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How the Stanford rape case has helped change perceptions of rape victims

…yet there is still a long way to go in the US legal system.

Report by Amber Jamieson, The Guardian. Sourced from: http://theguardian.com. 30 June 2016… 82 more words
Violence Against Women

Musings from instagram

I recently posted three pictures on instagram with some long captions that I feel very strongly about. I wanted to share the captions on this blog since it’s where I keep most of my thoughts. 1,004 more words


World Elder Abuse Awareness Day| 15 June 2016

Castlemaine District Community Health will be displaying posters and brochures from 13 June – 17 June 2016 as part of World Elder Abuse Awareness Day. The United Nations General Assembly designated 15 June as an international day of recognition of the abuses against elderly people. 48 more words

Sexual Assault

He's Just A Rapist That Can Swim

If you are easily offended by the F-Bomb, please move on to the next item on your Reader because this ain’t the place for you to be. 1,797 more words

50 sex offence laws to be overhauled: social media offences and victim support to be addressed

Report by Nino Bucci – Sourced from http://www.theage.com.au; 7 June 2016

A Victorian state government review into Victorian sexual offences laws has found that current sexual offences laws fail to adequately address social media offences (such as the sharing of offensive images); as well as a failure to protect vulnerable victims of sexual offences within the judicial system.  50 more words

Sexual Assault

Three women praised for intervening in potential date-rape

Story sourced from The Age, http://www.theage.com.au
Original story from The Telegraph, London

The story of three women who prevented a possible attempt at a date-rape has ‘gone viral’ on Facebook, with the women being widely praised for their quick intervention after spotting a male placing a substance in a woman’s drink at a restaurant in Santa Monica, USA. 89 more words

Violence Against Women

Blaming women for sexual assault detrimental to both men and women

Story by Adam Holmes, Bendigo Advertiser.

Speaking at the Ulumbarra Theatre in Bendigo during the weekend, Clementine Ford rejected claims that she is a ‘man-hater’ due to her opposition against rape culture and victim blaming.   41 more words

Violence Against Women