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Letting God Be Judge by Thomas J. Sappington - Book Review

Soul Care, Not Clinical Therapy

I recently read a book which teaches about what I would term “soul care”, sort of an overarching term that could also encompass clinical psychology. 1,917 more words


Toxic Masculinity and the Gillette Ad

Not everyone likes the new Gillette advert. Some men have even said they’ll boycott the brand. Families who for generations have bought Gillette razors have said “no more”. 216 more words

Why I stopped encouraging women to disclose to police or doctors after rape

Written by Jessica Eaton

17th January 2019

Aye. Not shy of a controversial topic or two on this blog, are we?

It’s true. Over the years, I stopped encouraging women to talk to their doctor or to the police if they had been raped. 2,840 more words


The Gillette Ad & Toxic Masculinity.

Before anyone gets mad by what you’re about to read, I want to clarify that masculinity is not toxic. Masculine traits are not toxic. Being a man is not toxic. 1,347 more words


One for all and all for one? Why are people mad at Gillette?

Gillette is now enemy number one in the political world. Why? Because they made an ad about being men, and about how men can be better (by being kind to others, and by stopping other men who are being mean or hurtful to others). 1,384 more words

How I See The World

How to Look Failure in the Face and Learn From It

2018 was wild. The year flew by so quickly that I could barely catch my breath. But the lessons I learned? They were pretty painful and will help me for years to come. 927 more words

Token females - how harmful are they?

When a cast consists of a group of male characters, and only a single female one, it often makes me wonder why she’s there. Maybe she’ll be necessary to the plot (perhaps as a love interest or to require rescuing); or maybe she’s just a token – a sop to women viewers. 499 more words