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How do react to your own (potentially) prejudiced thoughts?

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about our personal reactions to our own discrimination of others. I am of the “Racism is like brushing your teeth. 584 more words

How early are we gendered?

Every year, whenever you see a bunch of kids running around almost every where you go, you know that it’s Science Fest time! Watching these kids, I notice that the way girls and boys dress can be easily classified into two categories: (a) camp pink-and-purple and (b) camp any-color-combination-but-pink-and-purple. 338 more words

Vox Day Blames Germanwings Flight 9525 Crash on 'Sluts'

On Tuesday, March 24th, the world was horrified to learn that Germanwings Flight 9525, an international passenger flight traveling from Barcelona to Düsseldorf, had crashed in the French Alps, killing all 150 passengers on board. 359 more words

Christian Right

Manterrupting, Mansplaining, and Other Man-isms

While I think we can all agree that there’s been a move toward “politically correct” speech, in particular toward gender neutrality in terms like “postal worker” or “firefighter,” there’s been a strange reemergence of the use of “man” in otherwise neutral language. 707 more words

7 degrees of segregation.

The above title is a bit misleading. Discrimination would have been a better fit or prejudice. However, both lead to segregation in any case even if not legally as those that find enough basis to judge others as too different for comfort end up practicing segregation in one way or another, avoiding those they deem imperfect. 1,575 more words


Sexism still sells cars

I’d like to spend some of your valuable time today thinking about a topic nearly everyone would call “sexism.” I’m not quite sure what to call it, myself, but when you look at this Buick ad, you will know exactly what I mean. 1,534 more words

Ways Of Knowing

Four Music Industry Posts Refocused

This week I threw a lot of notions and facts about the music industry out there, so I thought I would take a moment today to help refocus on them. 400 more words