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20 Questions for Creationists

“I believe in Christianity as I believe that the sun has risen: not only because I see it, but because by it I see everything else.” 211 more words

No means NO

TW: gender stuffs, ableism,

And I don’t mean the way that’s normally used, because I’m not talking about that today, directly anyway.

I have very few boundaries with my psychiatrist. 1,711 more words


Dear Twenty-Year-Old Me, Forty is Better

Dear twenty-year-old me,

It’s forty-year-old me. Twice your age. We made it to forty!  It’s so much better than you would imagine.

You’re in the middle of a pretty rough year – moving into your first apartment with your best friend at the time (we know how that goes), struggling in organic chemistry, realizing that engineering might not really be your thing, feeling scared that you might be going crazy, trying to find your way with your sexuality, and desperately wanting true love. 753 more words

Rose Water

Sheva Alomar and the Racism and Sexism in the Gaming Community

With the announcement of Resident Evil 6 and the wholly positive reception of the new characters, Helena Harper, Jake Muller and Piers Nivans, the biggest question on my mind is the absence of Sheva Alomar. 4,945 more words

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No women's rights? No entertainment?

Hey guys! Im posting today from my iphone that doesnt have auto type at the moment. So there will be alot of typos! Unfortunately ive heard alot of people mention “no womens rights” and “no entertainment” in saudi arabia. 441 more words

Leslie Jones Attacked Online Again, Website Hacked By Trolls

I’m sickened at the levels people sink to tear someone to pieces for hate sake. But I’m not surprised as that’s how this country does certain people who’s only ‘sins’ were not being born with white skin, a dick or a preference for the opposite sex, among other things. 366 more words


It was premiere night and Zoey was nervous. Her new movie, a remake of Jaws, was already getting panned by critics. It’d seemed like a good career move.   89 more words

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