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Gentleman treat women like they are retarded.

Should I hold a door open for you?

Should I never defend myself?

Should I buy you shit?

One question: Are you retarded?

Why do these so called ‘gentleman’, insist on treating women like they are retarded? 349 more words

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Speed House For Gang Bang!!!

I increased the speed. With one hand I hold her tits and with other hand I held her hair.

Me: aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh fuck… it feels so good mam…… 153 more words

Bizarro Stories from the Polycule Call for Submissions

Call for Submissions


Bizarro Stories from the Polycule: Adventures in Consensual Non-Monogamy

Edited by Dr. Eli Sheff

Weird shit happens in CNM — weird good and weird bad, weird happy and weird sad. 285 more words

Researchers: Ubiquitous Technology Probably to Blame for Americans’ Declining Sex Rate

Did you happen to see this?

Americans are having less sex nowadays, and it seems that the ready availability of technology may be the culprit. 314 more words

I'm Single For The First Time In 12 Years

Shit just got real. I’m single for the first time in over twelve years. Most of your reactions will be, “Awe, I’m sorry,” but please don’t be. 386 more words


Periods and Me

Fellow Badasses,

Let me tell you about what I call my Phantom Period…

I’ve been on the contraceptive pill since I was 17, so almost 20 years. 461 more words

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