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The Truth about Advertisements

There are some things we simply can’t deny, like the horrific ads I’ve noticed around the city and on TV.

Part I

Last week, I was watching a show on Hulu with my boyfriend, and an… 296 more words

Living In NYC

Applying the 'CHIPS Test' in Europe

By Roz Hardie, Object Chief Executive Officer

Using the CHIPS Test, devised by Caroline Heldman in the USA, is one way of looking at media sexism.   550 more words

Media Sexism

Super Bowl Tonight - Try to Use Your Brain pls

“Who puts their tights on with their mouth open?” … I think that this is a very good and critical question to start with (sometimes people ask me what is deconstruction…this is a good starting point)… I also sometimes wonder if women are ever depicted as doing something with their mouth closed and without trying to seduce their audience (even when she is not looking, she want[s] us to look, her body is there to be appropriated…by you, you, and me too!!!) … but would it sell, right? 169 more words


Tropes within the genre of "instant coffee ads"

This is my first blog post for the course “Discourses of Advertising”. The assignment specs: “Pick a genre of advertising from the list…and create an informal (though still insightful) commentary on the tropes and conventions of that particular genre. 1,398 more words

Rhetoric And Semiotics

What Women Want

Happy days are here again… sexism is not in jeopardy!

Once upon a time when patriarchy ruled, the American housewife was perceived as the most envied gal in the world and a new vacuum cleaner was enough to send her over the moon. 389 more words

Vintage Ads

Women No - Powerment!

To all women out there,

If you thought Sexist Ads were only limited to the vintage-bygone era, then you’re in for a shock, ladies! From facing sexism on day-to-day basis, to being the face of sexism posters, even the present and future generations are not spared, leave aside the past. 98 more words