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Everything I Shouldn't Write About

I shouldn’t write about what I imagine my friend’s sexual and emotional escapades and issues are.

I shouldn’t write about the things I’m most ashamed about. 116 more words

L is for "Love"

The energy in my truck was electrifying when I picked up Anna from the bus station. Was it true? Was she really in my hometown? Is this going to happen? 1,275 more words

The Alpha Male

To Anna-

Listen, if you want to talk alpha fucking male, you have found yours. I claim my territory in many ways. One is making sure that you know no other man will ever fuck you like I do. 193 more words

I See You

I see you.

Yes, you’re sitting there across from me.  That shyness, that prim and proper air about you.  I find it so alluring, so sexy.  790 more words


Sexual Prowess

One of the traits Anna possesses that I just can’t get enough of is her newly found freedom to express herself sexually with me. Anna has experienced a sexual revitalization with me. 487 more words

The struggle is real

Hi friends. It has literally been 12 years since I wrote anything, but life happens and so does the next episode on Netflix. Anyway I guess its time for a life update– I think I am just going to do this bullet point style because otherwise I’ll be here forever: 364 more words

The aftermath- Part two.

I stupidly followed Beard boy from the centre of town to the residential area. He pulled into a side street, I parked in the street over and waited. 581 more words