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I Tried Sexting, And It Turned Me On

My sexting virginity was taken recently by someone who I never expected, in a million years, I would do it with. I used to work with him in the summer, but we never really talked outside of work. 598 more words


How I Met Your Father: the perfect online guy that got away

Kids, for every horrible AF bad online date, there was that rare gem : a hot, smart, funny, geeky and easy-to-talk-to guy who made butterflies flutter in my tummy and turned me into a giggling idiot… 331 more words


Par for the course

I really don’t want to write this post.

I met ANOTHER man who turned out to be ANOTHER dirtbag.

I’m sort of a little stunned by this turn of events. 243 more words


If Sexting Came With Terms of Service, Would Teens Think Twice? – Adweek

For parents who may face this problem with their burgeoning hormone-bomb adolescents, the Children of the Street Society website has resources, like a parent manual and tips for ensuring a teen’s long-term safety (including information on limiting the visibility of their locations).Cultivating digital relationships is tricky, whether you know the person offline or not, simply because text-based messaging creates fast illusions of intimacy and safety. 149 more words


Sexting, a cautionary tale..

One very drunken night, a long time ago, an ex boyfriend and I were being silly. He picked up my phone and started taking pictures of me because he said I looked really pretty.I was naked. 390 more words