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Glorious lives

Our glory comes not from success or fame. It does not come from winning and being the best. Our glory comes from understanding ourselves and being able to see within, where all the answers to life are. 48 more words



I’m in here!

A prisoner of my own story

Can anybody hear me?

Can you hear my call?

Are you coming to get me now? 406 more words


The Lord of Our Sex Drive

If we talk about Jesus as Lord of our lives, and neglect ever mentioning sex, we truly are tiptoeing around the elephant in the room.   Sex, after all, is a huge part of the human experience. 2,131 more words

Christian Living


Maker of the bed
Keeper of stolen secrets
Woman of few regrets.

In the wee small hours,
Clichèd as it might appear
Her conscience is clear. 8 more words


Contrary to Popular Opinion, Sharing what we think is true - is a good thing. WARNING - if you have any TRIGGERS - grab your bottle because they're probably here.

Here are some things that I believe to be true. Tomorrow I might have learned something and the truth could look different. By sharing what we see as true, honestly and without agenda, we can all help each other see more clearly. 769 more words


Navigating Consent and Mental Illness.

As it should be, the topic of consent is gaining more and more traction in certain spaces (and these are definitely spaces that I would like to remain in, please and thank you). 1,645 more words

Sex is not the rent you pay to be a woman.

“You can’t just change your mind after it’s happened,” he told me.

“You can’t decide later you didn’t want to have sex with them.”

At the time, I agreed with him. 446 more words

Why We Need Feminism