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Thaisiren 4

This is potentially the last post as Ts4. She will be here in the US in just 2 days  – my birthday no less. The sexting has ended, although she has more or less indicated that it is not her that has ended it. 744 more words

Cross-cultural Relationships

Slight Detour!!...Car Crash Home Life!

This is a little variation off course from my usual content and where I expected my blog to go so soon after starting…. My plan was general frivolous bollocks with some humorous observations and general meaningless chatting of nonsense! 1,533 more words

New Blog


Well, do you know what’s interesting? I wrote my confessions post, have spoken to many people, heard a variety of interesting perspectives, learned from people, had my beliefs reinforced by some, and challenged (in a healthy way) by others. 1,077 more words

Child Abuse Survivor


Five years into my marriage it was painfully clear things were permanently and hopelessly sexless. We had sex zero to three times a year. We never went from good to bad as many married couples do; we went from terrible to horrible.  989 more words

Why isn't Anthony Weiner in jail?

Hide your daughters, “Carlos Danger” is fresh out of rehab and back in NYC

Anthony Weiner is back in New York City after his stint in a Tennessee rehab facility that specializes in people addicted to sex, pornography, cybersex and exhibitionism. 307 more words


Thaisiren 3

So Thaisiren is coming to America for the first time in 6 days, A Tuesday to be exact, less than a week. In the course of that week, one would think I would get busy well, I am because I have to accomplish a great deal for my business, its the end of the year, and there is a lot of accounting, going through files, etc. 274 more words

Cross-cultural Relationships

To sext, or not to sext?

Nudes have become the cornerstone of modern dating, acting as a means of spicing up existing relationships and a gateway into new ones (read:hookups).

But are they a good idea? 67 more words