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Month 3 (Part 3) It seems I’m a GILF!

I’m told by my very good friend who is a ‘Woman of the World’ that I needed to have read Nancy Friday’s book ‘Men in Love’, a psychological book about men’s sexual fantasies and understanding them. 644 more words

50s Plus

Month 3 (Part 2) Wow! Feeling desirable again

Whilst I was winding up T of Chatham, I was also fielding lots of other interest. Amazing how adept one becomes at spotting a phony after a while. 729 more words

50s Plus

Saturday Sexcapades: Roof

Sorry I haven’t written a Saturday Sexcapade in quite some time, but what can I say, I’ve been busy!

Most of you know that for the majority of the sexcapades I describe here, I go into rather particular detail about how a location outside of the bedroom might seem ideal in romance novel land, but when you look at the logistics you can’t help but see the obvious downsides. 456 more words


Back to the old me?

One of my best friend came over to my place a few months after my separation, had a long conversation with him until he asked me “So, who’s your boyfriend now?” 641 more words

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Identical (A Poem)

Don’t make things too complicated

Think back to the first time your virginity was confiscated

You were home alone

And in the mood to moan… 194 more words


A Taste of Heaven

In memory of the moments we shared in the backseat of my sports car that are likely to never happen again. Based on a true story. 1,064 more words


Exotic Spa

It was the little weekend getaway that I needed. Things were getting tense at the office and everyone was just growing tired of each other. I couldn’t wait for the clock to strike 5 pm so I could get the hell up out of there. 718 more words