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My First Book Fair

Hey hey heey! How’s it going? April 30, 2016 I had my first book fair at the Black Writers on Tour Expo in Carson, Ca. It was awesome! 343 more words


Orgasm Control - Where to Start and How to Drive Your Sub Wild

By Mistress Valiant

I practice Orgasm Control, also known as Release Training, with any submissive I work with.  It is usually one of the first rules I instill, and it is not negotiable. 2,203 more words


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Ladies, tell me this isn't the hottest thing you've heard in a long time! Men, you would enjoy this, wouldn't you? Does hearing about this make your dick hard? I'll bet it does. I am so glad that I found Mistress Valiant, or that she found me, and reading her blog has been such an education! It's fascinating to know that so many men want you to take control of their dicks, and make them do what YOU want... like licking your ass, your pussy, or your feet. What girl wouldn't want a nice body massage, foot massage, followed by a tongue bath, and then some serious cunnilingus? The longer the better! Whew! My pussy gets soaked just hearing all of this female domination over submissive males... whipping them, teasing them, giving them blue balls, training them, edging them, making them beg for release, making them your play thing! xoxo

The Purest Hook,  Scarlett Cole

Genre: Romance,

When I started reading this the writing style, along with the plotlines, reminded me a bit of Tracey Woolf and Helena Hunting. Authors whose books I really enjoy. 535 more words


We Need Relief from the Political Crap in North Carolina

It’s really absurd how this entire North Carolina bathroom law is even a political issue. The North Carolina legislature decided that people would go to the bathroom corresponding to the one on their birth certificate. 340 more words


Pisces Rising (Poem)

He loves me in theory

Expressed repressed passions for entrance within me

I mirror his desires in the base of my spine

where my skin calls out for the gold that’s been refined… 36 more words


A Chimp With a Boner

Ever seen a chimp get a boner? Sounds inappropriate, huh! But I have been reading lately. I have been reading books on Psychoanalysis, a theory began by Sigmund Freud and I must say that this theory is very interesting. 223 more words


Why Gender is not fully a social construct(part 1)

The argument has been made that gender is fully a social construct, with no biological merit. I want to argue against this point. First I do consolidate to the fact that there are obvious cultural artifices in constructing how the two sexes behave. 549 more words