How do you keep them safe?

How are we supposed to keep our children safe? I know I took extensive pains to teach stranger danger to my children when they were younger and we talk about what to do if all the time. 198 more words


Ode to the One Who Takes Without Asking

Your unwanted touch left me a heady silence

Violated trust is hard to forget but I try to…

Dowse the flame behind my cheeks when I see you… 277 more words


Myths and facts about sexual assault

In honor of Sexual Assault Awareness month we’ve put together a list of myths and facts to shed some light on a crime that can sometimes be hard to talk about. 826 more words


Back renewed campus-carry efforts – Sun Sentinel — SlowFacts

My friend Shayna Lopz-Rivas had this article posted in the Palm Beach Sun-Sentinal. Well done, Shayna. “For those of you who don’t know me, I am the on-campus rape survivor from FSU who supports the campus carry bill.

25 more words

Applying Anthropology for a Safer World

Claim our bodies, claim our right,
Take a stand, take back the night!

Across the globe, the month of April is a time for communities to mobilize… 753 more words