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(18M) Need help with asking for a number or snapchat

So I was in Chicago the other night and I went to a nearby canes (best place to get chicken) and I saw this cashier and she was pretty cute and I wanted to ask for her number or snapchat but I just hesitated and I sat there for an extra 20 min trying to get myself to ask her but all I kept thinking was rejection and getting her in trouble since shes working, but I cant seem to stop thinking about her (even though I dont even know her) but I might be going out again next weekend and wanted to ask her if shes working (hopefully she is) k felt like she had interest but I'm only basing that on that she gave me a free lemonade instead of charging me πŸ˜•. 12 more words


Married at 19 despite the obvious stigmas, and here we are 7 years later. Here is my advice for all young married couples.

First, and this might seem controversial, getting married at a young age is not something I would advise. Hear me out.

I am still very much in love with my husband. 264 more words


From Sexual Health to Just About Everything Else: Your Questions Answered

By Christina Cho ’19

Here are some commonly asked health questions and answers you may find useful. These questions and answers were generated with the consultancy of Sarah Robinson, Nurse Practitioner and Wellness Educator. 1,203 more words


BOSS Confessions

β€œI want guys to say β€˜damn, look at dat ass,’ but only in their heads because otherwise I would feel objectified.”

β€œI flashed a park full of people while doing a cartwheel.” 51 more words


Sex and the City

I’m not sure how many of my fans have heard of Carrie Bradshaw and her sexy journalism. I just recently began S1: E1. I’ve only ever watched the movie with my eldest sister who was a fangirl at the time. 955 more words

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