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Here's How You Respond To A Dick Pic, Based On Your Zodiac Sign




*just laughs uncontrollably* i PROMISE I’m not laughing at your dick.


I’m DEFINITELY not saving this for possible future blackmail or anything :))))) 106 more words

New male contraceptive pill that stops sperm swimming and works almost instantly is closer than ever

The new pill could stop sperm swimming

British scientists have come one step closer to creating a male contraceptive pill.

The discovery, which could help millions of couples, involves a protein responsible for putting the ‘wiggle’ into sperm tails. 373 more words


Chapter 17

One of Inspector Pigshit’s all-time favourite films was X-Men 2 (or X2, as some people called it). That was the one with the blue guy, Nightshade or whatever you call him, the chap who could do all the backflips and jumps and who could teleport around the place like a pointy-tailed demon. 370 more words



I’ll warn you…I’m slightly hypomanic and very horny and it’s only 9.35am here ;) Because the sex fest at the weekend didn’t involve near enough sex (because we met up for most of the time with my best guy friend, and yesterday my hubby was “tired”), I am not nearly satisfied enough *sigh*, and the boy has now left for his two day sales meeting. 1,409 more words

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Hot Flashes and Your Body

No one looks forward to a hot flash. Up to 80 percent of women experience this annoyance during perimenopause — the period of time before the last menstrual cycle. 340 more words

Slow Sex: 13 Steamy Reasons Why it’s the Best Sex Ever!

By: Bella Pope

A lot of people like getting it on in a rough and fast-paced fashion, but what about slow sex? If you’ve forgotten how amazing it can be, listen up. 1,105 more words


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