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The Date Safe Project Aims to Educate About Consent and Respect

Around 2/3 of Americans are unaware of what constitutes sexual consent, and we’ve written before about the importance of keeping people informed.  The Date Safe Project… 141 more words

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Huckleberry Finn Charged with Sexual Assault

On July 25th, 2015 the Keene Police started an investigation after an adult female reported she was sexually assaulted in her home by a male subject unknown to her. 182 more words


House Supports Bill to Defend Veteran Sexual Assault Survivors

We have spoken before about how abuse and sexual assault can cause PTSD in domestic violence survivors, but victims of intimate partner violence are not the only ones suffering from the disorder following… 400 more words

Sexual Assault

PTSD and Intimate Partner Violence

When the media, treatment programs, and the general public address issues of domestic violence, it is common that the focus remains on physical abuse alone.  While physical abuse is incredibly harmful and is indeed one important issue in domestic violence, studies have proven that other types of abuse not involving physical harm can be just a psychologically damaging and disturbingly common.   474 more words

Domestic Violence

When I got into work this morning I looked at my calendar and couldn’t believe it was already July 27th.  Holy crap. I am exactly two months away from my half marathon.

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Sexual Consent Education in Schools

We have written before about the importance of understanding what does and does not constitute consent.  Not only does misunderstanding about sexual consent make instances of sexual assault more likely to occur, but it actually heightens the psychological effects of sexual assault by creating a feeling of isolation for the victim.   278 more words

Sexual Assault

Adolescent Dating Violence and Sexual Coercion: Learning from Carter Reynolds and Maggie Lindemann

Controversy has erupted surrounding Vine star Carter Reynolds after a disturbing video of himself and ex-girlfriend Maggie Lindemann surfaced online last week, allegedly due to an iCloud hack.   763 more words

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