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The Transgender Bathroom Nontroversy

It’s been in the news, discussed everywhere. It’s sparked the creation of laws and protests from angry Liberals and Conservatives alike. It’s funny, all that over where to take a shit or piss. 523 more words


It amazes me that the people who say “He’s just being mean because he likes you.” are the same ones who will say “But why didn’t she just leave if he was being abusive?” 36 more words

Sexual Assault

My April Fools’ Day Joke

My email to E L JAMES, author of the Fifty Shades Trilogy on April Fools’ Day and the response 12 days later:

Hi Erika,

Without spending any of our own, I was thinking about a way to raise significant amount of money for our charities. 417 more words


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I would like to thank Author Vivian Biro for donating to help me make my movie. It really means so much to me that others are willing to support a dream of mine in such tangible ways. Please help me thank Vivian by visiting with her at her website, by purchasing her debut novel, and, by all means, letting her know what you think of her writing by sharing an Amazon Review. And I tell you what, this April Fools' Day Joke of hers is hilarious and completely genius. Check it out...

Do u think its weird for a victim of sexual assault to be drawn to more violent kinks? My friend said it was really unhealthy for me to enjoy getting injured ( bad bite marks, bruising, slightly bloody scratches) after going through the rape I did. 394 more words

New Haven Rabbi Faces Sex Assault Suit

HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) – A Connecticut rabbi is accused in a lawsuit of raping
and molesting a teenage boy hundreds of times from 2001 to 2005 when the boy was… 105 more words


Toilet transphobia: sexual assault is not your weapon to wield

In this deeply personal article, a guest writer and survivor of sexual violence objects to the appropriation of sexual assault to deny trans people their basic human rights. 861 more words