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22 Excellent and Inappropriate Breakup Memes NSFW (or your ex)

If you’re going through a rough breakup, or have been through a painful breakup in the past, you know those feels.  Once you’re done crying, perhaps you just want to punch something or someone until you tire out, then take a nice nap.  173 more words

Sick Sad World

20 Ridiculous Church Marquee Signs


Personally, I do not church, but I enjoy a sign with innuendo because I’m secretly a 14 year old boy.   Would you like to see some funny church marquees?  118 more words

Sick Sad World

This is why you should always wait 30 minutes after eating before exercise.

Let me set the scene for a minute.

Its Saturday night, you and several of your closest friends have drunk just a teeny bit too much Pinot Gris , ok, ALOT of Pinot Gris, and THE topic happens. 907 more words


Loving the Older Men

Yes he may have a girl’s name and not be the typical form of hot that I like, but sometimes it is nice to get your rocks of with another person. 617 more words

Oui Chef

Sometimes continually given into my primal desires can blow up in my face. I am very used to not giving a fuck about men. Well with obvious expections. 391 more words


Young girls these days don’t listen anymore! Nothing good comes out of “reaping where you didn’t sow”!

All these social media romance is like playing ” Baba Ijebu”, in other words it’s a game of luck but the issue is that it takes someone with a ‘large liver’ to play this game of chance. 576 more words

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CHICK CHAT: Just Because I Get The 'D' Doesn't Mean I Want To Talk About It

I get three separate reactions whenever I admit my aversion to talking about my sex life. The first is that my “shyness” or embarrassment is cute, and I get that “Aww, sweetie!” coddling. 786 more words

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