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Quartz: Women's Experience w Hookup Culture and the Need for Pleasure-Centric Sex Ed

Quartz published my article “Hookup culture is bad for women – so why do we force ourselves to participate?” on May 17, 2016. It quickly became the the top story on Quartz.

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Modern Love

Modern Love”
Article written for Middlebury Magazine, based on my thesis, “Can She Really ‘Play That Game, Too?'”

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Sex doesn't equal love.

I really don’t want to step on any toes with this one but it has to be said.

Nowadays people think that just because you have sex with somebody that automatically means you two are in a relationship. 225 more words


Sex Bucket List

Not everyone can be sexually liberating all the time. Sex can take on different forms for different people, especially if they were raised to shame their sexual desires. 450 more words


AcademicHustler: My Best and Favorite Writing of 2015

Some are not safe for work. Please be mindful. ;)

I write while in love, hurt, when feeling sexy or just horny. I let it out because I am woman that feels erotic. 16 more words

AcademicHustler Speaks

Let's discuss sex∞love and the infinity between

I deliberately produce erotic-sexotic-graphic-romantic-pragmatic and comical commentary on sex∞love and the infinity between because it gets a strong response from people who want to think… 788 more words