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Blogging from A to Z: X is for Xerox

On Friday afternoon, Reginald Vanderworth found himself called into Human Resources to discuss the body part he’d chosen to xerox the prior evening.

It seemed that the fact the aforementioned part required… 20 more words

Blogging from A to Z: V is for Vampire

“Meet me for a bite around the corner,” he said.

She hadn’t understood the implication.

She hadn’t envisioned herself pressed tightly against a back wall in the alley, her legs splayed wide, her skirt riding high on her thighs. 46 more words

Blogging from A to Z: T is for Titania

Oberon planned it all; sly Puck set the game in motion.

My husband dared to blame poor Puck—a hilarious and desperate notion.

Truth be told, the ancient trickster   followed orders perfectly. 202 more words

Blogging from A to Z: S is for Seduction

The brush of lips from a stolen kiss.

A touch that makes you tingle.

A glance that holds the heat of invitation.

What if you just gave in to it?

Mmm … seduction.

Just Her

Just Her is a line for JRV Fashions,
Perfumes and erotic wear.
So a lady has something to go along with
Her long flowing hair… 40 more words

Brand Andrew

Blogging from A to Z: Q is for Quiet

“I don’t have a puppy,” Gia purred the words through a pair of ruby lips.

Evelyn clenched her jaw, reminding herself of the need for patience. 277 more words

Blogging from A to Z: O is for Obedience

O is for obedience.

Obedience can be very rewarding.

Disobedience is also lots of fun.

But that’s a conversation for another day.

…Because today is all about the O.