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#DearDiary | Susie's Sexcapades

“Soon as I opened the door, he leaned forward to hug me and grab my butt. He gave it such a nice squeeze that I let out a soft moan as my face was cradled in his neck… I had no panties on so I could feel myself drip in anticipation.” 941 more words

Dear Dairy

Acceptance: Changing the Game

The dating/fucking game has been completely revolutionized since I was last in it.  We, as women, are now “allowed” to sleep with whoever we want, whenever we want, and rarely get shade from others about it.  524 more words


The dicking hour

This phrase is coined by Tash.

The first time it was spoken of was at about 3am, I was annoyed by the mate we were with, I had decided that I hated everyone and needed something/ someone to make me feel better.  145 more words

The Captain 2

After sleeping with the Captain, I couldn’t get him out of my head. I had a legit high from sleeping with him for five days – yes, five whole days before it eventually tapered off.  2,635 more words


Call me Faxian!


I suppose if my TV had artificial intelligence it would go all Herman Melville on me and say-”Call me Sanjay.” Why Sanjay?you know in the beginning of Bhagavad Gita- Sanjaya Uvacha! 306 more words

#DearDiary | Susie's Sexcapades

I woke up around 4:15am to pee, rolled over and saw a strand of my hair attachment laying right next to me. I smiled as I walked to the toilet, filled with the memories of last night. 1,279 more words

Dear Dairy

30 days of orgasms...

I had two very different experiences post my sex deprived marriage, both on completely opposite sides of the spectrum.  My body now began to feel more alive and I felt things that I forgot I could ever feel, both physically and mentally.  758 more words