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James Spader Stole My Orgasm (and Other Mid-Life Crap I'd Like to Blame on Him)

Trigger warning for way TM of the I and lots of nerdy sci-fi and fangirl crap.

I feel fairly confident James Spader stole my orgasm. 1,106 more words


Futile Pursuits

No man should ever task himself
To change the woman to whom he is bound;
Such an undertaking would be preposterous –
Just as if he would place his two hands in the ocean… 132 more words


Work Christmas Parties – The Do's and Don'ts

I smell it too. It’s the ‘I-drank-too-much-lost-my-wallet-slept-with-my-colleague-and-now-I-can’t-get-home’ sort of smell. Negotiating the work Christmas party can be tricky. A few drinks in and the timid intern is grinding with the guy from HR who you were convinced was gay. 454 more words


Bitch Dom as Wall

… mixing my father’s, mother’s, and my own behavior into a single person, the Bitch Dom rises out of my subconscious, rules (so often anyway) my jacking fantasies … 80 more words

BY Veritas


undressed I am grass
wet with the dew you long to
run your fingers through

Creative Writing

Pumpkin Patch, A Race and the Friend from Baton Rouge

I know I said I would stop talking to him. I knew I needed to get over the idea of him. The lost possibility of him. 1,110 more words