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Day 263: sleepy

I spent most of Wednesday in an exhausted haze. I ended up bailing on the gym, and decided to spend most of the day doing pretty much nothing. 445 more words

Strippers, Sex & Double Standards

So last night, just like many other random nights in any given month, my girlfriends and I decided to get together for a “GNO,” aka Girl’s Night Out, which like on many other occasions, consisted of dinner and a movie. 714 more words

Social Issues

Reintroduction - Ye Olde Neighbor

Weve met before. And today he was very concerned that I, a woman, was having to mow my own yard. Ive gotten that a lot my whole life. 380 more words


Just because I have a different opinion doesn't mean I am a Hater, Denier, Sexist etc.

Far too often the default response to somebody who has a different and reasoned opinion is to label them a Hater, Denier, Sexist, Racist, Lacking Common Sense, doesn’t want to do the right thing or worse. 31 more words

News And Politics

Love Coco®, Love Arthur®

If “I Love Coco” refers to the line of women’s lipstick, then could “I love Authur®” represent a lipstick line for cross dressers? In any even the statements themselves, silhouetted and dropshadowed, are cause for pause. 394 more words

Store Fixtures

Loathsome, leering old fools still run FIFA

How else can you explain this feature, which ran on FIFA’s website Tuesday as a preview to the USA-Germany match?

It’s a profile of Alex Morgan. 1,054 more words

2015 World Cup