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Mission Viejo Teacher Arrested On Suspicion Of Sexting With High School Student

MISSION VIEJO (CBSLA.com) — A 25-year-old high school teacher suspected of sending inappropriate text messages to his student in Mission Viejo has been arrested, deputies said Monday. 154 more words


Sexting case awards victim damages for the first time

A sexting case against former vice principal of Sevenoaks School in Kent, Mr William Whillock has finally been put to rest. The victim, who cannot be named due to legal reasons received damages of up to £25,000 and Mr Whillock was given a three-year community service sentence. 260 more words


Sexting - Top tips for sexy pics

I’m a sucker for a beautiful photo. If your oblique game is on 10 I can be putty in your hands. You’ll telepathically hear me drip. 386 more words


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hqdefault FULL DISCLAIMER! I am not a fan of sexting. When you engage in sexting you open the door to possibly being exploited, blackmailed and publicly shamed. If you want a naked picture of me then bring your ass over here and get in it with me - or send me one first. Anywhoo I know some of you are just going to pay me no mind and send pictures of your naked ass (with face) to that begging social site hunk or honey. Since you're going to do it anyway the blog Erotica Black has an excellent post that directs you on how to look good in your sexy texted or email pics.

In "Love" or In "Trouble? II

I apologize for being offline for a week! I will try my best to see that the chances of that happening again are drastically reduced.

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Are butt plug pics the new dick pics?!

Or when I get a butt plug pic.

When did we go from the unexpected dick pic to the unexpected butt plug pic?

You get a message on OKCupid and you think to yourself, “oh please let him be normal, please”. 154 more words

Why, if you're going to sext, you should use Snapchat

Snapchat is a popular mobile application that allows users to send each other photos that delete themselves and are unviewable after 10 seconds.

When I first heard about snapchat about two and half years ago, I, like many people who aren’t already using it, assumed that it was an application that’s primary purpose is for sexting. 491 more words

Social Philosophy

How To Live Your Best Life And Spend Thanksgiving Secretly Sexting At Your Family Party

The whole point of sexting is that it’s supposed to be fun and scandalous. It’s the anticipation of something you want and can’t have. Personally, my favorite time to sext is in the morning when I wake up because my boyfriend is already at his office and I know he’s going to see the Snapchat notification and be dying to find a time and place to watch it. 811 more words