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Baby at 50?

Hoda Kotb just became a first time mom at 52. Janet just had a baby at 50. 

Is starting parenting in your 50s a sign of the times or a mistake? 287 more words

Bet On Black

Exhibit One

A week ago I slept with a man twice my age.
I have now proved that with age does not also come skill.

Any man that believes he can provide you an orgasm by counting backwards from five and telling you to cum, is not a sex god, he’s a delusional narcissist. 266 more words


the sick truth

I always thought that it would all happen very differently. I guess I based myself on cheesy movie scenarios or things i’ve seen here and there on t.v. 1,928 more words

Rape Victim

“Rape Trauma Syndrome (RTS) is the medical term given to the response that most survivors have to rape. It is very important to note that RTS is the natural response of a psychologically healthy person to the trauma of rape so these symptoms do not constitute a mental disorder or illness.” 620 more words

Two hands, three vibrators and a butt plug

Well now, that title sounds like quite the fun filled romp, doesn’t it Lovers?

But alas and alack my Lovelies, ‘twas not. ‘Twas very much not! 1,581 more words

2/23 - Cricket

In which the reader is introduced to the chirping of Cricket

Cricket was lying as usual about the girls he’d slept with. Maybe he wasn’t lying. 1,207 more words


Life’s greatest puzzle needing outlines less than jigsaws,

Seen as maid less than service without payment,

As free as a piece of fresh air,

To put two together in fabulously fragmented completion, 63 more words