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The Waitakere Man problem

When Metiria Turei this week called Shane Jones a “19th century man in a 21st century world,” she was of course referring to his penchant for chauvinism and other crimes against progressive politics. 553 more words


Silent pain is the worst kind

I didn’t think about it a lot when I did it. If I had, I probably wouldn’t have done it at all. But I had some abstract notion that maybe it would be helpful to someone, should they happen upon it. 834 more words

GR Blog Series: Post #4 - What's the deal with feminists?

Women are frequently infiltrating non-traditional careers, like the sciences, engineering, etc. With that comes a lot of backlash and sexism, which is to be expected. Authors Sarah Gervais and Lesa Hoffman mention in an article on feminism that hostile sexism represents antagonistic prejudice toward women to preserve male power and dominance, and as they say, is characterized by adversarial sexist beliefs, which includes viewing women as attempting to dominate men, degrading women in non-traditional roles, and suggest that women use their sexuality to control men. 414 more words

I absolutely love this. The Guerrilla Girls are my favorite. They express such intense, radical womanism.

If you’ve never heard of them, check them out

Male vs. Female (Fitness) Double Standards

Male vs. Female (Fitness) Double Standards

Fitness mags geared towards men tend to have some jacked dude on the cover with words like “yoked,” “get ripped,” and “how to gain 10 lbs if 10 minutes” transcribed throughout.

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Hey...that's Cool!

Why do we still have to talk about sexism in comics

Last weekend saw Wondercon happen in the US. On sale at one of the retailers there was this t-shirt. Seriously.

The makers of this posted a frankly, utterly pathetic response. 920 more words


Ann Coulter: Mayor De Blasio "Wants to Hold Down Our Legs While the Central Park Five Rape Us"

In a despicable column for the conspiracy-peddling WorldNetDaily, professional troll Ann Coulter discussed the case of the Central Park 5, and exploited both rape and… 1,000 more words