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The Sexiness Of Doctors

A new survey on the SEXINESS of doctors found 85% of people find them attractive.

Believe it or not, according to a new survey, 7% of single women say they’d love to date a gynecologist. 69 more words


10 Tips On How To Make Your Legs Look Longer

Not everyone is born with super long legs that seem to go on for ever, but don’t be envious, because, no matter how short your legs are, there are plenty of ways to make them look long and seductive. 653 more words


28. You're not cute if you try too hard to be cute

I have a very interesting female friend. By ‘interesting’, I mean scatterbrained.

I don’t know how most other guys like their women, but I prefer mine to be on the naturally attractive side when it comes to their personality. 225 more words


Is Sexy a Lie?

Sexy pants, sexy shirts, sexy cars, sexy shampoo, sexy attitudes, sexy poses, sexy music, sexy pictures.  I have encountered every one of these in the last 24 hours because “sexy” has inundated our culture. 824 more words


Distorted Image

Okay, here’s another one of those politically correct moments that really grate on my nerves and has inspired today’s blog post.  I actually had an idea to post something positive and funny today, you know… ‘cause I was in that sort of mood.  1,106 more words


Owning Your Sexiness: Confidence

We are experiencing a revolution. The revolution of sexy. It is now ancient history when women were scolded for showing their ankles or wrists – in fact it now seems like ancient history when women were scolded for showing their belly buttons or too much leg. 752 more words



Madonna was on tv the other night and I wondered if she was an invention of Jacqueline Suzanne’s imagination: all that money and fame, all those lovers, the scandals, the mixture of taste and tacky. 1,194 more words