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Unfortunate sexcapades

In the course of this year, I’ve made some not-so-fab life choices, especially when it comes to sex. I thought I would use some of my cautionary tales to come up with some rules- hopefully I’ll learn to follow them… 445 more words


Sex Philosophy

You CANNOT regale me of your current sex-capades and still consider us “Platonic”. You clearly have no idea what it means.

If you put it on the table, you’ve invited me to dinner!


Here you will find #Sexcapades: erotic stories of fiction. Let’s tap into the sensuality of intimate lust colliding with agape love. Ever had a purely mental orgasm? 79 more words


Blame the lack of shame 

Everyone is talking about Ms. Alexis Frulling and her sexcapades at the Calgary Stampede. There are ongoing debates about why she has been “slut shamed” and the men involved in the back alley fun haven’t had much said about them. 439 more words

Dog Days

Prompt Day#3: Depict a veterinarian or zookeeper who is experiencing the onset of an animal trait.

I’m really happy I decided to do this challenge. I don’t know if I will be able to manage to write and post every day for a year, but even just three days straight has helped my creativity, so I’m excited to see where it all goes. 3,057 more words

Writing Challenge

About my blog

I have created this blog as a way to get everything out of my head and into words. I often find myself obsessing over certain events, problems or just life – this should be fun. 189 more words



[This post has been brought to you by Nicole Scherzinger.]

PROTIP: If you find an attractive man with multiple engineering degrees and a particular talent for fixing cars, chances are, getting on that is a very, very good life decision. 372 more words