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Call Me A Tease, I Dare You

Go ahead, call me a tease. If that’s what makes you feel like more of a man, then feel free to flatter yourself because they’ll be no flattery from me. 267 more words


It’s magical. I’ve been here for almost 2 months and have experienced things i wouldn’t in Switzerland in a lifetime. It’s hard to explain. I guess you have to see it, feel it to know what i am talking about. 467 more words

African Experience


According to a survey conducted by the Daily Mail – men expect sex after three dates and one in five men expect to sleep with their date if they spend 100 quid on dinner. 348 more words

Setting Your Sexpectations

If you’re an avid porn watcher, like many of us are, take the time to read this insightful article by Maxxters from The Sexperts’ Lounge.   19 more words

Sexpectations by: Alex Escar

       It was about 4:00 AM when the room stopped spinning and the steam cleared from the window behind my bed. I took a few deep breaths to grasp the situation and clear the haze that clouded my euphoric state of mind. 774 more words



Today I would like to talk a little about something I’m calling Sexpectations. The things is, that while I enjoy writing some fun Chick Lit from time to time, it seems that I’m not really meeting the reader’s sexpectations with my material. 611 more words

Carrion Birds

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I’m not sure what it is about men I’ve been on dates with, or if maybe it’s just a men in general thing (not as in all men but as in a good portion of men), but they have a habit of cropping up again months later, wishing to revisit the whole trying to date me thing. 831 more words