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Rima Karaki Gets Told to Shut up, Shuts up Sexist Jerk Instead

The Middle East is currently embroiled in a lot of different cultural tensions and one of the most prominent issues seems to be the treatment of women in various Middle Eastern cultures. 575 more words

Men Weigh in on the Katy Perry / Corey Perry Chants and Sexism in Hockey

So the Anaheim Ducks have a player named Corey Perry.  The fans of their playoff opponent, the Winnipeg Jets, decided to chant ‘Katy Perry’ at him because, I don’t know women are bad and stuff and so is Corey Perry? 687 more words

General Writing

Time Travel Achieved! ... By National Rail

National Rail achieve time travel!

They’ve done it, one of the most sought-after events of recent millennia is finally with us – we can now, wait for it, wait for it, I can’t even type I’m so excited… Go Back In Time!! 1,178 more words


Gamergate and the Inadequacy of Twitter

(Originally posted on Tumblr)

I wasn’t sure which blog to use for this. Typically I use my WordPress version of HoA but somehow tumblr seemed more appropriate. 540 more words


Aging Popstar: Sia and the Desire for Anonymity

Sia’s been making waves with her new album and the videos for it, which featured not Sia herself, but a 12-year-old dancer in a nude leotard among other things. 887 more words

"Mamacita! Que rica!"

There is one aspect of life in Colombia that is driving me crazy: street harassment. It might be an issue all over the world (although I’ve never had any real problem in South Africa), but here in Colombia it is unbelievably ubiquitous and is impossible to ignore. 723 more words


The Wired Cafe

The picture above is of the Wired Cafe where we collected most of our Sexism Stories. We attended one of the NTU feminist society’s events where we were given the opportunity to ask them about thier sexism stories and after one person had told their story we were suddenly flooded with stories. 53 more words