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Slowly circling
Masterful teasing
Devilish eyes
Sucking the crown
Easing to the base
Swirling sensation
Slurping noises
Craving the taste
Flavorful juice
Desiring the outcome



to tie in with my last post about butt stuff, this post is about lube. there are so many types of lube available it can be overwhelming trying to figure out which are most effective and safe for different activities. 914 more words


The Twilight Sage – Proof That Bella cheated on Edward

When I read the twilight saga I had a fresh baby that would only fall asleep when we were out and about in town and wake up immediately if I would go home. 373 more words


Deuteronomy 27:22–23 (NLT)

Cursed is anyone who has sexual intercourse with his sister, whether she is the daughter of his father or his mother. . .Cursed is anyone who has sexual intercourse with his mother-in-law.

Words Of Eternal Life

Episode 11: Lost in Sheets

This was only the third time we met with our now contacts: Anton, Paz and J. We’ve always been told to refer to them as contacts rather than dealers or pimps or sluggers. 1,231 more words

Late at night

Do you text them late at night

like you do to me?

Do you whisper sweet nothings

of what you both could be?

Do you show off your cocktail flair… 85 more words

Single Life

Back home there was a brand of boysenberry cider called "Boysencider". I thought that was funny

My girlfriend’s going to Ottawa for two nights this week, so you know what that means… Boys’ Nights!

When I say Boys’ Nights, I more accurately mean Boy’s Nights. 630 more words

Stream Of Consciousness