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Seriously, Veet? Insults for all your customers? And all women? And men? And dudes?

More than fifty years after the March on Washington. After women get the vote. After the equal pay act…


Really, Veet?

You’re sure about aiming your marketing strategy at… 26 more words


#NotBuyingIt : A Feminist App To Help You Be Heard!

Just before the Super Bowl, something really cool happened. The folks over at The Miss Representation project created an app, based on a hashtag movement, to… 828 more words


Dumb Dads Advertising: Why pudgy, balding, “everyman” commercial actors will always work.

Perhaps it’s payback for decades of print and television advertisement history which portrayed women and minorities as somehow inferior intellectually, physically or socioeconomically to white men, but the backlash has become an increasingly tedious and obvious trend that I call “Dumb Dad” advertising. 685 more words


Billboard for Equinox Gym Raises Eyebrows and Ruffles Feathers

A billboard ad for Equinox gym in the D.C area featuring a scantily-clad woman crawling across a billiards table has people clamoring for its removal. 246 more words


Another day at the movies. #2

Yes, I had to go again. A friend of mine can’t drive, so I picked her and her daughter up and, together with my girls, we went to see  532 more words


Without Crest, how will you ever get a husband?

Again, this is sexism. This isn’t a guy trying to land a girl. This is a woman trying to land a husband…
with her toothpaste choice.


The Disease of Sexual Objectification: Inside a society that turns women into things.

Giant boobs leaning down at us off billboards, phallic innuendos in ads for everything from Burger King to Tom Ford perfume, teenage boys hooked on lads mags and online porn, girls taught by everything from Disney to Reality TV that their sole worth is through their looks and value as a sex object, that life is a competition to be ‘the fairest of them all’, Paris Hilton and co. 2,014 more words