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Dogs Don't Share Bones...


I think we’ve all heard “No dog wants a bone other dogs have licked on…”  For centuries dogs have been used to describe many of the characteristics of a Man… Characteristics like loyalty, being territorial, the inability to commit, the desire to protect, and the unwillingness to share its bone…  It’s something about a bone that both dog and man have a problem taking as his own after a pack of other dogs have licked and sucked on.  114 more words


Intermission: Bishop Noel Jones on Control Freaks, Jealousy, and Selfishness

I started writing CLEvangelism to promote some of the preaching I’ve heard on Radio 1000 since I became a Christian in 2014. It has helped me, so it may help you. 1,080 more words


a perfect night

i was reminiscing about an old lover.  one night in particular.  i answered the door in a thin tank top and a thong.  my blonde hair was loose around my shoulders. 430 more words


The Sex Talk Again?

I’ve been trying to figure out what to talk about next.  My blog post about strap-ons was not very popular.  But, I still think it was an important post.  260 more words


Zika virus: WHO now says women trying to conceive should abstain from sex for 8 weeks

GENEVA – The U.N. health agency says sexual transmission of Zika is more common than first thought. It is updating its advice to women who have been in areas hit by the virus, telling them to wait even longer to conceive. 307 more words


Soncerae Talks Dating Tommy Sotomayor

We are in love….right? Viewers are consistently sending me messages asking me about whether or not Tommy and I date. Looking at us argue from a distance looks like we like each other? 22 more words

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~Consuming Love~

loves embrace

Be not hidden

Sounds burst


Heart skip’s

Butterfly’s below

Vivid face

Contours and hands

My mind can’t erase

Lingering, wanting…

Own me… 22 more words

Bipolar Disorder