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We Work for Money

Sex workers engage in labour for the same reasons as everybody else. MONEY. I don’t understand why this is so difficult for so many people to understand. 578 more words

Sex Work

Another Amazing Example of Government Stupidity and Political Correctness

If you had to pick the most inane, pointless, and intrusive example of government stupidity, what would you pick?

We have lots of examples of regulators running amok. 532 more words

Government Stupidity

Steubenville, Rape, and The Long Struggle to Change

So, I just heard on the radio that authorities are finally looking into sexual assault charges against a Florida college star athlete for an incident that took place last year. 944 more words

Squeezing into...Everyday Sexism

I’m not entirely sure what it is about me that has attracted the worst attention from males. Unfortunately for me, it usually came when I was caught in the cross-hairs of a male groups game of “Pull The Pig”. 320 more words


Polygamy and Shame

When Mark came home yesterday he was upset. I thought it was the same old story, so I didn’t pretend to notice, just went about my business. 294 more words


A Rational Perspective on Equality

Most societies, particularly in the West, have become more open and equal over the past century. Sometimes we forget just how much. The youth of today have grown up in a culture where, by and large, the concept of government or ‘respectable’ society discriminating against anybody on the grounds of their gender, ethnicity or sexual orientation is virtually unheard of. 672 more words

Braids and Shackles

Hi, so recently I had box braids, and I’m still getting questions like “what was with the braids?” or “what happened to the braids?” So here’s your answer. 852 more words