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This Girl Taught Her Local Library A Lesson After They Blocked Her From A Robotics Class | BuzzFeed News #STEM #genderequality

Cash Cayen spends a lot of time at the local library in Timmins, Ontario. She was excited when she saw it was going to offer a session about robotics, and went to sign up. 33 more words


Candidate Evaluations: Jim Webb

Jim Webb has spun his way into the presidential race, so here’s his evaluation. I’ll be looking at Christie’s background, policy history, and explicit statements to determine whether or not he would make a good president. 1,485 more words


Women on Women Oppression

With feminism, there is this implicit assumption that men are at fault, because they hold more power. When feminists focus on all the ways men oppress women, they create this divide between men and women. 1,301 more words


Think Before You Act

A commentary on the normalization of sexual harassment and assault against women in our society, and an open letter to all men to stop doing this shit, seriously. 1,348 more words


On men "dealing" with women

So I was talking to a friend about getting my wisdom teeth extracted and would probably be extremely cranky from the pain after and he said to me that men have to and I quote, “put up with PMS, pre natal cravings, hormonal mood swings and simply the entire unpredictability of the human female psyche, so spare us your post-tooth extraction trauma cause in the end we still have to stick around and say ‘okay'”. 911 more words


What it takes to play soccer like a girl

Gender inequality is explicit in sport, even so in the United States where soccer is the most popular sport for girls and women. As part of the experimental team at AJplus, we produced this video which explains the hurdles that female professional soccer players have to overcome in order to make it big.


The Sin of Symbolism

Program title page, Sixth Veiled Prophet Festival, 1883 produced by the Compton Litho Company via Wikimedia Commons

Confession: As a young adult living in the St. 529 more words