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Day 7: Sexist Trolls!

Level at the beginning of day 7: 10

What I learned since last time:

  • Nothing. I have done no research. I am a piece of trash…
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League Of Legends

Trump or Jesus: We Do Have to Choose

Originally posted at Pentecostals & Charismatics for Peace & Justice.

America’s new President is controversial, to say the least. Saying outrageous things concerning women or ethnic minorities to gain massive media attention and popularity, just to then lie about the statements ever being made, sounds like an absurd way to become the most powerful person in the world. 691 more words

Bible Study

Not a Friday Finds Post - rather, a cry for help

Friends, I rarely post about personal things, but I can’t not write this post. Especially not today.

A few days ago my country passed a law that essentially decriminalizes domestic violence: 278 more words


Video Games Are For Girls Too

Their is a common  miss conception that video games are for boys even though girls make up about 47% of the market. The following video perfectly shows how marketing for games created the myth that games are for boys only. #AllGamersMatter


To President GrabHerByHerPu$$%

Dear donald,

you’re fat

Not the kind of fat that survives on cheap food and low wages


you’re the kind of fat that drools on silver spoons while their personal chef stand in wait for your next order… 192 more words

American Elegy

This is not an elegy for America, the beautiful; America land of the free. It’s not an elegy for  geography, latitude and longitude, tectonic ’tis of thee. 598 more words

From The Heart

And so it starts

I am still wondering if I should get myself a ticket to the nearest bombshell or if I should do what the rest of the world is doing: hold my breath and observe. 302 more words