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I do so wonder at times where some actors and celebrities live and roam?

Probably only get their news on the outside world from mainstream media and tabloids and magazines that seem to have leaned right over to the left over the past ten years or more? 1,292 more words

Look up!

Look up, world. There’s nothing plunging down and down and down, much to your disappointment. It’s all going up. Up and shooting through the skies. So world, lift those sexist eyes up a little – it won’t hurt – and marvel at the new witches on the pitches- they are slaying. 1,138 more words

Indian culture…..

Last year the Library of Congress posted a link which took one to “news” about Women’s Rights in the world; I was quite curious and read through reports about places like Iran, Saudi Arabia and even India. 308 more words


A Feminist's View of 'A Mercy' by Toni Morrison

Welcome back to my blog!

I just finished reading A Mercy by Toni Morrison and I noticed that many of the women throughout the novel experience oppression. 31 more words

2017-07-21 Me and My Witches Hat

I have two words for people who make assumptions about other people.. Just Don’t. I sometimes repeat myself if I feel really strongly about something.. Just Don’t. 1,179 more words


Still on vaca?

Yes that’s right my vacation sanity is still going…. not as strong as I’d like it to be but I still haven’t killed anyone. This is amazing because I’m staying with family …. 239 more words

The Drug War on Human Beings

(Disclosure:  I am not a mental health professional.  The statements in this blog post are based on observation and personal experience.)

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