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Mujeres Luchando

Sexism on the streets is serious. It is aggressive, uncomfortable and forms an unwelcome part of the female experience all over the world. This article, ‘Mujeres Luchando’ that I wrote for the Bolivian Express, examines the problem in a Bolivian context through conversations with incredible women from the Mujeres Creando movement, a Bolivian anarco-feminist collective, and also with Solange, a young woman living in La Paz who offered to share her experiences with me. 199 more words


From 4-12-16

My younger sister’s college communications class had students sorting activities as “male” or “female.” The “male” activities were all power-related, and the “female” activities were about homemaking and submission.

My sister walked out.

Slut Walks, Muslims and Rape Culture

While I’m no Kim Kardashian-West fan (or any Kardashian fan, to be honest) I actually feel her naked body is a great opening to help address a topic I’ve wanted to discuss for a while. 845 more words


Laura Bates - Girl Up

Laura Bates – Girl Up Event

Waterstones, Deansgate (03.05.16)

Founder of the Everyday Sexism Project, writer and all-round badass Laura Bates came to Manchester last night to talk about her new book Girl Up and what inspired her to write it in the first place. 491 more words


'You can't be what you can't see': new dolls designed for boys of colour

WELLESLEY, Mass. – When Jennifer Pierre visits the toy store, she sees shelves of dolls that are mostly girls and mostly white. She wants to change that. 709 more words


It appears you CAN make a success of "nice, kind, friendly, accessible comedy"

The monthly-ish Quantum Leopard comedy show in London this Saturday is sold out in advance – as always.

Organiser James Ross does not have a website for the shows. 1,153 more words


This woman wants Maternity Leave without having kids.

Author of new book Meternity, Meghann Foye has hit the headlines this morning, explaining that she believes non-mums should be able to take maternity leave, or as she calls it “Meternity”. 457 more words