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Young girls these days don’t listen anymore! Nothing good comes out of “reaping where you didn’t sow”!

All these social media romance is like playing ” Baba Ijebu”, in other words it’s a game of luck but the issue is that it takes someone with a ‘large liver’ to play this game of chance. 576 more words

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CHICK CHAT: Just Because I Get The 'D' Doesn't Mean I Want To Talk About It

I get three separate reactions whenever I admit my aversion to talking about my sex life. The first is that my “shyness” or embarrassment is cute, and I get that “Aww, sweetie!” coddling. 786 more words

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CHICK CHAT: I've Tried Anal & I'm Never Doing That Sh*t Again (No Pun Intended)

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The word ‘anal” has a few different meanings but even just the word alone is enough to make my ass cheeks clench together super tight. 756 more words

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Food Porn: 9 Aphrodisiac Foods That Actually Make You Crave Some Lovin'

We’ve all heard of aphrodisiacs before–it’s anything you can consume that will heighten your sexual desire. For most of us, that something is alcohol. While there’s nothing wrong with a little liquid courage, or imbibing for lowered inhibitions, just know that cocktails add empty calories to your waistline and ain’t nobody got time for that! 635 more words

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My name has reached every ear on campus. They knew how well I’m endowed. The history madam was always inviting me over to her apartment. Going over to her place was a cliché now. 1,848 more words


My History Mistress

Women were seen going to the riverside, the men to the farms, the children were sweeping around and the elderly were seen playing with the toddlers. 1,875 more words


And I am... (A Sexfiend, A Blogger, A Writer, A Girl, A Human)

I realized an introduction was in order:

Hi, call me Cherry. I am a female of an age between 21 and 25. I live in a country that speaks English as one of its main languages. 445 more words