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Sexism in Journalism Remains Undefeated

A brief look into journalism lectures across Australia shows that, predominantly, female students dominate the classes. Move into most newsrooms and the reality is vastly different… 490 more words


Women in the Media: Ever the Up Hill Battle

In a contemporary society such as our own, it is difficult to think that women are still subject to sexism, objectification and demoralisation within the media workforce. 340 more words


Teaser Trailer Reveals Sexism

I’m going to start out this post saying one very important thing: There’s no reason to be angry. Disappointed, yes. Yet, I have found that as an advocate for equality that getting angry does nothing. 320 more words

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Don't Push Me Cause I'm Close to the Edge

Today was the first day my alarm didn’t go off and I overslept for work. The only tabs I’ve had open on my laptop have been used car sites, pregnancy symptoms, and IUD information. 380 more words


Tweet of the Day - Dean Esmay

Just a hilarious rape joke from self-appointed “men’s human rights activist” Dean Esmay.


On HBO's "Silicon Valley," Richard is finally embracing the unethical ruthlessness of tech's most storied CEOs

One of the major disadvantages of watching a show week-to-week as opposed to binging on Netflix is that a program may feel unfocused and adrift, even as its putting the pieces in place for a major and satisfying story development. 676 more words


The privilege of experiencing "un-privilege"

I had an experience when I was in an African country last November that I have wanted to write about ever since, but it is one that I have struggled both to fully understand and to articulate. 933 more words