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From Maidenhood to Motherhood

Alexa Wilding…my inspiration in embracing the mom bod:

“That’s when I realized what really happened to me. It’s this maidenhood to motherhood transformation… and we, as a culture,  we want to stay in maidenhood as long as possible. 119 more words

The Spirituality of sensuality

Perhaps most “spiritual gurus” out there will not take this topic into consideration. It is a taboo.
For most individuals, pleasure through the senses is confined through moral standards and preconceptions of what is “good” and proper and what is “bad,” sleazy. 442 more words


Awakening Persephone

No one notified me that the tall, slender, young tulip poplar trees outside my balcony were going to be cut down and turned into mulch right in front of my eyes. 1,288 more words


Sexiness in Central America

What is sexy for a woman? It depends. It depends on where you are for one thing. Last night in Sámara, the server had an ample curved bottom that popped out, barely covered with tiny shorts dangling swinging tassels that did not cover up her cheeks or a little cellulite. 323 more words

Costa Rica

On sexiness and aging

As I get older I see the pain and sadness on the faces of female family and friends as their bodies deteriorate. Taut skin starts to sag. 501 more words

Personal Musings

Women please dress & look good for your husbands,here is why

every woman loves attention so their dress nice and act sexy when they are looking for husbands but some stop looking good for their man or husband once they succeed in getting married without knowing that it turns most men off. 221 more words