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Sextortion Victims Are Not Guilty of Bribery

On this blog, I have repeatedly called for the anticorruption community to put greater emphasis on fighting sexual corruption around the world. I have argued that a police officer demanding sex in order to perform (or not perform) an official function is a form of… 1,616 more words


Blackmailing addict 'took £40k from victim over 15 years', threatening to accuse him of rape

July 19, 2016

Source: gazettelive.co.uk

Sharon Mincher, 45, targeted ‘vulnerable’ man for over two decades, but despite 184 offences against her she isn’t jailed.

A female drug addict bled a “vulnerable” man out of £40,000 in a two-decade long blackmail campaign, threatening to claim he’d raped her if he told police. 473 more words

Sextortion Bill Introduced in US Congress

July 15, 2016

Source: infosecurity-magazine.com/ Tara Seals

Note: We offer needed support and assistance worldwide.

In today’s modern, connected world, the unfortunate practice of blackmailing people with online photographs and videos is all too common—as is predator behavior. 571 more words

Rational Security, Episode #75: The "Killer Robots Have Arrived" Edition

Police officers in Dallas use a robot-bomb to kill the man who murdered five police officers. A tribunal rules that China is violating international law over its territorial claims. 61 more words

Rational Security

10 Issues for Anti-Corruption Students

Presentation to the Transparency School.
Vilnius, July 4 2016.

Organized and hosted by Transparency International Lithuania

 “10 Key Corruption Issues”
Frank Vogl, Co-founder, Transparency International… 504 more words


Rational Security, Episode #73: The "BrexiTurkeyBenghazi" Edition

How will the U.K.’s exit from the European Union affect U.S. national security? Is a terrorist attack in Turkey the inevitable result of battlefield victories against ISIS? 58 more words

Rational Security

Dr. Michelle Drouin Chats Chats With Mitch About Distracted Driving, Cyber-Bullying and More

I’m honored to have been interviewed by Dr. Michelle Drouin and have the chance to help educate and raise awareness about the dangers of distracted driving, cyber-bullying, revenge porn and sextortion. 95 more words