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V8 Supercars driver David Reynolds pussy wagon comment has online community revved up

SOCIAL media has gone into overdrive about V8 driver David Reynolds’ sexist remark on the Bathurst 1000 all female team at a press conference yesterday, and Illawarra International Women’s Day chair Vicki Tiegs said there is evidence of sexism in sport every week. 385 more words

Tess Brunton

Virginity, the social construct.

TW// sexism, cissexism, trans/homophobia, blood (minor)

Virginity doesn’t exist, it’s a heteropatriarchal construct used to make women (particularly cis women) feel that having a penis inside of them is something special.

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Jim Goad: Feminism Will Result in 'the Restoration of the Patriarchy'

Jim Goad of Taki’s Magazine (formerly the editor of the short-lived magazine Answer Me!) is crowing about the forthcoming implosion of feminism and, as he sees it, the restoration of the patriarchy. 1,575 more words


Honestly, I have Nothing to Offer, Except...

HONESTLY, I wouldn’t wash my hair if I didn’t have to. It’s so annoying, hair gets all over, I have to wait eight millennia’s  for it to dry, and brush it out at just the right time or it sheds  more hair all over and drives me insane. 1,092 more words


When Is Racism?

Now to begin with I’d like to point out that my English is not terrible, the ‘When’ in the title is indefinitely supposed to be there. 690 more words


The Politics of Sympathy

“Of course, this is hardest for Geoff in this moment. For those who are willing and able, he certainly can use any understanding or support they can offer (this wouldn’t include endorsement of the mistakes he acknowledges in an open letter on his website).

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Three cheers for “misogyny

Interesting article on how the word “misogyny” is changing

THE headline above is, of course, a provocation. Misogyny is a plague, and a particularly virulent one.  871 more words