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One step forward, three back.

Yesterday I hung out with ‘Beard Boy’ after work. It was nice, he chatted away about work, cars and bikes as per usual while hanging out in my car. 456 more words

"I think I left the other half of my cervix in your car"

You read it. Once again I am in so much freaking pain because of Beard Boy, to the point I have booked an appointment with the Doctor. 476 more words

But I was being hypothetical...

So today I got my hair done. Nothing good has come from this. Yes I look smoking but now I seem to have gotten myself into a jam. 224 more words

Female frustration is scary

I hate liking men. Absolutely detest it. Don’t get me wrong Im straight but I hate all the emotional bullshittery that comes along with it. 567 more words

At Least 60 Game of Thrones Memes

So I  finally binge-watched GoT.  I found some memes to bring y’all.   There’s at least 60 of them, I lost count because whiskey.  If you haven’t caught up yet there may be some spoilers here and also, what is wrong with you?  38 more words

Sick Sad World

22 Excellent and Inappropriate Breakup Memes NSFW (or your ex)

If you’re going through a rough breakup, or have been through a painful breakup in the past, you know those feels.  Once you’re done crying, perhaps you just want to punch something or someone until you tire out, then take a nice nap.  173 more words

Sick Sad World

20 Ridiculous Church Marquee Signs


Personally, I do not church, but I enjoy a sign with innuendo because I’m secretly a 14 year old boy.   Would you like to see some funny church marquees?  118 more words

Sick Sad World