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Pickle the Pig and Feminism

One day, clicking along—as we do, I came across an internet sensation. His name is Pickle and he is a pig. As we all do, I clicked and saw a pig making a bee-line for a belly rub. 1,611 more words


The Days of Disappointments

For some of us of like-minded political guts and sensibilities this past year has been one of bewilderment, shock and the need to find allegiances, both in the real world, the virtual world, and through our choice of entertainment and those we picked to entertain us., Celebrities and those who are successful businessmen and whom have created their own successful media platforms and companies have been great reminders to some of us that the world is still spinning, we’re still here, and that this too, shall pass.  371 more words


Emotional Labor at the Turn of the Century

Attitudes toward work in much of my own writing reflect my cisgender male privilege. On September 27, 2017, for example, I used Bertrand Russell to help me define work in an article my editor rejected and I later posted… 544 more words

Why So Much Sexual Harassment?

Is there really more sexual harassment happening now than in the past? That seems very unlikely. We see murder, rape, and other violent crimes going down over the long-run, and with ever-increasing awareness of sexual harassment and more widespread feminist attitudes, it’s likely sexual harassment has been following the same pattern. 783 more words

Day... what do you think?

We didn’t learn much from history, did we?

It is the 21st century and it is the best time to be a human, compared to the past few centuries. 583 more words

Sex, Men, Apologies

I told a friend today that it has not been fun being a straight white man this week. She said, “Yeah? Well, it hasn’t been fun being a woman for a lot longer than that.” She had a point. 465 more words


How Do Creators Avoid Stereotyping?

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This week, Donovan Grant of the Lost Ninth Legion and Harrison Chute of the Remembered Ninth Legion spin a tale of laziness and the backdoor to storytelling plunder. 61 more words