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A Girl Like Me

If you follow me
I can teach you to keep up with my pace;

I will be your metronome and you
will match my tempo. 196 more words


Saturday Sexcapades: Movie Theater

Oh for the love of all that is holy, please don’t tell me this is why the floors in movie theaters are so sticky!!

For this edition of Saturday Sexcapades, we’re going to explore romance novel couples who get it on in a darkened movie theater. 325 more words



So it’s going out time for those hooligan college kids. I myself am obviously not going out, mostly becuase my bff is out of town for the weekend, but also bc my fave frat is laying low after the party bust last weekend. 670 more words

The Office Part VI

It’s 12:15 and I’m in the tape room. After giving another lame excuse to the boys I headed straight up here. Yesterday’s conversation was very arousing and I wanted to see what’s on the plate for Jimmy boy today! 1,544 more words


Matinees & Movies

Thursday last week was a great day, mostly anyway, save for the last 15 minutes. The end was ironic and sadly funny, but that’s a story for another day. 1,430 more words


W(ay) T(oo) F(un)

Relationships are full of ups and downs and ours is no different. We can go from the valleys to the peaks and back again, sometimes in an instant. 636 more words


foosball, shuffleboard & sex

A couple weekends ago, the stars aligned such that both my husband and Mark were working on a Saturday. When I first heard the news that it was going to be a working weekend for my husband, I was a little despondent. 1,365 more words