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Indian Women Protest Menstrual Taboos With #HappyToBleed Campaign

An Indian college student, Nikita Azad, started an online campaign ‘Happy to Bleed,‘ to protest against extreme cultural taboos that menstruating girls and women are subject to in India. 133 more words

Female Genocide


I’m neither a Democrat nor a Republican, so I can objectively point out that Barack Obama is the worst American President in history. Not only is he weak, inept and crooked but his premature withdrawal from Iraq spawned ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) which Little Barry refers to as “ISIL” to grovel for Islam.  229 more words


Notes on What the Publishing Revolution Might Look Like

Question: What are some of your ideas for changes in publishing?

Notes for an answer: Well I think giving authors at least 50 percent of royalties is essential. 368 more words


What Is (Who Are) the Islamic State (7 of ?)

Mona Mahmood, “Double-layered veils and despair … women describe life under Isis,” The Guardian. This article from the HuffPost list of 10 offers testimonies to the pervasiveness of ISIS control of women by use of a dress code, including methods of enforcing the dress code and the problems that they create for citizens trying to conduct their normal daily lives. 95 more words


More Than A Body

I am for everybody opening the door for anybody.

But we must remember, we are more than just a body.

We are people;

With dreams, ideologies, language… 67 more words

Teach kids the art of internet self-defense

These days, smartphones are as common a schoolyard accessory as book bags and brightly-colored sneakers. But while the average 10-year-old spends a lot of time immersed in online games and social-networking sites like Instagram and YouTube, many of these places aren’t very kid-friendly. 714 more words

Says Who Having a Daughter IS Bad Luck

and no, not my picture…

Old-school belief systems, can’t believe, that they still exist, in THIS MODERN-DAY W-O-R-L-D here!!!  Translated…

My eldest sister-in-law and I were both pregnant around the same time, and our due dates were only a few days apart, as the family gathered, naturally, all the focus was on the two of us, only my mother-in-law, she’d fallen silent, I’d tried, to break the ice, “Mom, there is now, dual blessings in the household this time!”, but, out of my expectations, my mother-in-law who was ordinarily mild mannered replied coldly, “It’s not as if you’re pregnant with a son!”, and, the air froze, in the gathering right then and there. 597 more words