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What Is Terrorism?

Clearly we can’t have a meaningful novel about the psychopathology of American democracy if it doesn’t include some pages about terrorism, past and present; but I’m thinking that the way we have been using the term since 2001 has muddled people’s thinking so much that we should begin by defining it. 415 more words


It's Not All About You

Here’s what’s sad about using the word “feminazi” to refer to people who call things sexist that you don’t think are sexist: you’re confusing free speech with genocide. 109 more words


YouTube Creepypastas 

YouTube has one certain trend,

Against which it’s quite hard to defend,

I must yell ‘¡Ya Basta!

It’s just Creepypasta

When it projects onto middle-aged men!” 23 more words


Tesco Dumps Bossy, Nagging Woman

according to a survey of its customers, many folk avoid using Tesco’s self-service checkouts because they feel intimidated by the automated female voice issuing instructions and pointing out their mistakes – many liking it to being ‘nagged’ 44 more words


Recovering from Being a Superhero, One Day at a Time

Does anyone remember the whole discussion of being a “superwoman” from the late 1970s and 1980s?  No?  Well, guess what – too damned many of us are STILL doing it.  698 more words


Diversity - Why I am Part of the Problem and Solution

A recent Business in the Community survey suggests that 52% of women are victims of bullying or harassment in the workplace. Whilst there are undoubtedly more women in positions of power and influence than there were 30 years ago, whilst women are suffering this type of behaviour, gender discrimmination is still alive and kicking. 353 more words