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Noah: The Final Chapter, "Sex, Drugs, and Rock-n-Roll" 

If you’re new to The Story of Noah, don’t miss Part One and Part Two.

I understand that it will be hard to believe what I am about to say after Noah Part 2, however it is true: I break up really well. 1,725 more words


59. Ice, Ice, Baby

Just a quick update regarding the week thus far, which includes a punishment for something I’ve never been punished for previously!

Well, after my sexcapade with Donna… 444 more words


54. Sex is fun. Four times the fun with the right couple!

So, what’s new?  Not much here.  Oh yeah, Mike, me, John, and Donna got together for a f-fest.  Ha!

I’ll do my best to tell the story for those of you that love the details, which, per my blog stats, seem to be most of you.  2,302 more words

6. My DD Life. Spankings And Other Stories

The Drama-king - Updates

**This post has been edited to reflect a change in name and to change overall ratings**

Overall Ratings as of last update:

First Kiss: 6 out of 10… 1,984 more words



What a hell of a day it has been here in the DIRTY SOUTH. After a productive day of getting shit done, AFJF texts me. I literally have ZERO will power in this situation and it kills me. 282 more words

Saturday Sexcapades: Alleyway

I was recently reading a romance novel wherein the lead couple got it on in an alleyway, and it made me realize that I haven’t featured a Saturday Sexcapade in quite a while. 405 more words



So I fucking did it again. I went MIA on you guys. Definitely not my intention. I have really been having a rough few months. I thought anxiety attacks were behind me, but I guess I was wrong, and I guess AFJF had that kind of power over me for me to actually have one again. 421 more words