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Super Bowl Tonight - Try to Use Your Brain pls

“Who puts their tights on with their mouth open?” … I think that this is a very good and critical question to start with (sometimes people ask me what is deconstruction…this is a good starting point)… I also sometimes wonder if women are ever depicted as doing something with their mouth closed and without trying to seduce their audience (even when she is not looking, she want[s] us to look, her body is there to be appropriated…by you, you, and me too!!!) … but would it sell, right? 169 more words


Tropes within the genre of "instant coffee ads"

This is my¬†first blog post for the course “Discourses of Advertising”. The assignment specs: “Pick a genre of advertising from the list…and create an informal (though still insightful) commentary on the tropes and conventions of that particular genre. 1,398 more words

Rhetoric And Semiotics