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Facebook Malaysia ad is not real but is that bad?

There’s an ‘ad’ for Aston Martin cars doing the rounds on Facebook in Malaysia. A lot of men, and probably a few girls are salivating at the image of a scantily dressed, leggy woman leaning against a counter in a kitchen. 294 more words


Victoria's real secret

A recent photo from the lingerie company Victoria’s Secret has received some negative attention due to it’s tasteless and poor photoshopping. Finally. How nice too see all those comments highlighting one of the problems with such ads: too damn much photoshopping. 498 more words


What is wrong with being ordinary?

There are many annoying things about advertising. How loud and in your face it can be, The way you are sold a product through an (often highly polished and unrealistic) image of a coveted lifestyle, And the way women’s heads are periodically removed from their bodies: But one theme in advertising that has been bothering […]


Sexist Ads That Trump Would Enjoy

In the retro world of Republicans, Trump follows a long tradition of misogyny, that is as offensive as it is woefully out of touch.

In a Trump viewed world, the following vintage ads would be a real hoot. 506 more words


The "Sex Sells" conundrum

Just read this interesting article with Jean Kilbourne, and as always, she continues to inspire me with hope. I know things are looking grim in this field, but it’s a matter of spreading awareness, of voicing your concerns, of saying No when you’ve had enough. 619 more words

Sexist Ads

The sad cynical guessing game

Small online quizzes seem to be very popular these days, some better than others, some darn right pointless (why would I want to take a quiz to find out what my favorite flavor of ice-cream is, or what mood I am in, I already know that damnit!). 420 more words


Women's football

Yesterday I received this link from an acquaintance who figured it would interest me, and indeed, I was intrigued. Apparently there is some debate going on in Ireland regarding an advertisement for women’s football, and while I am not all that interested in women’s football, or men’s football, or any sports for that matter, I am very interested in advertisements. 324 more words