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Couple of jokes 

Thank you to everyone who came last night to my Leicester comedy festival show, it was great to have a sold out room with so many people there. 19 more words

Why 'Self-Care' Is Important for Everyone

When some people think of the term ‘self-care’, their minds only go to spas, manicures, scented baths and retail therapy. To a lot of folks who haven’t taken a minute to think about it, he whole concept seems to have connotations of (a) frivolousness or stereotypical feminine activities and, relatedly (b) being something for women. 486 more words

3. Blogging Tuesday

Uber engineer responds to sexism scandal: 'This is everyone's problem'

A sexism scandal has rocked Uber for the last two days after a former engineer published a lengthy blog post about her year at Uber.  In her reflections, former engineer Susan Fowler said she was sexually harassed by her manager, ignored by HR, and was threatened by her manager for even reporting the alleged incidents. 19 more words

Fantasy Misogyny

It seems like every book I pick up lately has a protagonist struggling against a supremely patriarchal, sexist, oppressive society. And I’m absolutely not saying we shouldn’t be writing and reading about these issues, be they incorporated into fantasy worlds or not–but lord am I getting a little exhausted of being surrounded by a society that hates and enacts violence against women, especially when I’m reading to get a bit of a break from it. 77 more words

Princess Nokia's Actions at Cambridge University Should Be Taken in Context

Earlier in the year, it was a surprise to read that Princess Nokia – aka Destiny Frasqueri – would be headlining the Cambridge University Charity Fashion Show. 1,221 more words


Inculcated Women

You might know (and if you don’t I’m going to tell you) about gendered social propriety.

There are these codes of behaviour that have been laid out across the board-walk of human history, and are arranged to denote and differentiate between presumed appropriate, near unqualified, rungs of human hierarchy. 1,194 more words


Pain in the Uterus!

It seems as those women are expected to endure pain. From high heeled “shoes”, to underwire bras, to corsets (the original underwire bra), to form fitting clothing that cuts off your circulation. 402 more words