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Looking for gender-neutral kids clothing? These are your options

Pink for girls. Truck motifs for boys. A growing number of parents want to get outside those parameters when it comes to dressing their kids. 1,013 more words


So you married a sexist chauvinist...Now what?

As defined by my handy dandy free dictionary app, chauvinism isn’t solely used to describe men who are disgustingly sexist—ok the app didn’t say ‘disgusting,’ that bit was all me. 1,585 more words


Tauranga City United 2, Forrest Hill Milford 3
Links Avenue, Mount Maunganui, July 24 2016

I am really torn about this.

I want to write about my trip over the Kaimai Hills to Tauranga City United and Links Avenue. 936 more words

NZ Northern Men's Premier

Part 2: Women as Art Objects


When I was about 17, I was really into making art of men with great bone structure. And please don’t say, “You were a teenage girl, of course you were fascinated by boys with good cheekbones,” because that would be patronizing, and need I remind you that Robert Mapplethorpe was gay. 829 more words

Male Feminists and the Safety Net of Cynicism

Like many women, as a teen I was internalised misogyny personified. I took great satisfaction in my guy friends telling me I “ like most girls”, that I was straightforward and low maintenance, that “most girls are just so much drama”. 1,287 more words


Who would you rather be like?

Oh my gosh, here we go…apologies for this piece of frivolous, opinionated nothingness but I just have to let it off my chest.

I have one guilty pleasure and that is celebrity gossip. 964 more words

this post is an attempt to organize thoughts on how to look at and talk about oppression in societies (especially wrt sexism/misogyny) other than one’s own and about how intervention is inherently damaging. 2,347 more words