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Wait, what? 

Checking my email tonight and come across an email from thrivemarket.com. Thrivemarket.com is an ecommerce all things natural store. I started to the scan the email of and towards the bottom there’s a little area that tells you “shop sections.” Under the heading is general items you would expect to see including; raw, vegan, paleo, etc… Then a little section called “MOMS.” Wait, what? 96 more words

Why when I have a day off, do I feel guilty for doing bugger all?

I’m sitting at home on the Sofa, Big Bang Theory is on in the background, I’m wearing my fluffiest dresisng gown and running a very hot bath. 518 more words

Learning things and shit...

I went on a date two nights ago. I learned a lot of things and shit.I guess that’s the point of this whole experience right? 246 more words

Dating General

Silly Romantic Bitches

This is a follow up—if not a continuation of—my rant  Silly Women: Stupid Is as Stupid Does?,  so I may step on some toes. OK, here we go. 1,399 more words


Students At McHenry East And West Protest 'Sexist' Dress Code

Students at McHenry East and West high schools are up in arms. According to the school, that’s fine…as long as those arms are covered!

The dress code states that students can only wears shirts and dresses with sleeves. 127 more words


The Guilt Of Quitting Sexist Workplaces

Sometimes leaving a job is easier than standing up to discrimination – so what can women do about it?

Suffering in silence: many women fail to speak out against sexism for fear of being dismissed as ‘emotional’. 1,241 more words