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Forgetting trauma: doomed to repeat?

Today is the 13 year anniversary of my first rape. Technically, it was on October 25th, but it was on a Saturday—and this Saturday morning, October 22nd 2016 ,is when my body chose to remember it. 1,704 more words

Sexual Assault

Claremont Man Arrested on Multiple Sexual Assault Charges

Claremont and NH State Police arrested a Claremont man on multiple sexual assault charges as he was leaving DHMC on Tuesday.  Barrett Hodgdon, 44 was arrested  on two counts of Aggravated Felonious Sexual Assault and two counts of Felonious Sexual Assault.  68 more words


Trigger Warnings and Safe Spaces in the age of Donald Trump 

It’s really hard being a rape victim when Donald Trump opens his mouth and says what he says about women.


As I’m writing this, it’s 12:39 AM. 1,049 more words

“Reaching for the Light, An Incest Survivors Story”: An Interview

“Reaching for the Light, An Incest Survivors Story”

(Sisterhood of Survival) (Volume 1)


J.C. Christian

“Reaching for the Light, An Incest Survivors Story” (Sisterhood of Survival) (Volume 1) is an intensely personal memoir by J.C. 2,130 more words

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Musings from instagram

I recently posted three pictures on instagram with some long captions that I feel very strongly about. I wanted to share the captions on this blog since it’s where I keep most of my thoughts. 1,004 more words


Which word bothers men?

Is it…

A) Rape?

B) Crisis?

C) Counselor?

D) Sexual Assault?

E) All of the above?

I was at an event last night and I somehow it came up that I volunteer as a rape crisis counselor and a guy informed that I shouldn’t tell men that because it is a turn off. 63 more words

Sexual Assault


cw: rape, sexual assault, hateful language

I started this post on Christmas Eve 2015 in preparation to be publicly shamed by Karmenife, after she threatened to do so. 4,198 more words