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Sexty Times

Before you say anything, I have a lot of chat buddies for one, so good luck trying to deduce who it could be, but I also have permission to share this from the second party involved, who will remain anonymous. 1,577 more words

Bill changing 'sexting' penalties passes Kansas House

TOPEKA, Kan. – The Kansas House has passed a “sexting” bill that changes the penalties for Kansas teens caught sending nude or inappropriate images.

Current state law only allows prosecutors to file felony charges with a sentence of up to 11 years in prison and lifetime registration as a sex offender. 75 more words


College Boys in the UK Looked at Pictures of Naked Girls! (A response to The Telegraph)

I know what most of you are thinking – so?  Who cares?  It’s boys looking at pictures of naked girls.  Find me the adolescent male who doesn’t do this.  1,132 more words


I Miss Sex

Shocker, right? I’ve been apart from my ex for what? Three and a half years now. So it is no surprise that I miss sex with another person. 717 more words

Teen sues TV station for broadcasting sexting video along with his name

A Colorado TV station is being sued over allegedly broadcasting a mobile phone video of a 14-year-old’s erect penis, his name displayed directly above a YouTube thumbnail image of the video, and his Facebook page showing his contacts and friends. 666 more words



My dear students,

tomorrow (but every single day of the year) play it safe in the internet, and information technologies in general (including cell phones)! Be careful and avoid using social accounts if you are not sure they are safe. 375 more words


He's no big deal...

So, reverse back to the start of January. I’m talking via snapchat to a certain male who shall remain nameless as this is ongoing. He’s beginning to chat more regularly, open up to me so our conversations are deeper than just those kind of pictures. 470 more words