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Loving My First Gray Hair Is Political

Yesterday I got my first gray hair. It’s beautiful and light, hugging the soft space to the side of my forehead. I love it.

I have been waiting for this day. 419 more words


JCPenney Employee Sent Home for 'Revealing' Shorts, Quits

The story of a JCPenney employee from Sioux Falls, S.D. has been making rounds in the media lately. Sylva Stoel, 17, was sent home from work for reportedly wearing shorts that were “too revealing.” 335 more words


Donald Trump: One Small Asshole in a Big World of Misogyny

A lot of people are hating on Donald Trump for his lawyer’s recent comments about marital rape. Now, don’t get me wrong- I love hating on Donald Trump. 795 more words

The "Cool Girl"

A passage that has stuck with me in the months after reading Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl:

Men always say that as the defining compliment, don’t they?

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Bias from parents can be a barrier to raising girls who are leaders, study finds

Teens and parents — yes, mothers too — have biases against girls and women as leaders, says new research from the Harvard Graduate School of Education and its Making Caring Common (MCC) project. 128 more words

Human And Civil Rights

Dream 7-28-15

I was attending a conference on revolutionary theory, strategy, tactics, and actions that could be taken. There were a lot of speakers on the program, and now it was my turn—or at any rate I was in the area of the podium. 248 more words


Pains of Intersectionality

Her pains run deeper than the ocean floor

Burning hotter than the Earth’s core

The type of pains that can’t be divided

The only thing on Earth to be united… 66 more words