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Study: Men Become More ‘Sexist’ After Birth of First Baby

Researchers found that after men become fathers for the first time, they see women differently.

Instead of appreciating the contributions women make in the workplace, they instead start seeing women more as caring mothers and housekeepers. 94 more words


Cara Delevingne's Paper Towns Interview is Proof the #AskHerMore Movement Just Isn't Enough

So everyone is talking about the Cara Delevingne interview for her breakout film Paper Towns with Good Day Sacramento. Not because the interview was interesting, or because Cara is a supermodel breaking into acting, but because Cara was… 542 more words

My Big Mouth: The Beautiful Game's Fight with the Ugly Face of Sexism

Tonight I’ve broken away from my blogging to write about something I didn’t even realise I was passionate about until a few months ago. Womens Football. 706 more words

"Disgusting" is What Donald Trump Calls a Professional Woman Pumping Her Breast For Her Baby

You must watch this video.  This is the female lawyer involved in a deposition of Trump regarding a legal matter to attempt to collect a debt he never paid.   226 more words

The sad cynical guessing game

Small online quizzes seem to be very popular these days, some better than others, some darn right pointless (why would I want to take a quiz to find out what my favorite flavor of ice-cream is, or what mood I am in, I already know that damnit!). 420 more words



I hate cooking. I hate it when people tell me to cook them something.

I’m Dominican, so we have all these foods that our family makes. 198 more words

Not Fair

Men of OKC: CallMeBigPoppa

My phone alerted me to that I had just received a message on OKC from a user named “CallMeBigPoppa” and my heart sank. I knew nothing good could come of this. 1,078 more words