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Random thoughts of my crazy mind..

This post will be a bit all over the place, but they are thoughts I’ve had but are not big enough to have their own blog. 643 more words

Last night

Well James came yesterday and we talked, but I didn’t say what I should have said to him. We had sex though. The sex is good, like really good,  but it’s way different then when we had sex the first time. 54 more words

Watch Out For The Purple Tendril!

Combat is getting better and better as we work in more features and battle options! We are really close now to introducing ranged combat and magic! 97 more words

Is anything ever black and white?

Recently I had the question asked “ what do you prefer, a relationship or a long term arrangement?” I responded with “ I am not actually sure, its not that easy to decide” The person looked perplexed, they didn’t understand how I couldn’t’ decide. 590 more words

10 Things That Make Me Sexually Attracted to Justin Timberlake

1. He is really confident in his sexuality.  I mean really, look at that face of success.

2. He can definitely close the deal, leaving a woman satisfied. 30 more words

Rants And What Not.




This is a great book. I loved it. Well, I love Cohen. His books are great. 1,936 more words