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Swimsuit Season--Can We Be Hot and Holy?

This is simultaneously my best and worst season. The days are longer, the air is warmer, and the skies are bluer. There are beaches and pools, which I love, but there are also…yep!…swimsuits, which I hate. 561 more words


Is Taylor Swift Making Bad Blood With Feminism?

Let me tell you a story. I woke up. I checked Facebook. A friend posted Taylor Swift’s new music video, Bad Blood. I watched it.  724 more words

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Sexual Violence on TV: First and Foremost It’s Sexual

[warning: this post discusses sexual violence, and also has The Fall and Top of the Lake spoilers!]

I just finished The Fall on Netflix. Gillian Anderson’s a kick-ass lead who doesn’t conform to sexual gender norms. 1,037 more words


#Upworthy: Those transmen look nothing like me, and I'm still a sexy man.

#Upworthy is sharing this photo-shoot with tags like #trans and #pride, and I have a problem with it. Mainly its out of protectiveness for those who I know are transgender and will see those photos and be made to feel ashamed of their bodies even MORE. 807 more words



During various stages of my life, I have had a love/hate relationship with my body.  When I was old enough to notice boys and discover what “pretty” meant, it was my nose, my glasses and the fact that I was taller than everyone with arms and legs going everywhere that were the bane of my existence. 358 more words

Freak Out Friday: Chocolate City

Hey how’s your day been?

Yesterday, I didnt post and I’m extremely sorry we have been testing for EOC’s all week and same goes for next week. 111 more words


What Makes Someone Sexy?

Switzerland, the picture-postcard home of Heidi and about $1.5 trillion dollars worth of untraceable bank accounts, has learned how to survive in a state of neutral, monetary bliss. 1,101 more words