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Politics and Cosplay

I’ve been grappling with how to handle this subject, but it is so important to me as a cosplayer. I promise that this isn’t just going to me spewing my political viewpoint onto others, but rather a look at how to cosplay can be used to send a message. 490 more words

Diversity and Broken Promises: Is The Athletic One Big Scam?

The Athletic, briefly, for those that don’t know, is a subscription-based sports media company. An e-newspaper with sites in a number of cities bundled together for subscribers. 1,308 more words

General Writing

• If Anyone Can Abuse, Why Are We Still Talking Gender Roles? by Tim Kruger

If Anyone Can Abuse, Why Are We Still Talking Gender Roles? by Tim Kruger


Over the last year, many of us have watched in dismay as the #MeToo and #ChurchToo campaigns have exposed the sexual harassment and assault rampant in our society. 469 more words

Flying high with closet sexism, farts and personal space

“Hope you have a pleasant flight”. Words I hear time and time again before a journey, words that are taken so lightly unless the flight becomes unpleasant. 979 more words

I’m leading the heathen uprising - Jessica Eaton 

Written by Jessica Eaton 

21 June 2018 

I’m leading the heathen uprising

We’re the kids with a solution

Our experiences are synchronising

Come join my revolution… 1,627 more words



I fell apart. And now I am analysing every part before I put myself back together again. My analysis lead me to this, it is something I need real help with. 1,581 more words


The Thursday Quote

“Craft beer firm Vale Bru has decided to remove its beers from shelves after an outcry about its approach to women in its marketing campaign.

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