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Expensive Is Relative --- First Draft

Yi had answered my ad in the paper for English lessons. She and her husband had a warehouse on Chabanel Street. I had gone there Fridays at 2, which fit my schedule perfectly. 671 more words

Hookup Culture

Ok so for my Ethnographic Research Methods class we are supposed to do an ethnography (study a subculture) on any subculture that we’d like. My friend and I decided to look into the hookup culture and see it’s effects on people’s self esteem. 962 more words

I Swear I Don't Over-Masturbate Anymore

Dear Journal,

“Welcome to my home. Please don’t judge the uncleanliness as I stopped giving a shit two weeks ago.” That was my verbatim greeting to the young man on my porch, bearing a name tag that introduced him as ‘Tyler.’ He laughed and shook my hand. 409 more words


Release me

And underneath that darkness, there was something forlorn, because we all know your has been beautifully torn. So if you want to smile, then smile and smile again, because all you have to smile about is that you will end.

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I have always been good at school. I guess it is because I am a curious girl. I never study by heart, I’d like to know what I study about. 861 more words


We Might As Well Start Things Off With A Bang (Or so to speak…)

Orgasms… We all love them right? Then why is it so weird to talk about them, and no I’m not talking about that wonderful one you had with your boyfriend I’m talking about the one you give yourself. 421 more words