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Hits Big On the Field, Strikes Out On the Sidelines

By Lauren Kroell

The Big Bash League cricket tournament is a rather large and important Australian domestic cricket event. The tournament, which ends on January 24th, 2016 is in its fifth year of competition. 588 more words

Gone Girl Novel Review: Bestselling Worthy or A Waste of Paper?

What Makes This Novel Bestselling Worthy?

Alright, Guys, let’s be honest. Who else read this book or wants to read this book simply because everyone around us won’t stop talking about it? 549 more words

Bestselling Books

Something Just Doesn’t Fit…

This is a serious post about bras. Yes, and breasts. It’s actually taking me quite a lot of guts to write this, because, thanks to our overtly-and-covertly patriarchal world, I feel like we shouldn’t be talking about these things, and if we do then it should be only in lingerie shops when there are no men there, or over WhatsApp to that one friend who you only talk to when you’ve got a sex story to share or a boob problem. 1,363 more words

I am a woman in STEM. Why does that surprise you?

This is something I’ve been thinking about for a little while, particularly since the summer, in the wake of Isis Wenger & the #ILookLikeAnEnginner/#IAmAnEngineer Twitter trends, and with today being the first International Day of Women in Science/Women in STEM, the twitter trends dislodged it from a corner of my brain and now seemed an appropriate time to share my thoughts about subtle sexism with the internet.  540 more words

Yet another post about feminism

Note: This post does not attempt to convince you to vote for any particular person.

Over the last few weeks the political circus has reached a pace so fast and loud that it is dizzying.   1,181 more words

Twelve Pakistani immigrant men get 143 years in jail for gang-raping 13-year-old girl

This story is from the UK Daily Mail, and I think it shows the problem with the compassionate “open borders” view of immigration advocated by some people on the religious left. 1,365 more words


University Isn't For Men?

Attempts to combat violent misogyny in British universities are putting men off going to uni. That’s the basic message of an article published in the… 771 more words