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Rob and Jodie shemale stories

"Your cock feels so good inside of me," Rob said, sitting on Jodie's cock
in the hot tub.

They were sitting in Jodie's hot tub overlooking the lights of the city. 1,692 more words

Summer vacation and gay group orgy story

  It was the third week in June as my wife, Sally, and I  sat at 
the kitchen
table watching out the window as the rain continued to pour. 5,868 more words

1051 AM

1051 AM

10:51 am is too early for me to try to solve my problems
It’s too early for me to make the tears go away… 455 more words

Camp suck, gay group sex

 Don had seen Zeke around camp but he had never before visited the
Nursing Station. He'd filled out a lot since last year and now at seventeen
he looked like a classic hockey player: About 5'9", broad shoulders, thick
arms and thighs. 1,358 more words

Another Tease, Please

We settled on the porch and listened to the sounds of the night. My dog eyed him skeptically. He sang a few notes of a song I’d never heard and scratched her head and back till she decided that he could be trusted. 177 more words


Quick post. There’s this girl, let’s call her M, who I really want to get with. She laughs at my jokes in class but we don’t really talk that much so my goal is talk to her multiple times until we really start to hit it off. 37 more words

Young gay sex story

Notice this is almost all true, I was not molested or harmed and I was the one who sought out gay sex with an older male, thou it is illegal it was not done in the context of a criminal act, but the curiosity of a young boy who was sexually interested in gay sex and a young male who had experienced the same while at the age I was and was a decent man who helped me experience a normal human behavior and allowed me to discover the sexual pleasures of gay sex, yes I am gay, a fagot cum sucker who loves to suck cock… 2,192 more words