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YOUR path to least resistance

Tired of yo-yo dieting and trying every new fad diet that pops up only to spend loads of money with empty results? Frustrated with relationships that seem either one sided or fall short of fulfillment or maybe you’re career path is less than satisfying and each day it takes more energy than you can muster up to do your best? 480 more words


A Different Perspective On Power Fantasies In Video Games and Comics

Good points from @The_SpideyGirl, on her blog: “Female Power Fantasies in Video Games:”

Power fantasies for women are much the same. We want to be powerful, to kick ass and look hot as hell doing it.

214 more words

7 Spells To Relentless Attractive Fascination

Attractiveness indicates a sensitivity to those around us. Just as we shine our shoes, wash our cars or trim our lawns to provide “eye-candy” to passers-by, we keep our bodies in the pink of health to offer delightful icons worthy of emulation. 626 more words


Fake girls....For thirsty men

I’m not against make up, but what’s underneath?

Real age….Real beauty…..REAL men want to seek.

Should I put my clevitch on display to show my sex appeal? 153 more words


Swimsuit Season--Can We Be Hot and Holy?

This is simultaneously my best and worst season. The days are longer, the air is warmer, and the skies are bluer. There are beaches and pools, which I love, but there are also…yep!…swimsuits, which I hate. 561 more words


Is Taylor Swift Making Bad Blood With Feminism?

Let me tell you a story. I woke up. I checked Facebook. A friend posted Taylor Swift’s new music video, Bad Blood. I watched it.  724 more words

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Sexual Violence on TV: First and Foremost It’s Sexual

[warning: this post discusses sexual violence, and also has The Fall and Top of the Lake spoilers!]

I just finished The Fall on Netflix. Gillian Anderson’s a kick-ass lead who doesn’t conform to sexual gender norms. 1,037 more words