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Bliss (daily prompt)

You are my Bliss

When I sink into my mind

You are my comfort blanket

You are my wish

You are my Bliss


I soak in the bath… 58 more words


Little Fires

You have been

Lighting little fires

Within me

All day

Not teasing

Nor am I tormented

But enthused

My hands are rough and

Thick with want… 36 more words


Der Dritte Advent

Leider ist der Dritte Advent fast vorbei. Aber manchmal lässt dem Erdenbaer das Leben kaum Zeit. Erfreut euch am dritten Licht.


Sexually involved on a Sunday.

Here I am again. Sexually satisfied from an hour of sex. With you guessed it, my ex. I didn’t get to say everything I wanted to say to him because once the clothes came off, all I could think about were the orgasms that were about to come and shortly after my mind goes blank. 596 more words


Saints and Sinners

Got a message this morning asking me if I’m up for going to the ball.

This is no ordinary ball. It’s a swingers’ ball. Anything goes. 57 more words


Single and dating 

Being single and dating in 2017 is real. Being 35, and living in the District of Columbia brings a lot of opportunities to date some very interesting people from all broads of the spectrum. 505 more words

Innocent Face

Devour me my innocent soul

Envelop my fears awaken our roles

Innocence was written hard on my face

Anxiety wrecked me and made me a fool… 66 more words