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You Can Do It

Have you ever felt as if the word “No” wasn’t doing itself justice? Have you ever been in a situation where someone said they respected you and then went and fought against you, destroying the trust you believed in? 402 more words

If You Have Survived...

Sometimes, the critical voices from all sides can be overwhelming to abuse victims (and non-victims, for that matter).  Other times, the criticism of a single loved one will become the inescapable voice in our heads. 275 more words

Child Abuse

I Love the House that I live in.

I love the house that I live in. I love the quietness of it. That our flatmates barely ever make any noise and I never know if they are home or not. 222 more words

Dear You

Review of At the Dark End of the Street by Danielle L. McGruire

Note: I usually include the subtitle of the book in the title of the post but this one was very long and so I decided not to. 538 more words


Some hurts don't completely heal.

My phone rang last night and I went to answer it as I always do, except caller I.D. said it was my brother. One who abused me , one who still scares the hell out of me. 357 more words

Childhood Trauma

Small (part one)

This post may go around in circles. I have a feeling my session went around in circles, at least a little bit. I haven’t been very present, or very much in my grown up mind since yesterday, so it was harder to keep track of everything that was said and the order in which it was said. 1,565 more words


Survivor of Sexual Abuse

I smell propane. I see the pea green shag carpet. It reeks in here. I climb up the small camper stairs and into hell. I know he’s there. 697 more words