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Algorithm predicts sexual orientation of men with up to 70% accuracy, say researchers

New work is based on modification of genetic information in DNA but has brought sceptical response from some experts

Researchers claim they have come up with an algorithm that can predict the sexual orientation of males with up to 70% accuracy. 587 more words


The Ins and Outs of Men and Women

Mother nature has made it very easy for us to understand the male and female psyche, all we have to do is observe.

Penis¬† = ¬†Male Energy… 365 more words


Ooh La la!

Ariel and I decided to spend all our money on a trip to Europe. I’m just kidding but I’m serious. We actually got a super cheap flight and decided we were young and stupid enough to take off two weeks and explore Europe. 128 more words


A Sexually Unexpected Night

So.. the night before last was actually a bit unusual. Amy (my friend of a few years now) messaged me wanting to hang out. She came over and started complaining about how the apt smelled and about roaches (because the apt complex is the worst case scenario of apts I’ve lived in). 299 more words

Encaustic Plans

Too Much time to think can be either a blessing, or a curse. Please…help Me finish the encaustic portrait My mind has conjured.

Drool line slowly falling from your gagged mouth onto your breasts. 31 more words


What "Netflix & Chill" Actually Means

What does “Netflix & chill” really mean? i think we all know but in case you weren’t sure this should clarify things… 23 more words


Does the Disabled lack Ability or 'Able-bodied' has Disability?

Just saw an old man sitting alone at a roadside with his masonry tools. Its post noon, yet he is hopeful that someone would come to appoint him, for some work anywhere. 648 more words