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• For the First Time A Woman is Set To Become A Marine Corps Infantry Officer

For the First Time A Woman is Set To Become A Marine Corps Infantry Officer

This news item is likely to upset the majority of American, Christian gender complementarians and their talking points. 613 more words

What's in a [Real] Name: How Facebook's Policies Preserve Male Power

The world loves Facebook.

Unlike Myspace, Bebo and a myriad of other social networking platforms, Facebook has stuck around whilst others have withered on the ‘Vine’ (shit pun intended). 1,084 more words

Authentic Identity

Feminism Up: Three Books for a Feminist's Reading List | BEDIS

Being a bookworm with a to be read pile bigger than two of me─which may not seem all that threatening if you saw me in person but I assure you it is─I can be a bit reckless. 555 more words

Don't touch me

You aren’t born scared or wary of men. It grows on you like a second skin you wear, once you realize that not all the ‘hellos’ you get are born of good intentions. 361 more words


The definition of sexual assault is when a person intentionally touches another person sexually without consent, so why in 2017 when every part of society is moving forward and improving, does this kind of sexual assault seem to be increasing? 398 more words


F1 Will Die Before It Has a Woman Champion

Different year, same drivers. When will F1 finally see women race again?

F1 is in a period of stagnation. Viewing figures have dropped from 500 million at the start of the decade to around 390 million last season. 1,183 more words