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Podcast: When Homosexuals Rebuke Masculine Christians for Being Masculine


Description: Masculinity, more specifically, Christian masculinity, is under siege. Not only have militant feminists normalized the devaluing and hatred of males, militant homosexuals are joining the fray. 44 more words


We Only Need Men To Have Children

I absolutely don’t support this statement nor this action which is becoming rampant in today’s society. Some women have decided to demote themselves by saying all they need men for is to have children. 232 more words


Raise your son to be a feminist

My cousin had just given birth to a boy, and there was a flurry of excitement at my grandmother’s house. Aunts rushed over to decide what would be an appropriate gift for the baby. 1,093 more words

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According to linguists, אּישׁ (‘ish’, man) and נָשִׁים (‘ishah’, woman) are not related etymologically. This is argued so because of the presence of the yod letter [י] (a semiconsonant with a value near to “i/j” in English). 78 more words


Preliminary Study Of The Emotion Of Love Between The Sexes PDF

There have been many attempts to differentiate between the two distinct types of crying: positive and negative. Different perspectives have been broken down into A Preliminary Study of the Emotion of Love Between the Sexes has 9 ratings and 1 review. 411 more words


The war on men: “What good are you if you won’t die for me?”

Understanding the Men’s Rights Movement hints that feminism’s war on men is a class-based issue tied to the relative safety of a middle-class man’s life. 16 more words

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