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What is something that you enjoy in the bedroom that would make you blush to talk about?

For me it's very clearly spanking. Before I met my husband, I knew I enjoyed a little spanking from time to time but he's really pushed my limits (in a good way). 78 more words


My (27F) wedding to my SO (29M) next weekend is under a lot of pressure from my mum (56F)

This is my first post ever on Reddit and wanted to seek everyone’s advice. I am struggling!!

Next weekend, I am marrying my partner which I couldn’t be more excited about. 429 more words


Talking with a new girl(19F) trying to figure out if she's into me(19M)

About a week and a half ago I was browsing through my instagram feed and came across a story posted by an old acquaintance who happens to be the girl I'm talking about in this story. 359 more words


The Museum of Us

Sadie is the only child of hippie-ish parents who live a rather vagabond but not irresponsible lifestyle.  When she is eleven they all are in a terrible car crash and are left hanging upside down for hours until being rescued.  278 more words

High School

"Sexiled 101"

If you have ever had a roommate, then you know about being “sexiled.” It’s one of the most annoying situations that happens in that situation, but as a fellow “bro,” it’s your civic duty to be there for your bro. 510 more words


Should i take her back?

I dated this girl for about 3 months. I really really liked her. Just as things were getting serious, she left me for her ex bf. 89 more words


What I'm Reading: Feminist Focus

I try to set aside some time every week or so to lounge outside (thank you California weather!) and get through my stack of “to read” books. 855 more words