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Family Rape Secrets

Most families have secrets. I’m not sure if this is more of a generational thing, but from what I hear of my parent’s generation–it’s that a lot of things were tolerated and a lot of dysfunction was just swept under the rug. 420 more words


No one ever asked (poem #141)

1 in 5…

Why are people not more upset,

And jumping at their seats?

Why are we not screaming louder

So I am on not the only one who has to scream, 372 more words


Step Up Griffs aims to combat sexual assault

By CJ Gates

It’s a subject difficult to talk about, but a topic far too important to simply let fall by the wayside: sexual assault and sexual violence awareness. 759 more words


Teaching Kids to Respect Their Elders

A lot of parents teach their children to respect their elders. I mean, how embarrassing is it when Grandma wants a kiss and our children say, “No!” and we respond with, “It’s grandma, respect your elders,” or something along those lines. 240 more words


Sexism in Advertising: Damaging to Men?

As talked about in my last post, sexism is rampant in our advertising culture. Women are constantly objectified and hyper-sexualized in ads. Women are disfigured and dismembered all to sell some beer and jeans. 732 more words

Preview of the Week!!

As this week marks the 5th week of school, remember that you have a fresh start and new opportunity to become more involved on campus even if you think you are involved enough. 149 more words