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Sexcapades 2 : Episode 1 

This is some really nasty stuff and I hope you like it.

My name is Christiana and I’m a good girl, like any other girl. Except when I’m around this particular boy, Femi.

1,348 more words


After being in what I deem to be a sex deprived marriage, I lost so much of myself. I forgot what it was like to be me. 1,124 more words


Month 9 See dem Piggies!

I revealed my profile on sites 4 and 5 again as was getting a bit frustrated with nothing moving forward. I was contacted by a guy in Manchester, shan’t give him a name initial as we shan’t be talking again but he is 54 years old. 817 more words

The Force of July

It was about a quarter to 7 when the turning of bolts could be heard coming from the door. This was usually the time that Mike, my husband came home. 1,722 more words


What happened in Santorini...

“That’s where the confusion escalated into realizing this person was not going to be enough, into comprehending that reconnecting was a facade, where the frustration and disbelief surfaced, and where I realized he could never love me selflessly the way I loved him.” 1,007 more words


Sexcapades: The End 

I wasn’t shocked at Akin’s entrance; after all he was Amy’s ex but he sure was shocked about the position in which he found us in. 957 more words


Sexcapades: Episode 12 (Shade's POV) 

I wake up in the morning to the smell of coffee; scrambled eggs, sausages and some slices of bread. You may begin to wonder if I slept in the kitchen but I woke up to them because Amy brought me breakfast in bed. 574 more words