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China's female soldiers fly fighter jets, but its state media would rather focus on their dancing skills

As the 90th anniversary of the Chinese military’s founding (August 1) approaches, China’s state-controlled news outlets have been publicizing the presence of the People Liberation Army’s female recruits with a series of videos and reports that highlight their skills in dancing, taking phone calls and wearing make-up. 697 more words

Film and Sexism

Women in the film and television industries continue to experience sexism through gender pay gaps and lack of recognition and reward, recent discussions have shown. 428 more words


Stop sexualizing young girls

I remember being followed around by grown men at the age of twelve, because of the way my body matured. Even though I was clearly a little girl (I even had the face of one), these men didn’t care. 342 more words

'Man up' and the fine lines of masculinity and commitment

The final of Wimbledon and Federer’s historic eighth Wimbledon win. But somehow this was overshadowed by Cilic being ‘weak’ and ‘pathetic’. People tore Cilic apart for crying on court, as devastation hit him because he couldn’t play to his very best. 473 more words


The Doctor is a woman?

The recent revelation in the television universe is that Doctor Who has broken tradition and  the main character is a woman.

The controversy and comments this has sparked is crazy, ranging from sexism to criticism to praise. 644 more words