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Josh Duggar Is MIA From Rehab! Is His Family Hiding Him?

We all know Josh Duggar got busted on Ashley Madison, and other dating websites. Everyone also knows he admitted to watching porn, and cheating on his wife. 72 more words


Does Your School Make The List Of Best College Campuses To Get Lucky?

I loved The College of New Jersey every second of the four years I was there…and even the extra year I stayed at my off-campus house to work a mile down the road. 157 more words


The Christian Marriage Bed - The Christian Marriage Bed – Part 42 – Christianity and the Kama Sutra – Lying Down and Congress

Disclaimer: The subject of this post is human sexuality in the context of Christian belief.  It is intended for mature audiences.  If you are under the age of 18 you should have your parents read it and judge if it is appropriate for you to read.  482 more words



I am, and always have been, head over heels in love with the Buffy the Vampire Series, and still, to this day, have each series on VHS #oldschool. 953 more words



Oh goodness gracious. I had the weirdest thing happen to me today while in clinicals. I’ve never actually ran into the “perfect man” before. Sure I’ve come across some pretty attractive ones, and yes I am strictly talking looks at the moment. 228 more words


YES, I Hear You Knocking, Geez!

I usta do blow a lot. And pain pills. And obviously I drank a shit ton. I got drunk for the first time when I was 15 and my best friend and I did that thing where we each told our parents that we were sleeping over at the other’s house so we could stay out all night. 1,438 more words

Things Wives Don't Understand About Disrespect Towards Their Husbands

I’ve read The Peaceful Wife Blog on and off for a year or two now and I have to say there is some useful information over there concerning wives. 300 more words

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