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The Data-Driven Weekly #1.3

This week we explore two different themes related to data. The first is how to value big data. The second looks at approaches for quantifying individual experience within the context of gender discrimination. 595 more words


Sexism in Hollywood Matters to Women Everywhere

Over the weekend, we were fascinated to see how gender equality looks — and feels — in an industry that isn’t well-represented (yet!) in our database: Hollywood. 409 more words

Working Women

Sexism in Video Games

With physics breaking chests and outfits made with the same material as condoms, women are certainly not portrayed accurately or appropriately. However, a great deal of men like to argue that their gender is also inaccurately portrayed. 305 more words




Walking around in the small streets of the islands’ village. Bumping into a friend of mine. Small talk. We say goodbye. I am walking away. 36 more words

The Words

Privilege and the Hierarchy of Oppression

There is little doubt that even in 2015 girls and women all over the world face a disproportionate amount of discrimination, of verbal and physical violence, and a lack of recognition in gender parity. 1,529 more words

Social Commentry

#ParisAttacks: The media debacle involving a female terrorism suspect

By Ana Beatriz Ribeiro

I strongly condemn and am devastated by the recent terrorist attacks in France, in Lebanon, in Egypt and elsewhere. But I felt that I could not be silent about one of the latest examples of shoddy, irresponsible, salacious media coverage, related to the attacks. 991 more words