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Feminism Up: Three Books for a Feminist's Reading List | BEDIS

Being a bookworm with a to be read pile bigger than two of me─which may not seem all that threatening if you saw me in person but I assure you it is─I can be a bit reckless. 555 more words

Don't touch me

You aren’t born scared or wary of men. It grows on you like a second skin you wear, once you realize that not all the ‘hellos’ you get are born of good intentions. 361 more words


The definition of sexual assault is when a person intentionally touches another person sexually without consent, so why in 2017 when every part of society is moving forward and improving, does this kind of sexual assault seem to be increasing? 398 more words


F1 Will Die Before It Has a Woman Champion

Different year, same drivers. When will F1 finally see women race again?

F1 is in a period of stagnation. Viewing figures have dropped from 500 million at the start of the decade to around 390 million last season. 1,183 more words


How we have failed....


Please take the time to watch this video by activist Jane Elliot. It’s outstanding. Real food for thought…

I have to be honest…in a year where I have, and am, struggling to be a good human being, this hit home. 177 more words


About Hillary Clinton’s New [Burn] Book

This is a couple of days late, but I wanted to weigh in on What Happened, a new book that dropped on September 12. Well, after looking at a number of reviews and find a buttload of quotes, I would call this a burn book because it contains a series of essays where Hillary Clinton unloads on a bunch of people including James Comey, Jill Stein, Vladimir Putin, The Bohemian Professor, and The Sad Bambino. 5,839 more words

Donald Trump

Enough is Enough

I don’t know how you all have been feeling recently, but I have not been feeling good. I have been feeling really angry, really anxious, really sad, really depleted. 1,506 more words

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