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Going Too Far

What is going too far? In this case I’m talking about dress codes (I know, again!). This is a phrase that I’ve heard whenever I speak about getting something changed. 429 more words


How it Feels to be Male in Today's Society

A lot of my posts are written with a purpose to change, educate and enlighten people on certain subjects that they perhaps don’t fully understand. That ignorance can often lead to prejudice and that prejudice can lead to discriminatory behaviour and sometimes straight hatred. 1,073 more words


(Image is for representation purpose only)

The everlasting battle of devils of darkness with the angels of light has always been fought on the fronts of “morality”. 1,858 more words

This Women Broke Up With Her Boyfriend After His Super Sexist Response To Her Prom Dress And Everyone On Twitter Is Cheering

It’s 2018 and women are finally realizing they don’t have to deal with boys’ bs anymore. Like Twitter user Maddie Witham, whose response to her boyfriend’s pretty offensive critique of her prom dress has the whole internet applauding her. 412 more words


We unconsciously slut shame all the time. This is caused by a society that tells women that they cannot enjoy sex and seek it out for pleasure without being something shameful or tainted. 486 more words


Women in the U.S.S.R.

The problem of gender inequality has been an issue for years, and to this day it still hasn’t been solved. Gender equality has been widely ratified and established among european and American States over the past decade. 956 more words

Personal Writing

I am more than a distraction

I’m sure more than one of you has heard about this movement. It was started in reference to the reasoning behind many sexist dress codes. I have heard remarks made at my own school made in reference to how revealing clothing is prohibited to prevent the distraction of males in schools. 823 more words