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What Wasn't Said About Trump

On at least one subject I find myself in general agreement with the sentiments commonly expressed by today’s brand of feminist: I believe that the objectification of women is wrong.  1,333 more words

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Hey DT supporters -get some moral courage, already

Lately I have had the song “Hey Kids” by the band JET stuck in my head”

“Hey kids,
You did it all yourselves
You never changed the world… 774 more words

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**STRONG TRIGGER WARNING-please take care when you read if you are an abuse/rape/incest survivor, this is a sensitive post, and explicit.

Today I cleaned a shelf with a view down to the sea… 686 more words

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Hey little girl
What’s that you fear
The shadows on your mind
Those aren’t real
Shades of days gone by

He hurt you then
Why oh why… 81 more words

#WeAren'tJustStats - Guest Post

CW/TW: References to graphic sexual violence, rape, assault


I have recently started a series of blogs following the #TrumpTapes and the #WeAren’tJustStats hashtags on Twitter. 5,638 more words

Rape Culture

To My Sister - and the Rest of the Hennig Family

So my sister Jeannette called me the day after I got home from my mini spontaneous vacation with my husband. She hasn’t spoken to me in over two years. 1,334 more words

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