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#THV: Affirmative action 4 men needed

So, some days back I wrote this piece in which I am extolling my achievements as, well, a distinguished practitioner, scholar and researcher who is not a mere native informer – you know the kind who just gives others raw data, just like that, for others to analyse and then re-export back to Africa. 442 more words


sisters in our masajid

I’m always wary of attending a different masjid for the first time. I feel anxious at just the thought of finding the sisters’ entrance, which always seems to be hidden for some reason. 1,080 more words


I've Been Called Sexist

​It’s political correctness gone mad! I suppose if I had said ‘I hate it when people speak to me like that.’ instead of ‘I hate it when men speak to me like that.’ I wouldn’t of been called a sexist? 117 more words

Women in Leadership: An open note to young women

Anger. Fear. Disbelief. Those are emotions I feel while gauging the current political climate. We live in a world where Hillary Clinton, a woman who has made mistakes and flip-flopped on critical social issues, may lose to a man who horrendously disrespects women, people of color, Muslims and the LGBTQ community. 1,054 more words

Sexual Harassment

I was sexually harassed. Just the other day. I know, I know, our bullshit societal gender roles dictate that I should to be telling this story to my buddies over a couple of beers while we high-five and back-slap. 559 more words

Men And Women


This evening I was walking home from a friend’s birthday drinks and I was beeped at a few times but what really struck me was what happened as I walked past a pub. 121 more words

Everyday Sexism