and spent about three hours chatting, watching cartoons and looking at Megan’s drawings and art collection. 2,987 more words



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British Banker Rurik Jutting Is Applying to Appeal His Double Murder Conviction

Rurik Jutting, convicted last year of the murder of two women in Hong Kong in a case that made headlines around the world, applied for leave to appeal his conviction on Tuesday in the territory’s High Court. 472 more words