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Living a full life

Yesterday’s gospel reminds me again of the reason why He came:  in order that we might have a life- life in its fullness. But what is a life that is full after all? 577 more words


Victim-lost months...

After my release from the hospital, it seems that I have lost months in the recovery process. I began to flounder after a session on anger management. 701 more words

This one's on him

In light of recent events in Hollywood regarding survivors of abuse calling out their perpetrators, the relentless protest against sexual assault and abuse has intensified tremendously. 562 more words


I think I have a hormonal imbalance. ” ”

Things that people think are normal are oversexualized to me.

Or maybe I am “just from” (as they say) the Victorian era, where fashion was actually good, and chaste.

Victim-Baby Steps

I was admitted to an outpatient day partial hospitalization program. My diagnosis was major depressive disorder and anxiety. The artwork describes my confusion. The only way I managed was to strive for perfection. 219 more words

The Summer of '76

It is something that has to be talked about. I am so glad for these times, not for the violence but for the conscious openness about this entitlement toward other people’s personhood and free will. 884 more words