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Rational Security, Episode #67: The "Creeps and Liars" Edition

A new study on “sextortion” reveals a widespread crime few people are talking about. Is a profile of presidential adviser Ben Rhodes a puff piece or a clever hit job? 46 more words

Rational Security

Our 5 Most Pressing Questions About Sextortion - Answered

Sam from Vancouver wanted to know more about Sextortion after she read an article in Glamour magazine about a brave young lady, Ashley Reynolds, who turned her victimization into a 105 year conviction against her abuser, Lucas Michael Chansler.  687 more words

The Basics

Montreal Impact rookie Salazar given time off after 'sextortion' attempt

MONTREAL – The Montreal Impact have given Michael Salazar some time off after the rookie forward was reportedly targeted in an extortion attempt on social media. 150 more words


The Case for Including Sextortion Measures in TI’s CPI

In a recent post, I called for the creation of an international index of sexual corruption. While I believe that such an index will have an effect standing alone, I also believe that such an index, once created, should be included as one of the sources used to construct composite indexes such as Transparency International’s… 755 more words


Sextortionist government worker gets nearly 5 years in the slammer

A former US Embassy worker who sextorted, phished, broke into email accounts, stole explicit images and cyberstalked hundreds of women around the world from his London office has been sentenced to nearly 5 years in jail. 811 more words


Ex-US Embassy London Employee Gets 4.9 Years For "Sextortion" Scheme

Posted: 4:03 am EDT
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Last December, the Justice Department announced that the former State Department/US Embassy London employee, Michael C. Ford  pleaded guilty to perpetrating a widespread, international e-mail phishing, computer hacking and cyberstalking scheme against hundreds of victims in the United States and abroad. 394 more words

State Department