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Sumptuous Passion

This Poem is rated Mature and may contain material unsuitable for readers under 18.

Insatiable desire ripples within,

bringing hunger that needs to be fed. 174 more words


Into The Night

As I kiss you,

I feel your warmth.

Lip upon lip,

Tongues sought.

My hands pull you closer,

As close as can be.

My heart beating out, 55 more words


The Butcher

The butcher chopped the chicken, standing there half-naked, fully exhausted, covered in sweat and blood, this was the twelfth chicken he slaughtered today, overall he slaughtered sixteen animals today which also include six lambs and one pig, he put the chopper aside, sat on his bloody chair (all covered in blood), had a glass of water, he went out, stretched his body had some fresh air, he took few deep breaths and again back in his shop where he slaughters one more animal which was a pair of duck, as he finished chopping a truck came in front of his farm, it honks, he put the meat in a poly, two men came out of that truck and took that meat along with some other, as they leave, he left the place as it is and went behind where is his house, he took a hot shower, cleaned all the blood from his body, he had his supper, a chicken which he took out of the fridge all cold and dry, half eaten, he eats the chicken while watching boob tube, as he finished eating he leaves the plate there he washed his hands, light a cigarette, sat outside, looking around, he took a little walk as his cigarette turned into ashes he crushed the butt, he came back into his house where he had a couple of drinks, whisky with ice, as he finished drinking, he moved towards his bedroom but before bedroom he stopped at the privy where he took a piss, sat upon the commode there’s a picture of a naked lady on the wall, he kept looking at the picture and removed his clothes, which was just a trouser, he grabbed his penis in his hand, looking at the picture moving his hand up and down, as it goes on and on, he stared to breathe heavily, yelping, he put his other hand on the wall for his support as he ejaculated he puffs out, washed his hands wear his trouser and moved towards his room, where he went for a long sleep. 795 more words


Wood Fire

silence save for heartbeats
and wood crackling
food for the flames
which cast shadows
just as naked upon the wall
and breathed as warm and deep
as the fires in their souls


"Prewired" (Micro-Poetry) Kira's Sunday Scribblers and Three Word Prompts



Queen of sensual desires

never to be duplicated, nor replicated,

she was programmed and tweaked

to fulfill your every need;

Were you looking for an emotional connection?  20 more words

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