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Sherlock finale

You’d have to be blind not to notice that Sherlock is a white man’s show, but Steven Moffat’s brand of misogyny has become extremely tedious. 412 more words

Dear Boss

Don’t get me wrong. I understand being the boss is not easy. I understand that you have to make unpopular decisions and when you do that I respect you for it even if I don’t always agree. 146 more words


Sexist and you don't know it

You’ve heard of how sexism is prevalent in our society, but it’s different when you experience or hear it firsthand. Other people are intentionally sexist, but I think it’s sadder when someone doesn’t even realize he or she is being a sexist. 150 more words


Female Privilege

Female Privilege, a concept that has come to my attention. It’s thought that women have privilege because we are offered free cab rides, free drink offers, and free ya-da-so-on offers. 96 more words


Meryl Streep IS retarded.

For your consideration, courtesy of ‘Rebel Media’s channel on Youtube.

This stupid cunt, Jesus Christ, forgive me for taking your name in vain, but dear lord, please strike this silly cunt down. 426 more words


Why so sexist? 

We can’t neglect the sexism which exists in the society today. Judging people based on their gender is one of the most distasteful and lame things you can do. 747 more words


A Small Word on Feminism

Can you pick the sexist 60s headline out of this line up?Cleaning Tips for Busy Women‘, ‘Birth Control Makes Women Unattractive and Crazy’ or… 652 more words
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