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remembering time as a female mantis

We are not in constant prayer because we are good.

Can you imagine how far you must feel

from goodness to believe you must

hold your arms in constant supplication? 178 more words

Creepy Crawlies: Praying and Preying

I like finding a praying mantis in my garden – such composure, elegance, even cuteness. Just look at that dainty, triangular face and those huge composite eyes. 257 more words

Weekly Photo Challenge

Black Widow

She spins her web to bed him

Lures him with widow wiles

Little does he know: he’s doomed

Written for B&P’s Shadorma & Beyond where we were introduced to the American 767. 29 more words


Praying to the Mantis 

When it comes to mating, it’s all about getting noticed. I’ve gotten a wide range of unique openers, from the good, to the bad, to- per the example above- the downright bizarre. 644 more words

Mantids and Cannibalism: a Surprisingly Complicated Affair.

Written by Joe Ballenger

Mantises, as we’ve seen, are interesting animals with a lot more going on than what it seems. They’re efficient predators which have an evolutionary history that many wouldn’t suspect, and they have their own weird biological quirks. 1,156 more words


Nerlens Noel Mistaken for a Praying Mantis - Added to Endangered Species List

Center for the Philadelphia 76ers, Nerlens Noel, was recently mistaken by a team of researchers for a large Praying Mantis. Due to the shape of his body and how grossly lanky it is, the error was completely understandable. 101 more words


Survival of the Sexiest: Seminal toxins and sexual cannibalism

So…this week’s class discussion was interesting. In exploring a relatively ugly side of sex, we considered why an animal might harm its mate during courtship and/or copulation (let’s just accept a fairly loose definition of “courtship” in this context). 1,294 more words