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With our hearts racing
We lie within each others arms desperate
To catch our breaths


an unexpected birthday present

Just before dawn I was sleeping on the downstairs sofa when I felt something heavy on top of me pressing my back down onto the cushions. 576 more words


oh boy

While my hands
Play with her breasts she bounces
On top of my lap


The Blowjob Complex - Take the Poll!

Blowjobs-some of us love to give them, most men love to receive them. Traditionally, blowjobs were not my cup of tea.  That thinking dated back to high school where I would hear young men talk about “getting head” and degrading the women that performed the act for them by calling them a “chicken head”.  639 more words


The Virgin

After The Young Gent, I realized I wanted someone with longer hair that reminded of  The Captain and Goldilocks. I don’t know why, but for some reason, a man with a man bun really got my motor running. 1,400 more words


Business and Pleasure

Dear Ask Ashleigh

I am 29 year old living in Dallas, Texas. I am also a budding entrepreneur. My problem is that I continuously sleep with my clients. 101 more words

The Young Gent

Bumble was fun and I was meeting lots of young horny guys.  At this point, I realized that I had a true addiction to the feeling I felt when I had sex.  1,548 more words