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Freak Out Friday: Chocolate City

Hey how’s your day been?

Yesterday, I didnt post and I’m extremely sorry we have been testing for EOC’s all week and same goes for next week. 111 more words


What Makes Someone Sexy?

Switzerland, the picture-postcard home of Heidi and about $1.5 trillion dollars worth of untraceable bank accounts, has learned how to survive in a state of neutral, monetary bliss. 1,101 more words


Murder Ugly Now . . . Being Spectacular Sexy You

Have I grabbed your attention with that title?!?!?! Perfect!  So let me ask you . . . “what is ‘sexy,’ by definition, to you; what does that word mean to you?”  Once again, ask 100 people get 100 different different answers, & none of them wrong because what I’m asking you is what YOU perceive as “sexiness,” & perception will vary from individual to individual. 740 more words

11 Things That Genuinely Make A Man Attractive

Let’s face it, this question or rather this thought, has plagued the minds of thousands of men (and women) all over the world. And yes, while there is no sure fire way to appear flawlessly attractive to everyone, female or male, this comprehensive list is a good starter kit for those who are completely clueless. 988 more words

What do you want to do?

If you’re into improving yourself, that tile probably jumped out at you. I know I’m a sucker for articles promising to help me to get to know myself better or to improve my communication skills… self help junkies unite. 535 more words



Bricks: Spoken Word by Hollie @holliepoetry

Trusting you completely
Turns me on sometimes
So does eating pizza
Or any Italian food to be fair
Hands in my hair… 46 more words


To Booty, Or Not To Booty

It’s the age of internet activism and everybody is at each other’s throats. It’s also the age of Booty. Even though it’s being widely said that the right to freedom of expression has never been easier to exercise, the fear of censorship has never been greater either- it’s gone from people being weary of saying ‘the wrong thing’, to saying ‘the wrong right thing’. 1,620 more words