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Airplane Ramble

Soft hum, raging engine, towering clouds, shaping, raving the sky
Turbulence, a dance with death, a lullaby
Rock this body to sleep buckled in safe, yet no safer than a loss of foot to the ground… 139 more words


A couple of nights ago I had a dream that I was with someone else.
Someone I once wanted to be with.
It’s weird how you go from being completely infatuated with someone, 323 more words


Some Contemplation On Bits -- Gender, and what it means for love

Salubrious Greetings, readers!

Today’s post is a brief survey of a person’s sexual configuration, gender orientation, and romantic attraction. There are many variations of all three, but I will attempt to break down the basics here. 866 more words



Touch in therapy is uncommon. Touch in psychoanalysis is rare, and rarer still is it discussed. But, it has had a profound impact on my analysis and I feel that it is important to talk about. 485 more words


My first confession.

I NEED to get this off my chest.

I was super tired of being broke, and bored so I decided to become a phone sex operator. 343 more words