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Leeds Demonstrates Against Trump

Last Saturday, as part of a series of global protests against the beginning of Trump’s presidency, around 1,500 people marched and protested through Leeds city centre to show their opposition to his misogynistic stance towards women and xenophobic rhetoric. 286 more words

Iain Dalton

Letter to Piers (a poem)

Dearest, Darlingest Piers Morgan,

Thank you for proving that you are a coward
Afraid of a woman’s ‘nasty’ power
As she stands up proudly against Trump, and his tower. 215 more words


Day 16. White Chicks (2004). Directed by Keenen Ivory Wayans.

White Chicks (2004) score: 36%

It’s hard to fathom how much worse the Wayans brothers’ output can get. Actually, scratch that. It’s quite easy.

With White Chicks, you start to wonder if the first Scary Movie was as funny as you remember. 63 more words

Are boys getting more pocket money than girls?

I wonder if you ask your friends how much pocket money they get whether you notice a difference between the amounts boys and girls tell you. 125 more words


I am not a dragon

and so,

I am not breathing fire-

I am choking on it,

on the moments that pass too quickly

to be raged at… 57 more words

A promise to my daughters

As well as being on the progressive left politically, I’ve increasingly identified as an active feminist over the last decade. I’m sure that this has been apparent from my blog, which has… 965 more words


Preying on My Holy Temple

As I was walking upstairs on the first day of my J-term class at an ELCA seminary, I smiled at a friend on his way down, joking and laughing with him for a moment as we passed. 763 more words