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Racial Discrimination in Games

I want to start a campaign for the rights of game players to be treated equally on the basis of the skin colour, body size, gender choices they make vis-à-vis the characters they choose to use. 77 more words


No not all gamers are racist, sexist or homophobic

You often hear the video game press writing articles on how white male gamers like myself despise playing video games that don’t have the standard white male protagonists in them. 680 more words


Legally Blonde Review

legally blonde the movie is very sexist toward women. does anyone ever notice how they show the smart women in the movie as stuck up dressing in ugly baggy clothes and as the nerds of the school. 159 more words


Is virginity really that important? 

My home country, despite the advances in this time period, is still somewhat, well, very conservative in a few aspects. For example, even though women have a higher percentage of rights in this country, we are still partriarchal, whether it be in family, work or everyday normal society. 395 more words

The curious case of third wave feminists

Leftists sure do hate the straight white males of this world, who represent a system of oppression which they so vehemently oppose. However, they more staunchly despise members of their designated oppression groups, who dare to defy the defined boundaries which Leftists have condescendingly set out for them.

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Object, thy name is woman

Typically I’m very non-confrontational. I don’t know if anyone else has experienced the feeling of your heart thudding wildly in your chest (and ears, and finger tips) whenever you dare to speak against someone’s very strong opinion. 909 more words

A Brief Visual Tour of Womanly Scripts in Advertising (U.S.)

*typical female robotic voice* Hello, and thank you for attending the gallery on today’s date April 10, 4000. I am LDY-500, and I will be your guide today as we move through an archive of advertisements that show the primitive and mundane lives of ancient American women in the 20th and 21st century. 1,979 more words