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There are so many ways to express sexy. To me sexy is a being, an aliveness. I get connected to my sexiness during Burlesque, in my sweats and sweater, or smelling the rain, painting,poetry, in a breath, eating, laughing, feeling the breeze, grass on my ankles, sitting close to a fire and so forth as well as allowing the creativity of it express through my body. 106 more words

Finding Sexiness In The Little Things With Jack Fisher

Everybody has their own unique turn-ons, turn-offs, mood-setters, and mood-killers. Human beings are diverse, innovative, and at-times downright weird in what turns them on. I’m not just talking about exotic fetishes or elaborate role playing either. 1,200 more words

Jack Fisher's Insights

The power of the real girls

I believe in a lot of things and many of them involve empowering women in ways that encourage our basic survival against fat tummies showing in our body con dresses. 559 more words


Get Over the Hump With These Rumps

Wednesday, or Hump Day, can be rough. You’re marooned in the middle of a week spilling over with things you don’t want to do. The weekend seems like a distant mirage you want to reach, but it seems elusive. 47 more words

Trendy Tuesday: Too Much Sexy?

How much is too sexy? Honestly, I believe it’s personal preference. What I view as too sexy may differ from what you may think is too sexy. 534 more words

Trendy Tuesday

Can a New Mom Be Sexy?

I like to feel sexy. Not the kind of sexy that’s about what other people think of me – I mean the kind of sexy that’s about how I feel inside myself. 899 more words

Rose Water

Get Over the Hump with Sexy Bumps

It’s another Hump Day on a weird, short week (if you’re in the United States, that is). So you’re not struggling too much, I’m here to lighten your load with some sexy humps on Wednesday. 44 more words