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Do I hate Japan?

Any foreigner who lives in Japan knows them. They’re sitting in the corner of the foreigner bar, complaining about their job, their Japanese wife, the way people stand on the train and why there is “no common sense in this god-forsaken country.” The Hateimus Japanicus. 887 more words


Strong Man -- Strong Woman Test

Why is it that men and women are being forced to do battle with each other?

Where did the need for superiority and dominance come from? 1,613 more words

Faith, Christianity, Religion

Defining Patriarchy

As a high schooler, I displayed no interest in STEM subjects and no one questioned my dropping them, as soon as I could. When I started working, women around me (including me) were paid less than their male peers, were overlooked for promotions or premium overseas assignments. 538 more words


To All the Men Who've Changed My Life

I’m beginning to think our country is far less divided than we are just hell-bent on dividing it.

Consequentialism has become the base motivator, resulting in the demonization of countless good things. 325 more words


Should Men Be Silent On Abortion? - 59 Reasons Why Men Need To Speak Up

If you are a pro-life man, like me, then you’ve heard a hundred times that men need to shut up about abortion. Apparently, we men have no right to talk about abortion unless, perhaps, we’re voicing pro-choice solidarity. 4,256 more words

Character Bashing

It’s crazy how much we all focus on what we hate instead of what we love. After all, we started making fanfic because we loved the stories we were told and didn’t want them to end just yet. 509 more words