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You Lost Me

We were supposed to be friends. We were friends until that night.

He was someone I trusted. He was someone I grew to love and adore, and appreciate over time. 678 more words


A different perspective on porn and masturbation, for those concerned about their SO's use

So, I browse this sub enough to know that it`s fairly common for someone to complain about their SO viewing porn and/or masturbating. I'm not trying to beat a dead horse, but the answers I see most often kinda miss a fundamental point for me. 931 more words


Seducing Holmes, 5

We went out on our second date two days later.  He picked me up at my apartment and we had lunch at a pub before taking a long hike through the woods to a beach facing Puget Sound.  119 more words


#DearDiary | Susie's Sexcapades

It has been a busy two weeks for me. Four weddings and two photoshoots, and a gazillion pictures to edit. I am so grateful to finally have a break. 924 more words

Dear Dairy

Diary entry:10/9/17

It’s warm tonight. Bare feet against the heated pavement. I love watching the sunset from the third floor. Nothing but a t-shirt that barely covers my breast and cheeky boy shorts on this evening. 60 more words

Diary entry: 10/8/17

Can we still call it being selfish or blaming it on just poor behavior on our parts? When do we begin to own all that we are doing? 76 more words


I’ve been thinking a LOT about the whole #metoo thing.  About Harvey Weinstein.  About so many woman being victimized by men in so many different ways. 556 more words