Still trying to catch

the breath you knocked out of me.


His hands against my skin –

branding me with memories

I never wanted to keep.


He kisses the scars you left me –

the ones he doesn’t even know are there.

My University is Misusing Our Emergency Alerts: What does this mean for campus safety?

For almost ten years, my university has employed an emergency alert text-messaging, phone call, and e-mail system (currently called PSUAlert) to alert students, faculty, and staff of emergencies. 808 more words


I'll cry with you

**Disclaimer:  This is written from a friend’s perspective of knowing individuals who have been raped and/or sexually assaulted.  Initial letters have been utilized to secure said friend’s anonymity.  721 more words

What does a rape victim look like?

She looks like me.

She looks like me, about twenty years ago. How it feels like yesterday.

Sneaking back in from a house party, with her cousin through a window. 215 more words

A letter to the Turner Family About Sexual Assault

Dear. Mr. Turner,

Like so many, I am outraged and disgusted by your letter to the judge in your son’s case.  Let me begin by saying I do understand the love you have for your son.  683 more words

Sexual Assault Awareness