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Here's How Meme Culture Is Making You Blind To Sexism

Memes are a relatively recent phenomenon, originating somewhere in the depths of 4Chan, and making it into our daily pop culture digestion through none other than the hegemon of visual apps, Instagram. 699 more words

Welcome to The Controverse.

Welcome to The Controverse.

This is a blog where we post about feminism and sexist issues. You might have found this blog online, but most likely clicked the link on… 58 more words


Having Babies Is Racist (If You're White)

Here’s how the anti-white media works: whenever something happens, find two or three people to call it “racist” then declare it controversial.

This is what happened to the Italian Fertility Day. 334 more words

Not In My Hoo Hoo!

In my ‘I Blame Kindergarten‘ post I jokingly mentioned spraying your kid down with Lysol to keep germs at bay, and by “at bay” I meant away from me. 305 more words


Women are objects

Today has provided a wealth of prompts, but I chose this one to share with you, my attentive matrix of 1’s and 0’s…I could get lost in you.   950 more words

We Deplorables

In a stunning display of elitist arrogance, Hillary Clinton revealed her utter disdain for the vast majority of patriotic, hard-working Americans living in what the left euphemistically refer to as “flyover country” by labeling us as deplorables because we dare to oppose her policies designed to replace American sovereignty with an elitist global governance scheme. 2,200 more words