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This weekend we went to my cousin’s wedding in a small town about 1.5 hours from where we live.

Mr. J booked the day off work in order to attend the event with me. 854 more words

It's Totally Okay to Love Trashy Romance Novels

   I LOVE dirty books, and have been in love with dirty books since I was sixteen. I’ve always loved to read, since I was three years old and I sat in my grandfather’s lap and forced him to teach me every word in ” Peter Rabbit”. 2,017 more words

5 Ways Tops and Bottoms are two different species

When I first started experimenting sexually, I learned that sexual roles really do define you as a gay man; We live in a world of tops, bottoms, and versatile men who are somewhere in between. 1,419 more words


Women are practical, Men are romantic

Who built taj mahal?Shah jahan ,a man, to show his love for his woman. There’s more Boldt castle, Heart island,New york built by George Boldt as a gift to his wife as a testimony of love for her. 234 more words



Fill me with charge

Suck my blasting cap

Detonate my lust

Swallow the shrapnel, stat!

Take one inside

Dynamite on which you slide

Massage it as it sweats… 7 more words


Swimming Pool

Synopsis: Sarah Morton (Charlotte Rampling), a best-selling English mystery writer, travels to her publisher’s holiday home in Provence intending to work and rest.

But the sudden arrival of Julie (Ludivine Sagnier), her publisher’s French daughter, ensures that work and rest are absolutely out of the question. 511 more words


Megan and the Six Month Fling


Megan is a woman that gets me hard thinking about her. Not many women have done that in my life where I think back to our experience together and go, “God, that was hot.” Her and I were…I guess you can say FWB (Friends With Benefits) for about six months. 1,646 more words