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Free Nipple Society??

Colorado city vows to appeal judge’s ruling that allows women to go topless

Talk about a bunch of fools really going off the deep end. In Colorado there are a group of ladies that feel it is in their best interest and that of the public to show off their hooters. 193 more words

The World We Live In

Tantric Massage - Revisited

My friend visited the masseuse again, it’s even better than the last time.

The masseuse meets me at the door, I come inside the room and undress, as he undresses at the same time. 1,806 more words


Single 365 Day #51: Dirty Laundry

Maccabee texts during bike rides to check in. Because, tradition, she says.

I tell Mac about my recent successes and insecurities with BK. Out of everyone, Mac understands my reservations. 650 more words


Sex worker : A person who negotiates and performs sexual services for remuneration. Some use this term to mean only prostitution, while others use the term to refer to those in the sex industry such as porn actors, bar girls, striptease dancers, performers in peep shows, live sex shows, etc. 744 more words


Abstinence Is/Isn't.....

This post has been a long time coming (Life…). But here are some thoughts I have about abstinence and clearing up what it is/isn’t. I’m gonna post more on the subject as I’m moved to.

Abstinence is…

Abstinence isn’t….


I can give you bliss

I want to tease you please you

and make you smile,

make you feel desired

and drive you wild,

I want to touch you

love you, give you the bliss, 116 more words



a sultry blossom coaxed wide open
by enticing musky kiss

prey summoned, then enfolded
in dripping velvet petal lips

©Anthony Gorman 2014

image: http://fineartamerica.com/featured/2-erotic-rose-werner-lehmann.html