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My University is Misusing Our Emergency Alerts: What does this mean for campus safety?

For almost ten years, my university has employed an emergency alert text-messaging, phone call, and e-mail system (currently called PSUAlert) to alert students, faculty, and staff of emergencies. 808 more words


I'll cry with you

**Disclaimer:  This is written from a friend’s perspective of knowing individuals who have been raped and/or sexually assaulted.  Initial letters have been utilized to secure said friend’s anonymity.  721 more words

What does a rape victim look like?

She looks like me.

She looks like me, about twenty years ago. How it feels like yesterday.

Sneaking back in from a house party, with her cousin through a window. 215 more words

A letter to the Turner Family About Sexual Assault

Dear. Mr. Turner,

Like so many, I am outraged and disgusted by your letter to the judge in your son’s case.  Let me begin by saying I do understand the love you have for your son.  683 more words


Patriarchal Terrorism

I like words. Well, yeah… I write, so…you’d think. But not just any words; I like the right words. I like words (and phrases) that make you perk up and take notice.  337 more words


No More Shame

Spring has arrived. Promises forgotten during the long winter are knocking at my heart’s door, as nature once again rekindles my trust and joy in morning after the dark night of the soul. 621 more words

Sexual Assault Awareness