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#metoo / a fractured & honest account of my rape

I have photos from that night of myself with lovely people I’d met, all friendly young travellers from one place or another, arms around each other with big smiles, ready for a fun night but not big partiers either. 1,728 more words

Sexual Assault

Age of Consent: Sexual Predators

 I was twelve years old, in the sixth grade in elementary school. I was old enough to walk home by myself. My mother was a single parent by then and worked until about four o’clock in the afternoon. 1,233 more words

Sexual Assault

on victim blaming

The victim blaming that a sixteen-year-old and her mother are experiencing in the backlash since last week’s speakout against street harassment has been hitting me hard. 622 more words


What is the Economic Cost of Violence Against Women?

We already know that violence against women—including rape, domestic violence, harassment and stalking—can have profound physical, psychological and emotional effects on survivors. A consequence of sexual assault that is less discussed is the economic effect of gender-based violence. 526 more words

Sexual Assault

Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month: Intervention and Prevention


Everyone has a role to play in preventing sexual assault. There are many different ways that you can step in or make a difference if you see someone at risk. 2,318 more words


Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month: Reporting

Author: Ashley Benedict

Rape Kit Backlog

DNA evidence has become a critical factor in achieving justice for victim/survivors of sexual violence, but there are still challenges in the way evidence is collected, stored, tracked, and used to hold perpetrators accountable. 1,671 more words


________, High Five Bro.

Author: Gracey Mussina

Author’s note: It might be helpful to give readers a background context to this excerpt which is in a photo form to keep the card formatting for the lyric essay: 43 more words