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Why I'm voting YES on May 25th

When I was 15 I was forced to watch a video of child birth in science class. I went to an all-girls catholic school, and I assume this was done to try prevent teenage pregnancy. 1,877 more words


On the other side

Like I said about the differences between African and African American women, though there have been suspicions of and disdain for women before it would only be justified in circumstances where prolonged female education and love marriages are the norm especially in Western countries. 214 more words


Sexism specifically aimed at black women and keep in mind that feminism’s grown more aware of the struggles that nonwhite people face in recent memory. So much so that intersectionality became a thing. 172 more words


We know from various media and psychological studies that young women have a hard time with body image, and though it’s not just limited to young women I am going to focus on this for the purpose of this post. 1,151 more words


Why is America so divided? It's Trump and you know it.

I was asked why did I think this nation is so divided. This is my opinion. The animosity you are talking about was caused by American’s voting in a President that is a slap in the face to kind, loving Americans that are constantly being berated by Trump’s racist, sexist, misogynist, anti-people of color, who hate everyone who isn’t an old white man, who mock disabled people, who is trying to undo every good thing Obama did all because they are still upset that a black man was president. 312 more words

America Divided

Never Too Soon

Bioso returned to the restaurant. He’d been on holiday somewhere, but I never found out exactly.¬†We made small talk and he had me kiss each of his cheeks. 755 more words

Daily Prompts


Note: I want to thank Leena Ghani for giving me a voice, for reading this, for comforting me and for giving me the courage to face my fears. 1,538 more words