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My mind is Scrabbled.

Welcome additions???

  1. C. J. Black

Obvs there was a lot of hand clapping and lolzing out-loud

When these new words were added to the Scrabble in crowd… 163 more words


Discussion of the Week!


Have you been involved in a sexting relationship? Maybe you have a friend that have experienced issues around sexting?

To start off sexting is an action of sending a video/picture of yourself or someone that is partly naked or naked. 881 more words

Social Media Research

"Let's talk about sext, ba-by"

While feeling a bit of pressure to write a good post after the unforeseen popularity of my guest blogger’s entry, I’m sitting here, thinking to myself, “What can I write about that will be sincere and thought-provoking and emotional and….ah fuck it, I’ll write about sex.” 857 more words


Why you gotta be a douche?

I’m getting really tired of trying to start relationships. Just because we went on one date. One date that actually went well. That had me excited to start getting to know somebody again. 161 more words


Chemistry: not an exact science

We’ve had a few bites on some other apps/websites so that’s playing out well at the moment although Eve is definitely the forerunner. She’s got good chat, which is very important, I think. 267 more words


Sexting! What Parents Need to Know!

I don’t fully understand why parents get so weird about talking to their child about sex. It is something of this world and they should know about it! 589 more words


The truth about Tinder & those all too frequent willy pictures.

On watching the bizarre documentary from Channel 4 at the beginning of the week,  ‘The Secret World of Tinder’ I felt obliged to hop on to the band wagon and start swiping. 895 more words