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"This is the real Pattaya"

I didn’t intend to write this article today, but I saw something on Facebook which really got up my nose. I was scanning my newsfeed when I found a video posted by the… 1,029 more words


Train to Hua Hin

Bangkok is a gateway¬†for travel throughout Southeast Asia. You can go to endless places (often cheaply) from the city’s airports, train stations, and bus depots. 1,291 more words


Remise en question

On Saturday night, afraid of being alone, I accepted an invitation to go to the movies with E and one of his friends. When I’m alone in moods like I’ve been in the past week, I tend to brood, and brooding gets me no where positive no where fast. 707 more words

A Sorta Fairytale

Monday night as I lay in bed, about to doze off to sleep, I was brainwhirling. I returned to my studio Sunday night to find no trace of my FWB. 921 more words

A Fairytale in Provence: Part I

This story begins on October 8th, 2011 when a 23 year old boy runs after a 23 year old girl as she is leaving a cocktail bar, hands her his business card, and invites her to learn to wine taste at his place. 1,045 more words

Gift Purchased

It may not be super original, but I went the classy route and skiddaddled my tush to The Conran Shop and picked up this….

A vaccuum sealer with special wine stoppers that keeps oxygen out so that left over wine will not oxydate at all…. 151 more words


I leave for FWB’s village in the south in two days and I am so excited I can HARDLY contain myself. I’m currently stressing over what gift to bring down as a houseguest. 156 more words