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As Nevada’s legal brothels remains closed, sex workers think bias is at play

Services allowing physical contact around the state have been allowed to resume service, with tattoo shops, estheticians, and massage parlors open since May. Women who work in Nevada’s legal sex industry say they feel they’re being ignored not because of the risk their business poses but because of a bias against their industry.
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Celeste ❤️

“Someone once told me that a man knows what he wants from the get go. I never believed it until it happened to me!”

A little background about Celeste. 467 more words

"Yes, God, Yes" by Karen Maine (2019)

Facets of Patriarchy

First Feature

Good humor and direction
Excellent gender content and message

Everyone is doing it but no one admits it!
A teenage girl tries to understand why she’s being rekected as a weirdo-psycho pervert for wanting to discover sex while she sees everyone around her doing it… Fortunaltely, sex is lately a bit more libertated, but hypocrisy still prevails… 64 more words


Tantra: An Education

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Blogging Insights -- Sensitivity Training

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TMI - The Libido-switch

It’s been 38 days, 20 hours, 12 minutes and some random configuration of seconds ago. Not that I was counting. But I used to be counting, and I am definitely counting now. 979 more words