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What are your thoughts on Domestic Violence?

I observe in today’s society there are STILL far too many occurrences and stories that go unheard. It’s as though we live in a society that is either OK with spousal/intimate partner abuse, or just ignorant and have no clue what it is or that it even happens. 615 more words

"Let me be your voice" project - Sleeping with the enemy...

As part of my “Let me be your voice” project, once again, I am honored to host the story of a lovely reader who sent me a painful recalling of her past. 994 more words


Strawberry Kiss イチゴのキス😙🍓🍓

He held me close, gently close, hips to hips, chest to chest

And then he bent his head and I felt the softest kiss on my forehead… 411 more words


In Which We Must Not Be Silent

I know it’s contrary to popular theme, but this post is not about Martin Luther King Jr.  This is not to say that I don’t celebrate Dr. 1,899 more words

Entry 6: I am a victim. Really? Are you sure?

Is there anything about me that is true? I have lived in a lie for so long that I don’t even know anymore. I have lived such a life of misery for so long and have done such terrible things to my psyche that I don’t even know any more.  539 more words


This Saturday, I’m literally stepping out of my comfort zone to make a political statement. Why now? What statement? Why the #WomensMarch in Washington D.C.? 222 more words


The Memory That Started It All [TW]

For the last week, I have come and sat down at my computer. Looked at this blog, and have wanted to start writing, but I can’t seem to find the words.   458 more words

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