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Is that Sexual Harassment?

One day this week I wore an ensemble not unlike the one pictured above.  Very similar, in fact.  Classic.  Business-like.  Appropriate office attire. Not especially provocative. 609 more words

Contrary to Popular Opinion, Sharing what we think is true - is a good thing. WARNING - if you have any TRIGGERS - grab your bottle because they're probably here.

Here are some things that I believe to be true. Tomorrow I might have learned something and the truth could look different. By sharing what we see as true, honestly and without agenda, we can all help each other see more clearly. 769 more words


Stranger than fiction

Over the many decades when a female president had become conceivable but not yet real, fictional representations purveyed all kinds of notions — some silly, some serious, some sexist — of the first female president. 209 more words


The Handwriting Tag

Over the summer, the wonderful blogger Fab Writings nominated me for the Handwriting Tag. Thank you! I’m sorry this took me so long to post. 188 more words


No, It's Not Funny.

Men, I’m speaking to you.

Not all of you. I know those of you who need to hear this message most will never hear it from me. 903 more words

Heart Of The Matter

Boxed Up

Now, for some strange reason, I get troubled by shows with fat women. Why is it, when a woman in particular is cast who has a little weight, that weight is her defining characteristic? 393 more words