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Hey there you sexy beast.

As women, whether you’re a feminist or not, I think we look a lot of times to the men in our lives to make us feel good. 359 more words

How do you know I'm not a fucking lady?

I’m not the most feminine chick in all the land, but I’m cool with that. Luckily, so is the hubbs. Even though I was an exotic dancer, I’ve never been overly girly. 326 more words

curious adventures and cautionary tales of a self-made postfeminist

Have you ever eaten too much candy and, although it was delicious, the second you stopped you felt empty and kind of sick and craving more too? 1,117 more words


I Can't Cook

8th December 2015*

Me. Dressed in comfy, casual home clothes. Head stuck in journal writing.

Of all my luckĀ  (if you’d like to put it), my boyfriend is cooking us dinner. 365 more words

December Rose

My roses
have become rose
she said.
Solid hips that carry
and roll
smile and
enjoy that west wind.
My mystery is blunter now… 97 more words

Feminist Poetry

Less is More

My idea of sexy is that less is more. The less you reveal the more people can wonder.
Emma Watson

Quotes To Live With