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Women and Video Games Survey Results

We frequently share our opinions on gender equality in video games here at Gamer Equality, but recently we ran a survey to find out what the general gaming public’s attitude to woman and video games really is. 622 more words

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Why Women Have Been Systematically Shut Out Of The Rock Hall Of Fame, And How To Change That

To celebrate the airing of the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame induction this Saturday, 4/29, we’re running a series of essays and features analyzing and highlighting the implications of who was inducted in 2017. 1,424 more words

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Equal rights to govern pensions

Here’s Theresa May talking at PMQ of the triple lock in the past tense. It wasn’t just a female prime minister in that photo, four out of five ministers on the front bench were female. 897 more words


Local Principal Reminds Girls That Boner-Causing Bra Straps Are Their Fault

Kingsley Junior High parents were recently reminded by principal Shelly Erickson that with the onset of warm spring weather, “students” have been coming to school “inappropriately dressed.” This is according to an… 575 more words

Hiding The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Warning: This post contains a lot of generalisations! As such it is in no way indicative of individual people.

As humans surrounded by other humans we are constantly surrounded by peer pressure. 588 more words

Does Local Government Work for Women?

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Only a third of councillors in England are women. Our analysis reveals that this figure has scarcely changed over the last two decades.

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Feminism is not a dirty word. Not even for men.

To some, a barrier exists to surround feminism. It’s a fence which shuts out half of the human population, protecting and serving only one of the genders; the females among us. 616 more words