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Don't hate Trump

There are a lot of people out there who say they “hate” Trump or act in a way which seems to indicate they “hate” Trump. Why? 1,043 more words

Is God Sexist?

How can the source of all love and mercy be sexist?!

Yet most girls in the coptic church are confused about their role in church, in society and on earth in general. 961 more words


Swinging the Milo

I might as well come out swinging with my first proper (ish) post on this blog. So here goes.

Milo Yiannopoulos. What a twatwaffle, eh? 719 more words

Random Opinions

Multiculturalism Works...If you're a Dribbling Spastic

By R.F.

When you introduce different ethnicities from a wide variety of cultures there is bound to be a lot of tension. Culture tends to have deep roots spanning across generations, with it comes particular ideas and customs, specific types of behaviour within the society and traditions that cannot and should not be compromised. 432 more words


Short Ones: Air Con Rant

This will be a really short one as this is just something that’s been bothering me ever since I started working corporate.

Like most offices, relies on air conditioning to keep everyone inside cool and fresh. 428 more words

Why 'Self-Care' Is Important for Everyone

When some people think of the term ‘self-care’, their minds only go to spas, manicures, scented baths and retail therapy. To a lot of folks who haven’t taken a minute to think about it, he whole concept seems to have connotations of (a) frivolousness or stereotypical feminine activities and, relatedly (b) being something for women. 486 more words

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