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23 Men On How They Really Feel About Female Sports Announcers


“I take the women more seriously than the men. That is because the women have boobs.”


“I just find it tolerable. The whole reason why women do it is because the coaches are more receptive to a dumb female asking scripted questions rather than a male sports analyst asking, ‘Why did you suck so bad in the first half? 879 more words

Barack Obama did not, in fact, give Michelle "the world"

“Ladies: He might not have it all right now, but be faithful, stick by his side and one day he’ll give you the world.”

This tweet by former college football player… 511 more words

Love, jealousy, control … abuse

Many people seem to think that if jobs are open to men and women equally, then there is no sexism.

Be quiet little women, your battle is over, it’s done. 1,118 more words


Bachelorette Sam - Davey Sent Home; Gets Sainthood on Way Out

Hola lovers!  Welcome to the first anti-Sam backlash of the season, and all because a cheeky little gremlin called Davey stole a half-pash and stoked the Frost’s fires of revenge! 955 more words


Conformity, sexism, and the gender binary

Ever wondered why boys are expected to like “boy stuff”, and why girls are expected to wear high heels? Have you also wondered why we think blue is for boys and pink is for girls? 768 more words


"She's so stupid!" - The Blame Game

I’m not normally one to voice my opinion on society’s inner workings. I don’t get involved in feminism, animal rights or religious debates normally, I have my own opinions on them but doesn’t mean I need to tell everyone I meet… 659 more words